Metal Gear Solid: Rising - Release Date & Preview

Metal Gear Solid: Rising - Release Date & Preview
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Metal Gear Solid: Rising Release Date & Preview

With the long awaited close of the Metal Gear franchise & its story arc, happening in 2008‘s Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots, a new dawn in the continuity has arisen. While Naked Snake/Big Boss battles to create & run Outer Heaven on the PSP, in Portable Ops or Peace Walker, Raiden is being given the interquel treatment in Kojima Productions latest AAA release.

Billed as a “Lightning Bolt Action Game”, Metal Gear Solid: Rising takes place between the second and final installments of the main series, chronicling Raiden’s attempt to rescue Olga from the shadowy Patriots. This article serves as a Metal Gear Solid: Rising preview while also providing information on the Metal Gear Rising release date. In it, we will look into the new direction for this game, as well as detailing some of the plot points expected during the course of the action.

Metal Gear Rising Preview: Gameplay Information

With Raiden’s upgrade to a Cyborg Ninja in Guns of The Patriots, it comes as no surprise that a game focusing on this is being released, given his now “cool” appearance. Furthermore, the aesthetic looks to take a leaf from both the 2nd and 4th Metal Gear Solid games while focusing on pure gameplay instead of Kojima’s own plot & cutscene rich style. This emphasis on gameplay is furthered by the new “zan-datsu” or “cut and take” system shown off in trailers for the game.

This mechanic revolves around use of the HF Blade used by Raiden in MGS2. Players will “cut” enemies using the sword, likely in a manner similar to action titles like Bayonetta or God of War, while still retaining some elements of basic stealth also. Players will then “take” dismembered cybernetic limbs etcetera, in order to obtain ammo, upgrades or health. Due to Raiden’s half cyborg appearance, he requires mechanical parts such as batteries et al, to survive when injured.

Metal Gear Rising Preview: Cut & Take

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There is a purported depth to the cutting mechanic found in the game because of the titles “free slicing” mode Raiden engages in. This will allow players to select, along a geometric plane & in bullet time when needed, to slice both enemies and environments at will. To help the player see exactly where they are slicing, a blue line will mark the exact angle at which the slash will happen, reeking devastation when the player enacts the blow or swipe.

Contrasting the stealth gameplay portions of conventional Metal Gear Solid titles, Rising will abstain from the patterned AI and look to provide a more dynamic stealth experience, furthered by Raiden being the supposed aggressor in the game. This could perhaps become to over powering, making for some light empowerment instead of a difficult challenge, but will at least provide variety where MGS has often be found lacking -with its often ponderous stealth mechanics.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising Release Date Information

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Oddly enough, game director Mineshi Kimura has stated that killing humans will yield no advantage, in comparison to terminating or “cutting” cybernetic foes. Although it is good to see no reward given to wanton manslaughter, unlike GTA IV for instance, the distinction between simulated consciousness & real life is a murky one at best. Either way, the idea of penalties for killing a person is still worth something, in an industry that seeks to harm virtual human vessels on a consistent basis (see most modern shooters).

The Metal Gear Solid: Rising release date hasn’t been officially confirmed as yet. Initially the game was supposed to be out for winter of 2010, but that has since been pushed into a Q1 or Q2 2011 release timeframe. The addition of 3D to the PS3 version may have added to the development costs & time as well as some extra tinkering after releasing trailers to the public. Hopefully we get to see Raiden cutting his way through vast numbers of enemies sooner rather than later, but for now we’ll have to make do with this Metal Gear Rising preview.