Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker - Finding the Sandinista Leader

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker - Finding the Sandinista Leader
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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker - Finding the Sandinista Leader

In last walkthrough, you went through the learning tutorial and the first mission, an easy two area zone with little soldiers to deal with. In the second main ops mission, there is a little more to deal with and a much wider range for you to explore in. Finding the Sandinista leader can be easy task when you bring the right items along with you. You’ll want to have your MK. II tranquilizer ready as well as keeping a few rations on hold.

El cenagal: Jungle

Since you are starting in a jungle area, you should have on your leaf camo. Right when you start in this area, there will be a truck to the north of you. Crouch down and gently walk towards it, you can use this as your hiding spot when you tranq the few soldiers that are walking left and right. If you do not time this right, they can easily see you and come on over. If this happens move around to the back of the truck and CQC them quickly enough without the alarm going off. There are no items to look for in this section so walk along the dirt road to the next.

El cenagal: Ravine & Swamp

Running in the ravine

The ravine is a simple task to complete, as there are no guards visible in the area. Search around to find some rations in the left corner and a 5.56 ammo box along the other side. Do not fret if you do not have enough room to hold these, Peace Walker is different from other MGS games, where your items will go directly to your Mother Base. There is nothing more to do in this area so head upwards and you’ll make it to the swamp. Use the trees as cover and crouch down all along the right side to be unnoticed by the two guards at the boat.

While hiding behind the trees, try to shoot them both in the head with your MK. II, and head over to them using your Fulton Recovery System where they will be lifted up and taking in a helicopter to your base so you can use them in the future. Run up to the hill to reach the last area of the mission.

Rio del Jade

Using CQC

This is the most tricky section of Main Ops 2 before finding the Sandinista leader. You’ll want to move to the right of the first boat you see. Although Miller suggests to neutralize them, you do not have to kill them. Instead, use your trusty tranquilizer gun and be extra cautious at every corner, trying to aim for the head of each soldier. This is a great place to horde some more members for MSF, so use your Fulton every time someone goes down. If a soldier spots another one sleeping and heads over to him, look around quickly to see if anyone is watching, and if they aren’t, go behind the curious soldiers and CQC him. There is one soldier up on the look out so aim carefully to take him out without others noticing.

Once all the soldiers are knocked out, Kaz will come up on the radio telling you to meet up with the commandant in the boathouse to your left. After watching the scene about the leader’s daughter and her struggles with her young brother, you will take part into another interactive cut scene. You will have to shoot two flying robots with your rocket launcher, which is quite an easy task, just line up the target and press X.


And that’s a wrap for the second part of the Peace Walker walkthrough! You beat the second mission in Peace Walker, now its time to check out if you got any good soldiers on your team to use and put them in the necessary slots. In the next walkthrough, you will have to pursue Amanda in a long winded mission to a banana sorting shed.

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