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Complete Achievement Guide for Medal of Honor 2010 (Xbox 360)

by: Simon Williams ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

As EA reboots one of its most famous gaming franchises and attempts to take on Call of Duty at its own game, Bright Hub brings you this comprehensive guide, for single player, multi-player and more.

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    Medal of Honor Achievement Guide - Medal of Honor Taking a leaf out of the Call of Duty franchise's book, EA are bringing their venerable Medal of Honor FPS series into the modern era. The new 2010 Medal of Honor is a gritty shooter set during the ongoing Afghanistan conflict, with players taking on the role of several members of the U.S. forces through the course of the game's Singleplayer Campaign. There's also a Multiplayer component designed by DICE, of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 fame. In this final part of our look at Multiplayer in the new MoH, we give you an exhaustive medal of Honor Achievement guide, with every Xbox 360 Achievement for the Singleplayer and Multiplayer portions of the game explained.

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    Singleplayer Achievements

    Medal of Honor Achievement Guide - Singleplayer Achievements First up, Medal of Honor supplies you with a whole batch of Achievements for completing the Singleplayer levels of the game:

    • First Incision (15G): Awarded upon completion of the opening level, First In.
    • Welcome To The TOC (15G): This Achievement unlocks after you finish the 2nd Level, Breaking Bagram.
    • Develop The Situation (15G): Get through Running With Wolves, the 3rd Level, unscathed to get this reward.
    • Unexpected Guests (15G): Finish the delightfully titled Dorothy's A Bitch Level to receive this Achievement.
    • Full Battle Rattle (15G): Unlocked upon completing the 5th Level, Belly Of The Beast.
    • Bad Guy Jamboree (15G): Gunfighters is the 6th Level, and this is its reward.
    • Friends From Afar (15G): This Achievement is unlocked at the end of the 7th Level.
    • Cliffhanger... (15G): Next up is the 8th Level, Compromised.
    • S.E.R.E. (15G): Finish Neptune's Net, Level 9 of MoH, to get this one.
    • Eight Heroes Aboard (15G): Finish the final Singleplayer Level of Medal of Honor, Rescue The Rescuers, to unlock this 360 Achievement.

    Medal of Honor also rewards 3 Achievements for completing the game on various difficulty settings:

    • The Battle Is Won... (50G): Awarded when you complete MoH on any of the Easy, Normal or Hard difficulty levels.
    • ...But The War Rages On (75G): An extra Gamer Points reward for those who battle through the game with difficulty set to Hard.
    • Conspicuous Gallantry (100G): For the hardcore player, get through every Level under the par time in Tier 1 Mode.
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    Singleplayer Character Mission Achievements

    Medal of Honor Achievement Guide - Character Mission Achievements The Singleplayer portion of Medal of Honor places you in the shoes of several different characters in the U.S. forces involved in Afghanistan, with an Achievement available for completing each of their sets of missions:

    • Rangers Lead The Way (15G): Complete all of the missions featuring Spc Dante Adams (1st Ranger Battalion) to unlock this award.
    • Have A Good One (15G): Finish all of the missions starring Tier 1 Special Operative "Deuce" (AFO Wolfpack) in MoH.
    • Never Quit (15G): This Achievement is awarded upon completing the set of missions for Tier 1 Operative "Rabbit" (AFO Neptune).
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    Singleplayer Weapon Achievements

    MoH Achievement Guide - Weapon Achievements Medal of Honor also doles out the Gamer Points for completing certain set actions with weapons and vehicles during the course of the Singleplayer Campaign:

    • Smooth Operator (10G): During the 1st Level, take out the Hostage Taker with the cool precision of a Head Shot.
    • The Sledgehammer (10G): Once you get your hands on the 2000lb Laser Guided Bomb in the 2nd Level, Breaking Bagram, see if you can wipe out 2 vehicles with a single bomb.
    • Dropping Deuce (10G): While in the ATV, try and jump a minimum of 7.5 meters to unlock this MoH Achievement.
    • Fear The Reaper (10G): When you get the AC-130 in the 4th Level, Dorothy's A Bitch, try to destroy the entire Al Qaeda camp.
    • Manic Suppression (20G): Onto Belly Of The Beast, MoH's 5th Level, and you unlock this one by defeating the DShK in a time under 2 minutes.
    • It Takes A Village...Out (10G): Go on a real estate rampage and reduce at least 30 buildings to rubble during Gunfighters for this unlock.
    • Feeding The Pig (15G): Achieve at least 15 kills wielding the M60 Light Machine Gun during the course of the 8th Level, Compromised.
    • The Quiet Professional (15G): One for the stealth fans, take down 13 or more enemies without giving the game away during Neptune's Net.
    • Timber! (10G): In the final Level, Rescue The Rescuers, do your bit for deforestation by mowing down 5 or more trees while wielding the Minigun.

