Medal of Honor Strategy Guide: Dominate Online in MoH Multiplayer

Medal of Honor Strategy Guide: Dominate Online in MoH Multiplayer
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Medal of Honor Strategy Guide to Multiplayer

The 2010 Medal of Honor reboot signalled a new direction for the lauded and critically appreciated series. With a single player campaign being made by the original developers of the franchise, with Danger Close utilising a modified Unreal 3 engine, players eagerly anticipated the outcome of its completely separate multiplayer component – developed by Battlefield creator’s DICE. This schism between the two parts of the game may have created a fractured and poorly implemented interpretation on modern warfare, as evidenced by some tempered critical reviews. The focus of this article however, is on the Frostbite engine powered multiplayer, as we look to provide a Medal of Honor strategy guide to online play.

The Medal of Honor multiplayer takes many cues from luminaries in the modern warfare genre. As will become apparent to any player of the game, this DICE produced experience mimics or is outright derived from games like Black Ops or Modern Warfare 2. The use of class based loadouts, kill-streak abilities, quickened and streamlined gameplay, a never-ending stream of experience points and persistent levelling and unlocks help to form this comparison to Activision’s flagship franchise. This iterative mimicry worked well for EA however, as the game is getting a sequel, after reportedly selling over five million units.

The Perfect Medal of Honor Strategy

Onto some multiplayer Medal of Honor strategy. Given the closed nature and smaller scale of maps, in comparison to the openness of Battlefield, weapons choice plays an important role in maximising your kills and giving you an advantage during tense situations. By default, players should choose either the Spec Ops class or Rifleman class, depending on how small the actual map is. If there are clear lanes/choke points in the maps, the use of a M16/AK-47 is preferable. However, some maps require intricate or tight engagements, which would be best served by selecting the AKS-74U/M4 CQC weapons of the Spec Ops loadout.

As with games in the Call of Duty series, an attentive and often slower paced, methodical reading of the map can have its advantages. With the sprint button in Medal of Honor, strategy often gets thrown out of the window, in favor of quickly rushing into heated entanglements. Instead of this, learning to appreciate a slower pace with particular emphasis on crouching around corners or defending specific key points on a map, will give you a better chance against other human opponents. As a Medal of Honor strategy, the importance of positional dominance cannot be overstated.

Effective Use of Multiplayer Medal of Honor Strategy

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When in the open, either sprint to a closed destination as quickly as possible, or find at least one wall or corner to cover yourself against. Furthermore, taking the high ground is often a great boon, especially when defending a map-specific point. The sniper rifle is an acquired taste, most people are incapable or at the least fearful of using it, while others can’t live without it. Initially, players will have to unlock the scope for the rifle, taking some time but not being a particularly excruciating endeavour. The main reason against using a sniper rifle – at least on a majority portion of the Medal of Honor multiplayer levels – is down to their inherent layouts and lack of open areas.

Either way, like any first-person online shooter, finding the loadout or play style that suits the individual is what dictates how well they can do. Hopefully this Medal of Honor strategy guide has at least pointed you in the right direction for improving in the multiplayer side of the game. No doubt Medal of Honor strategy can be carried over to the thematically and mechanically similar efforts of the Call of Duty series as well – although the fast-paced action may be absent from something like Bad Company or Battlefield 3.