Metroid Prime Trilogy Boss Guides: Metroid Prime, Part 2

Metroid Prime Trilogy Boss Guides: Metroid Prime, Part 2
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Now here’s a challenge. Thardus will swipe at you if you get too close, and will toss volleys of Phazon charged rocks at you. The rocks can be blasted from a distance, and will sometimes leave behind energy and missle refills. In addition, if you stay still for too long, it will send a line of ice shooting out at you to freeze you in place.

After scanning the monster, switch to your thermal visor to discover a portion of the boss' body glowing with heat. Hit it with a few charged beam shots, or just blast it with a super missile to expose the weak point. Doing so will overload your thermal visor, so switch back to the combat visor. Upon doing so, you’ll find that the rocky shell on that weak spot is gone, revealing the blue phazon core beneath. Blast that same spot until it’s destroyed.

Following the loss of a chunk of its body, Thardus will curl up and roll directly at you. It can be difficult to avoid the initial rush, but if you find a corner to hide out in, you should be safe from further attacks. Eventaully the boss will stand up straight again, and you’ll be able to repeat the process.

After about half of Thardus' health is gone, it’ll summon a visibility crippling blizzard that will force you to stay relatively close to it when you’re not using your thermal visor. And as you knock chunks out of Thardus' body, the weak points will become smaller and more difficult to hit. At some points, its ‘hands’ will get in the way of super missiles, and so you’re better off using regular and charged beam shots. You may run out of missiles during this fight.

Omega Pirate

This boss you can scan before the fight starts, as the pirate won’t awaken until you get close to his stasis tank. The room is fairly large, but watch out for the pools of Phazon present in each corner of the room.

The Omega Pirate will throw several attacks at you during the fight. If you’re close, he’ll throw heavy punches at you; and if you’re keeping your distance, he’ll launch a bevy of missiles at you. Stay somewhere in between, and he’ll just be sending shockwaves at you. The missiles can be sidestepped, and the shockwaves can simply be jumped over. And as if that weren’t bad enough, the Omega Pirate can absorb your shots when one of his hands is glowing yellow.

Now, to turn the battle in your favour you’ll need to destroy the armour plating present on his shoulders and legs. A few charged beam shots or a super missle will destroy each. With that done, the boss will summon a few beam troopers and disappear. Take out the pirates quickly, or just ignore them and switch to your X-ray visor.

The Omega Pirate will appear at one of the phazon pools to regenerate his armour, during which time you can hit him with a super missile or two. He’ll move to a different pool after a couple of hits, and you can probably get in at least one more super missle before he finishes regenerating his armour. Switch back to the combat visor.

If the smaller pirates are still around, don’t worry; the Omega Pirate’s attacks will probably kill them off. Blast off his armour once more and locate him with the X-ray visor to finish him off. It should only take a couple of rounds of this to remove the Omega Pirate from your way.

Meta Ridley

Samus' nemesis will show up to ruin your day, and you’ll have two phases of this fight to contend with. He’ll first come at you in the air, firing missiles and plasma blasts at you. Sidestepping and jumping should be enough to dodge these attacks. When he’s hovering to attack, simply blast him with super missiles. When a good chunk of his health meter is gone, he’ll drop to the ground.

If Ridley rears up, he’s about to charge, so get out of the way quick! Shortly after a charge, he’ll try to swipe at you with his tail if he’s close enough, so hop over it. He’ll also fire the occasional plasma shot at you, but that’s not much to worry about.

When he opens his mouth, that’s when you attack. Fire a charged beam into his open mouth, stunning him and exposing a weak point in his chest. Quickly fire a super missile into his chest before he can recover. The weaker he gets, the more often he’ll charge, but a few super missiles to the chest will put him out of your misery.

Metroid Prime

After the horrors of the impact crater, you’ll wind up in a lengthy tunnel with Metroid Prime at the other end. The trick to this boss is to


attack it with the beam that matches the colour of its armour: power beam for yellow, wave beam for purple, etc.

Target the face and use the appropriate beam for its armor. The super missiles and ice spreader weapons are excellent for dealing Prime some damage in it’s yellow and white forms, respectively. During the battle, Metroid prime will fire beams, missiles and launch slower projectiles at you. Most of the projectiles can be destroyed for occasional refil items.

After enough damage has been dealt, it may charge to your side of the room. You can avoid this attack by switching to morph ball form and rolling down one of the grooves in the floor. Alternately, Prime may burrow it’s way into a deeper chamber.

Continue this process throughout a total of four chambers, and when all of Metroid Prime’s health is gone, it will drop down into the final chamber.


In its final form, Metroid Prime will hover around, causing shockwaves on the ground, swiping at you, and summoning pairs of metroids. Shockwaves can be jumped over easily, and metroids are best taken out with a single power bomb. Needless to say, you shouldn’t be standing anywhere near the boss.

During the final battle, Metroid Prime will switch between visible spectrums, so you’ll be constantly switching visors to keep track of it. Dodge the boss' attacks until it forms a pool of phazon (and creates some metroids.)

To defeat Metroid Prime, you’ll need to step into these pools of phazon to activate Samus' hyper beam. The hyper beam will take off a decent portion of Prime’s health, and will force it to switch to a new spectrum.

It will take about eight full blasts from the hyper beam to defeat Metroid Prime and end its reign on Tallon IV.