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Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault – Walkthrough – Pearl Harbor and the PT Boat

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In the next section of our 'Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault' walkthrough we look at the first chapter, set in Pearl Harbor, and how to get to the PT Boat. Keep reading for detailed instructions on how to, most importantly, avoid death.

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    Pearl Harbor: Bobby getting busy for...military purposes. As you first start the chapter, you are driving around in a Jeep with a higher-ranked officer who acts as a guide to what is to be your new home: the main military facility in Pearl Harbor. You see various training facilities available, some navy guys looking for relief and a few well-endowed nurses. All in good spirit if it weren't for the diving Zeros bombing the hell out of the place.

    Suddenly the base is under attack, the officer driving you around is compelled to speed up and get to the harbor quickly: in short, you must act now or loose your life. Read this continuation of our 'Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault' walkthrough to find out how to get out unscathed and swiftly dive into action.

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    The Harbor: Getting to the PT boat

    Making to the run to the PT boat You begin taking control as you reach the harbor, with Japanese planes diving and bombing unscrupulously destroying everything in sight. The easiest way to reach your objective is to move in double-time, first and foremost, and be able to use the various crates and objects as cover. You do not want to run straight ahead as it is likely you will be shot down quickly.

    First move to the steps and crates on the left-hand side of the map, ducking every now and then for safety. As you reach midway, move to the right for more cover going up onto the raised platform, then descending and reaching the next section.

    You can shoot-down planes with your equipped B.A.R., which is quite difficult and a suicide mission at higher difficulty settings. Shooting down a large number of planes will earn you a medal. You can also rescue some of the wounded, for which you will also get a medal or 'Hero moment.'

    As you reach the last part of the map, the wooden bridge bit, turn left and there is your PT boat: you will take control of the air cooled .50 CAL MG to shoot down enemy planes.

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    Defend the Harbor: the Mounted Mg on the Pt Boat

    Watch out: another Zero! Before you reach the USS West Virginia battleship, you must defend the harbor for a while, at least attempt to shoot down a few Zeros. This part can be quite difficult in the higher settings and it can take a few attempts. If you find it too difficult it is recommended that you memorize the patterns of the planes, as they are always the same. Also, don't keep the trigger constantly pulled, rather shoot in bursts so it is easier to control the Anti-Aircraft gun.

    The first horde of enemies comes from your six, or behind you in otherwords, so concentrate on the centre of the screen (your twelve, in military terms.) The more you shoot down here the less you will have to worry about. You will undoubtedly miss some, which will turn: get ready to shoot at one to three o' clock.

    You will soon notice the Oklahoma is sinking, the situation is desperate. At this point you will have some planes come to you head-on, so be careful as the planes will get big quickly and you will have little opportunity to take them down.

    Eventually, after much mayhem, you will reach the West Virginia and help with its defence by mounting a Quad AA and various other big toys. Read the next part of our 'Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault' walkthrough for more.