Metal Gear Solid 4 Naomi Profile

Metal Gear Solid 4 Naomi Profile
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Early Life to Metal Gear Solid 4 Naomi

Naomi Hunter was a young girl of Indian descent who was orphaned from the war in Rhodesia. Her parents were killed by a young soldier named Frank Jaeger, who then saw the young Naomi and felt remorse for killing her parents. He adopted her and made himself her brother as they both struggled to survive in the war eating as little rations as they could find. They came into contact with Big Boss who felt sorry for them struggling with their survival, and paved the way to a safer and more fulfilling life in America. Naomi grew interested in genetics since she did not know anything about her real family or even her real name. She started using an ID of a woman named Naomi Hunter, went to university, and then was recruited by ATGC.

Naomi in Metal Gear Solid

In 2005, Naomi Hunter is the prime doctor on FOXHOUND’s medical staff. She is one of the supporting characters who gives Snake information all through MGS1, during the Shadow Moses incident. She hides a secret in which she has given Snake an injection of not only peptides and nanomachines but a dose of FOXDIE as well, which is a virus that can trigger a heart attack when made contact with a target. She does this not only because the government made her, but because she thought it’d be the perfect revenge for Snake crippling her brother in 1999.

After finding out the truth, she deeply regretted adding in the FOXDIE into Snake’s system, noting that he isn’t the merciless killer she thought he was. She also found out that Frank, who was now made into a cyborg type ninja wanted her to know that he was the one who had slain her parents and how much he grew to love her as a sibling, with this closer, she felt she was finally at some kind of peace.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Naomi

Naomi Hunter in 2014

In 2014, Metal Gear Solid 4 Naomi takes a different turn. She is held captive by Liquid Ocelot, although it was a fabrication she made up to both Snake and Otacon, and she was actually working with Ocelot to destroy the Patriot’s A.I. She also works on Snake’s side, telling him why he has such accelerated aging and even finding a new string of FOXDIE in his body. After going aboard Snake and Otacon’s plane, the Nomad, she grows an affection towards Otacon and acts motherly to Sunny, the orphaned girl that Otacon took under his wing.

She also used this opportunity to add the program FOXALIVE, into one of their computers, which could destroy the large A.I. entirely. As they revisit Shadow Moses, Naomi comes up with a shocking secret she has kept for years, her terminal cancer, which she has stopped by using naomachines. She decides to end her life knowing that the FOXALIVE program would function any minute. She left a message to both Snake and Otacon prior to her death, in a video stating what the new program will do and how the future is in their hands.


Metal Gear Solid 4 Naomi might have changed in a dramatic way but she still had the same motives and decided to repent for what she thought were her sins by ending her life. Every character in the series has an interesting story and hers was something anyone can learn by.