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Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault – Walkthrough – Inside the West Virginia

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In this chapter you will have to stop the USS West Virginia from sinking, but shutting off the counter-valves. Eventually you will move to the battleship turrets in order to defend the ship, which will happen in the next chapter, should you get out alive here.

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    Move through quickly You have finally reached the USS West Virginia which is also under heavy fire by enemy airplanes. The first thing you must do, without dilly dallying, is shut off the counter-valves which will stop the ship from sinking. As you go inside, during the short clip which is not controlled by the player, you will see fire everywhere and many a dead sailor due to the burst valves.

    The West Virginia has various battleship turrets mounted, like any battleship, and you will take control and begin the fun in the next chapter of our walkthrough. However, let us concentrate on keeping this ship afloat: read on for how to get in and out swiftly and stop it from sinking.

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    Turn off the Counter Valves

    What the valves look like You will find yourself facing a wall, apparently the small hole which you need to crawl through is not quite clear. Just turn right and follow the openings and it should be easy to find.

    All the valves are quite visible, since they are highlighted, so the easiest way to go about it is methodically. Shut the first valve near the boiler then head to the section upstairs. There are another three valves here, two next to each other, one of the opposite end. Shut those off too by pressing the F key.

    Now you will need to go to the long corridor in the middle, walk through a massive explosion, and eventually reach a door. Turn right and go downstairs again, as you move there will be another explosion and the ship will start flooding. Go around by turning right, move straight ahead and turn off another valve to complete this objective.

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    Rescue the Wounded and Get Out

    The medic The next thing we do is get out of here. Go back the way you came, up the steps and straight along the corridor, until you see a blocked door with a sailor drowning. Turn right and nearby, on your right side again, there is a ladder which you can climb. Turn left to climb another and reach the top section. This is a checkpoint and the game is saved.

    Now turn right and just follow the sailor, moving through quickly. You'll reach a larger section eventually, where there is a hatchet in front of you hanging on the wall. On your left there is a door. Pick it up and look for another valve nearby, it is actually the valve of a gas canister. Chopping it off will make it torpedo towards the iron door and burst it open. Head through the door. Note that you can also open the door just with the hatchet, but it will take longer.

    Now look for an injured sailor on your left. Pick him up by pressing F and head to the right and straight ahead. There is a pipe highlighted along the way, bash it with your axe to stop the stream. In the open section there are two more sailors: remember to look for the exclamation mark on top of their head. The first one is under some ammo crates so use your axe, free him and pick him up. Another is behind a blocked door. You can hear the cries for help in any case.

    Bring all of them to the medic in the top section, then climb the stairs, use your axe and get out to the battleship turrets. Next you will defend the USS West Virginia.