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Medal of Honor: Airborne – Walkthrough – Operation Husky: Hill House AA guns

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The first part of our 'Medal of Honor Airborne' walkthrough will look at how to destroy the Hill House AA guns. Three separate Anti-aircraft guns have been set in place in the town of Adanti, and we will take out the first one.

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    As you are about to jump, enemy fires.. You will start the game in an aircraft carrier, ready to launch and land in the town of Adanti. Before having climbed aboard, you were briefed and provided with various strategical insights into how to approach the various objectives given to you.

    Remember that you don't have to do the objectives in the given order, the game isn't linear in that respect, so you could begin with any that you wish to (or whatever is near when you landed.) Read our 'Medal of Honor Airborne' walkthrough if you need to know how to clear the first objective, that is destroying the Hill House AA guns by explosive.

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    Landing on the Church and Clearing the First Street

    The church on your briefing map The first thing you want to do is land on the church's roof. The church is on the bottom right of the map shown to you in your briefing. Once you are up there you can take out quite a few Blackshirts down below, either near the archway or on the other side. You can also throw a few grenades from up here to devastating effect, but be sure to crouch and to keep at least one (or two) grenades for that guard-house with no roof you see across.

    Throw a grenade right inside the building as to take out the soldier guarding it. Drop to the ground level and watch out ahead as there is a Blackshirt holding an MG position. Move through the archway and advance keeping right, always watch out for the MG and enemies taking a pop at you. You'll get to a house eventually, which is being used by Blackshirts as cover. Get rid of the enemy, I suggest a machine gun like the MP40 if you have it, and move through the house to eventually get to the other side of the street.

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    Getting to and Destroying The AA Gun

    The AA Gun You'll get to the main street where you must fulfill your objective. Here is the enemy MG-post and other reinforcements. You will also see a second house. You must move through the house, in order to reach the second floor where the AA gun will be present. Watch your step as you enter the house, Italians will try and push you back by storming it. You can either use a machine gun or take cover as usual before stepping out to encounter more enemies.

    In the open area, on the second floor, there are quite a lot of German soldiers, including officials who are quite tough, so be careful as you pop. You can choose a more stealthy style or go all out with your MG, as health packs are not scarce.

    Once you are done, place explosive on the AA gun and your first objective is completed. Read the next chapter of our 'Medal of Honor Airborne' walkthrough for how to destroy the AA guns in the North-east gate.