MGS Peace Walker Walkthrough Part 1

MGS Peace Walker Walkthrough Part 1
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Introduction - MGS Peace Walker Walkthrough

In this Peace Walker walkthrough, every little detail you need to know will be listed. First thing’s first, you’re going to either want to download the full voice audio in the data install or half of it, which is under the extras section. Its recommended to download the full audio if you want to experience the game to its fullest. This download option will not take up a lot of time. Next is starting a new game and putting in any name you want, as it will show up when you play the missions or if you are playing online via AdHoc. A prompt will come up allowing you to choose which type of control scheme you want to use. Its control type is similar to that of another game in the series or the adventure type which is most like the Monster Hunter franchise.

At the Training Site

Big Boss arriving

After a small summary of Metal Gear Solid 4 and a cut scene of Big Boss arriving at the Militaires Sans Frontières training site, its time to get the hang of your actions. This part is totally skippable but is recommended for new players to get the hang of the somewhat difficult controls this game has. Listen to the instructor as he tells you the commands and buttons to press for every movement. These tasks are pretty simple such as moving the camera, crouching, rolling, and using some basic close quarters combat. After the training exercise, an interactive cut scene will take place.

Heading to the First Mission

Paz in the opening cut scene

During the cut scene you can zoom in on the girl, Paz, and look at her underwear which shows that Kojima hasn’t lost his odd sense of humor over the years. After Big Boss accepts to help both student and teacher the scene changes over to you on a secluded beach. This is another area where you can practice your moves such as shooting. Miller, your second in command, will tell you to shoot coconuts and oil drums for target practice. There’s not much else to do out here so move to the fence that’s directly in front of you.

Breaking the Fence

Big Boss talking to Kazuhira Miller on the radio

Use your grenade to blow the fence open, which Miller will tell how to use. After this, another scene comes up in junction with the one before it, with both Big Boss and Miller talking amongst themselves about Paz and her teacher, Galvez. Some other revelations come up which shows why Big Boss gave in to help these two.

Going Through Bosque del Alba

Now its back to game play, your mission is going into contact with the Sandinista, and the first area is a small jungle path. This is fairly easy, especially with knowing everything you just learned. Sneak past the three spread CIA enemies or use your tranquilizer gun with a quick shot to the head, which knock them out the quickest. Pick up the few bits of ammo and rations that you can clearly see on the path before heading to Puerto del Alba.

Arriving at Puerto del Alba

Shooting the guard near the stairs

This area is a bit more tough than the last, with four soldiers taking up each corner. Just take your time and crouch behind each crate you come across. When a enemy walks up ahead of you, use the Mk. 22, yet again aiming for the head and being wary that no other guard sees the one falling. Move all the way to the left, using each box as a hiding point. You will see a stair case in the distance, this is where you will be heading. Again, take out the guard right in front of it as well as aiming your tranq at the patrolman who is walking around at the staircase on the balcony.

End of First Mission

Holding up the enemy

When this is done, head for the orange target, this is the clear point! Inside, Big Boss fights against an enemy where you have to interact in the scene, using the left and right buttons to fight back against the guard. After this easy scene, Big Boss finds out that a truck is transporting nukes throughout Costa Rica. Congrats you have finished your first mission! Now it’s time to get a look at your Mother Base and how you can upgrade your weapons and create new items by picking up hostages and enemy soldiers who are willing to join your team. The in game tutorial explains this part in great detail, and building up MSF is probably the most fun and creative action this game has to offer.

The next area to go through is finding the Sandinista leader through even more jungles and a swamp land, which will be all in the next part of the MGS Peace Walker walkthrough.

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