MGS Sniper Wolf Profile

MGS Sniper Wolf Profile
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Sniper Wolf

Sniper Wolf, who’s real name is unknown was born in 1980 in South Kurdistan. She born between the vicious battle of Suddam Hussein’s regime and the Kurdish freedom fighters. She grew terrified of what would happened to her at every waking moment, especially seeing that one of her friends or her family would be laying dead next to her as she woke up in the morning. She fled from shelter to shelter during the conflict and grew to hate anything political since they would put no effort into helping her. In 1988, she had seen some more of her family being gassed by Iraqi forces which made her want to get some sort of revenge against this. She joined the Gurkhas a few years later, where they taught her sniping techniques at the young age of ten.

Around this time, she had met up with the legendary soldier and spy, Big Boss who was taking part in the Iraqi conflict. He noticed the young girl had great sniping potential and he brought her to the United States to live free of never ending terror and conflict. She saw him as a great influence and gave him the name Saladin because of his efforts and how she thought he resembled him in values. Although her life was much more at peace, she still saw the need to fight, becoming a rogue sniper and gaining contracts for people who wanted political figures dead. FOXHOUND saw her impending skills and recruited her as their top marksmen.

Shadow Moses Incident

Sniper Wolf after capturing Snake

During the Shadow Moses incident in 2005, she was known as the best sniper in the United States. Sniper Wolf could lay and wait for a target for weeks without any food, she took high doses of pentazemin to stop her muscle spasms and anxiety attacks. At the weapon disposal facility, she grew close with the wolves that ran wild along the area, feeling as though she was one of them. Otacon, who was working on Metal Gear REX at the time started to feel affection for the lonesome woman. She however did not feel the same for the scientist, although she had some sympathy and friendship for him, as she gave him her handkerchief.

Snake first witnessed her when she shot Meryl in the arm and leg from a distance, immobilizing her. He rushed to find a sniper rifle of his own, despite Otacon’s attempts to hide it away from him. After besting her, she and a few soldiers cornered him, knocking him out and placing him inside an electrical torture device for Ocelot’s pleasure. Sniper Wolf is seen again after Snake escapes and they have a showdown in the Alaskan snowfield. After an intense battle, Snake shoots her right in the lung causing her to lay down in the snow and cough up blood.

She tells him of her past and how she met Big Boss, as well as her hate for the world and its violence. Otacon suddenly runs up to her telling her his love and feelings. Sniper Wolf then asks Snake to end her life quickly so she will not lay and suffer. He takes out his SOCOM and does what she asks.


Sniper Wolf’s last scene

Otacon thinks of her throughout the series in MGS2 and more prominently in MGS4. After Snake defeats crying wolf in the same exact snowfield, Otacon has intense memories of Sniper Wolf. There is even an option to use the camera in the area and see a ghost of her. Sniper Wolf is seen as one of the strongest female characters in the series and has become a video game icon.