    There are also an assortment of weapon-related MoH Achievements that can be unlocked at any point in the course of the game:

    • Crowd Control (15G): Blow up 5 enemies with just 1 Hand Grenade for this award.
    • Like A Surgeon (10G): Using the Long Range Sniper Rifle, hit each of the different bodyparts on enemies at some point during the Singleplayer Campaign.
    • Pistol Pete Showdown (15G): Over the duration of Medal of Honor's Singleplayer, attain 30 or more Pistol kills for this Achievement.
    • Right In The Grape... (15G): With any weapon other than the Long Range Sniper Rifle, pull off 7 Head Shots in a row during the game for this reward.
    • The Scalpel (15G): Silent but deadly, total up 20 or more Knife kills throughout MoH to unlock this Achievement.
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    Multiplayer Gametype Achievements

    MoH Achievement Guide - Gametype Achievements EA supply a set of 360 MoH Achievements for each of the 4 Gametypes in Medal of Honor Multiplayer. See our Medal of Honor Multiplayer Guide for more information on each of these Gametypes:

    • Mission Training (15G): This Achievement unlocks the first time you play Combat Mission in MoH Multiplayer.
    • Mission Specialist (20G): Stick with Combat Mission for more than 2 hours of game time and you get this reward.
    • Assault Training (15G): Rewarded the first time you try out Team Assault.
    • Assault Specialist (20G): And this one unlocks after 2 hours time investment in Team Assault.
    • Secure Training (15G): Choose the Sector Control Gametype to get this Achievement.
    • Secure Specialist (20G): Again, 2 hours in to Sector Control, this notification will spring up.
    • Raid Training (15G): The equivalent reward for trying out the Objective Raid Gametype.
    • Raid Specialist (20G): And 2 hours of Objective Raid later, you'll unlock this 360 Achievement.
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    Multiplayer Class and Level Achievements

    Medal of Honor Achievement List - Class and Level Achievements As with most multiplayer shooters these days, Medal of Honor features both a Class and Leveling system for unlocking new gear. The following Achievements on this list are dished out upon reaching certain landmarks within this system:

    • Boot Camp (15G): To get this Achievement, you must play at least 2 minutes of a Multiplayer Game as each of MoH's 3 Classes, Rifleman, Sniper and Special Ops.
    • Enlisted (15G): Rank up to Level 2 in any Class to unlock this.
    • Veteran (15G): Awarded when you reach Level 4 Rank, again in any of the 3 Classes.
    • Triple Canopy (15G): Scale the dizzy heights of Level 8 in any Class to receive this 360 Achievement.
    • Tier 1 (35G): Get yourself up to Top Level in any of the 3 classes and these Gamer Points are yours.
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    Miscellaneous Multiplayer Achievements

    Medal of Honor Achievement List - Miscellaneous Achievements There are a handful of other Medal of Honor Achievements on offer for participating in the Multiplayer portion of the game:

    • First Rotation (15G): Compete in online Multiplayer of 15 minutes of game time.
    • Tour of Duty (15G): Stick with Medal of Honor Multiplayer for a whole 2 hours and you get this Achievement.
    • Fire Controller (30G): Use each of the available Offensive Support Actions at least once in a single Round to unlock this one.
    • Forward Spotter (20G): Unleash a Missile Strike Support Action upon the enemy at least once in a single Round and this award is yours.
    • Heavy Fire Support (15G): Waste ammunition like it's going out of fashion by firing more than 1,000 bullets in a single Round and this Achievement is yours.
    • High Achiever (40G): Get yourself placed in the Top 3 on the End of Round Leaderboard a minimum of 10 times for this reward.
    • Quartermaster (30G): Give your teammates backup, total 1,000 Support Points or more to complete this Achievement.
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    With the help of this Medal of Honor Achievement List, you should have no problem at all rounding up all the Gamer Points on offer in EA's return to the military FPS arena. The vast majority of the Achievements on offer in MoH are fairly simple to unlock, given enough playtime, so 1,000 Gamer Points and a 100% Achievement completion is definitely a possibility with this new entry in the Medal of Honor franchise.

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