Metroid Prime Hunters DS Review: A Pioneer in First Person Shooters for the DS?

Metroid Prime Hunters DS Review: A Pioneer in First Person Shooters for the DS?
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Overview of Metroid Prime Hunters DS

Metroid Prime Hunters DS started out as a launch title for the Nintendo DS. It was placed under a lot of pressure to live up to the Metroid Prime series. With the added pressure of bringing an easy to pick up first person shooter to a portable device, Nintendo came out with an extraordinary shooter in Metroid Prime Hunters. Especially since this game holds an intriguing single player and many multiplayer modes that will keep people playing well after newer games come out.

Metroid Prime Hunters DS: Story Line (4 out of 5)

Metroid Prime Hunters DS starts out with you as the main character Samus Aran, the well known bounty killer. You are in search of octoliths that are said to unlock “ultimate power”. These artifacts are scattered around many different planets in Metroid Prime Hunters, as you run from planet to planet in search of these prized possession. Competing with you are several unique bounty hunters that are in search for the same thing. Fighting with them throughout Metroid Prime Hunters, makes it even more interesting as they are coupled with different special abilities and guns. Also in the game are great boss battles as you fight against enemies 10 times the size of Samus. The story line itself in Metroid Prime Hunters keeps you interested enough to see what the artifacts unlock, but they don’t have as much as an impact as you are too busy in the freigh of the battle.

Metroid Prime Hunters Interface (4 out of 5)

Throughout Samus’s journey in the single player and multiplayer modes in Metroid Prime Hunters, you are able to choose from several different control options that suit your needs. While your hand may get cramped from time to time from intense battles, it is easy to see that the developers took time to decide the placement of each button. The shooting method in Metroid Prime Hunters DS is unique to the DS, as it uses the stylus to control where you shoot. As you move your stylus around on the bottom touch screen, your character (shown on the upper screen) reacts to the movements and acts accordingly. At first it seems unneccessary, but as you get used to it you will see why this control scheme is needed in Metroid Prime Hunters. The stylus control also adds a deeper aspect to aiming compared to using the D pad as you get almost the same precise feel as a computer mouse.

A downside to using the touchscreen in Metroid Prime Hunters DS is that there are buttons located on the touch screen that are used to switch weapons and morph into the ball. These can get annoying as it is easy to accidentally press one of the buttons by accident as you try to aim with your stylus. The buttons on the touch pad also take your eyes away from the top screen making you vulnerable to attacks. However, with a couple hours of getting used to the controls in Metroid Prime Hunters, it is easy to forget these small issues.

Gameplay in Metroid Prime Hunters (4 out of 5)

Metroid Prime Hunters DS has you running around different places as you mow down your enemies in your path. With multiple guns at your disposal, one gun never gets old or boring. The enemies in Metroid Prime Hunters consist of floating robots and other small assorted creatures that don’t seem like a threat at first, but when they come together you can be easily overwhelmed.The health system for your character in Metroid Prime Hunters DS is based off of numbers, as you lose hitpoints when you get damaged. You can regain health from collecting different orbs that enemies drop. At some points this gets frustrating as you search around for enemies to kill just to have them kill you in Metroid Prime Hunters.

Navigating around the maps in Metroid Prime Hunters DS can be tricky, as there are multiple corridors that lead to different sections of the map. The game tries to lead you down one course, and does so to an extent. Enemies can distract you from following that course, and eventually become a hassle. Making your way around the map in Metroid Prime Hunters DS gets trickier as the textures and colors are alike in each planet.

Also, at some points in Metroid Prime Hunters there are some puzzles that are needed to be solved. These are used sparingly and are at the most part simple to pass through. Other than that, Metroid Prime Hunters DS revolves around going through a planet while occassionally receiving weapon upgrades. There are multiple bounty hunters and boss' that you must fight. Some are very unique and must require some thinking to beat, while others are recycled and not especially inventive.

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Multiplayer Modes in Metroid Prime Hunters DS (5 out of 5)

This portion is where Metroid Prime Hunters shows off it’s bells and whistles. Games consist of up to four players through local or wifi play. There is a great deal of customization in the multiplayer aspects of Metroid Prime Hunters DS as you can choose any of the Bounty Hunters you have defeated to be your character. Each character has a special ability such as turning invisible, and/or having a second shape they turn into. This gets especially interesting at key moments when playing the various game modes. Metroid Prime Hunters features the classics such as Capture the Flag, free for all, and team deathmatch. There is also a unique game mode in Metroid Prime Hunters, that has one character as the “Prime Hunter” as he racks up points when he kills enemy hunters. Players fight to gain this status as they kill each other in this fast paced game. Along with playing online or with friends in Metroid Prime Hunters DS, you can also play with bots. These bots can be set to different skill levels and are surprisingly fun to play with.

So whether you are with friends,strangers, or you are alone, there is always someone to compete with as you fight to be the best bounty hunter in Metroid Prime Hunters.

Overall in Metroid Prime Hunters

Metroid Prime Hunters DS is an excellent first person shooter that offers single player and multiplayer options. The lengthy single player will keep you going as you gather the octoliths. The multiplayer aspect keeps you playing with the overwhelming amount of options to choose from even when you are on the go. Overall, I would highly suggest picking up Metroid Prime Hunters as it is still among the best shooters for the DS.