Medal of Honor Multiplayer Guide: Game Modes, Classes, Leveling Up and More in Medal of Honor (2010)

Medal of Honor Multiplayer Guide: Game Modes, Classes, Leveling Up and More in Medal of Honor (2010)
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Medal of Honor Multiplayer Guide - Introduction

EA have high hopes that, after the critical and commercial success of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, assigning the multiplayer portion of their new Medal of Honor reboot to veteran developer DICE will help them make a dent in the popularity of the two juggernauts of Xbox 360 online gaming, Call of Duty and Halo. Only time can tell if this new entry in the classic MoH FPS franchise can carve out its own fanbase amongst such stiff competition on Xbox Live.

In this first part of our Medal of Honor Multiplayer Guide, we give you an overview of the basic online gameplay and the different Game Modes and Classes available to play. We also take a look at the Level and Unlock system in Medal of Honor, how you gain XP throughout multiplayer matches, and how you can access Score Chain Rewards to either strike at your enemies or defend your team.

In the following installments of the guide, we’ll take a look at the Weapons available in Medal of Honor Multiplayer, give you an overview of each of the 8 multiplayer maps that come with the game, as well as a complete guide to unlocking all the Xbox 360 Medal of Honor Achievements.

Medal of Honor Multiplayer - The Basics

Medal of Honor Multiplayer Guide - Combat Mission Game Mode

In Medal of Honor Multiplayer, 2 Teams - one representing the Coalition forces, the other the re-titled “Opposing Force” - battle it out across 8 multiplayer maps through 4 Game Modes to win Rounds, while each player has a personal score that contributes to his XP total, allowing him to unlock new weapons and equipment as he levels up across multiple games.

Despite its real-world setting, Medal of Honor multiplayer gameplay may well initially take people by surprise - especially if you are coming to it off the back of previous DICE titles like Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The game itself feels very fast, similar to older deathmatch titles like the Quake and Unreal series than the more tactical multiplayer shooters of today. The amount of options and Classes have been thinned down a lot from what was seen in BF: BC2, and are small in comparison even to the Call of Duty titles. Whether DICE are aiming for relatively inexperienced multiplayer gamers, or those entirely new to military online FPS’s is hard to tell, but it does make the game relatively simple to jump straight into on Xbox Live.

Medal of Honor Multiplayer Guide - Team Assault Game Mode

This lack of complexity in the gameplay is also reflected in the almost complete absence of vehicles in Medal of Honor, apart from certain modes in which the Coalition troops are supported by a M3A3 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle. For may of us, it would have been nice for the Opposing Force to have had access to even battered Jeeps as a basic form of transport, to give that side some more tactical options.

Respawning Warning!

When you die in Medal of Honor Multiplayer, you are given the choice whether to Respawn at your Team’s Base or at the Front. Be very careful which option you choose, as the game can have a tendency to simply Respawn you exactly where you died, resulting in you being instantly taken out by the same player who killed you the first time. With no Kill-Cam either, it’s easy to be sniped multiple times without having a clue where your enemy is.

Multiplayer Game Modes

Medal of Honor Class Guide - Objective Raid Game Mode

There are 4 different gametypes available to play in Medal of Honor multiplayer. They are:

Team Assault

This is pretty standard Team Deathmatch, up to 12 vs 12.

Sector Control

A Domination, Capture The Flag multiplayer variant. Control designated areas of the multiplayer map by raising your flag and defending it to accumulate points.

Objective Raid

Similar to Rush Mode in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. this gametype features 2 bomb sites and an attacking and defending force. The objective for the attackers is to plant their bomb at each of the Objectives and hold off the defenders long enough for it to explode.

Combat Mission

Probably the most interesting of the 4 Game Modes in Medal of Honor, and the one that will become most popular, Combat Mission is somewhat similar to Halo: Reach’s Invasion Mode, as an attacking forces attempts to complete a series of objectives, fulfilment of which opens up the next section of the multiplayer map, while the defending team try to stave them off long enough for the clock to run down.

Medal of Honor Class System

Medal of Honor Class Guide - Opposing Force Sniper in doorway

Befitting the streamlined nature of Medal of Honor Multiplayer, there are only 3 available Classes to play, identical for both the Coalition and Opposing Forces apart from the make of the weapons and equipment available to each side. The 3 MoH Classes are:


The basic assault trooper in Medal of Honor, armed with a variety of assault rifles and smoke grenades. A solid all-round Class.

Special Ops

The stealth based player on the battlefield, using lighter SMG weapons and smoke grenades to get in close and personal for the kill, or using rocket propelled grenades to cause havoc.


The long range specialist, hiding out on building rooftops or in mountain crags to take out unsuspecting ground troops with head shots from great distance.

Class Unlock Trees

Medal of Honor Class Guide - New Weapons from Class Unlock Tree

Each of the 3 Classes has its own separate Unlock Tree with new weapons and attachments becoming available as it progresses up through the Levels in MoH Multiplayer. The Coalition and Opposing Force sides also have different weapons and attachments available to unlock at certain level, reflecting the nationality of the equipment each side in the conflict uses. All the weapons and other equipment are realistic representations of the items in use in the Afghanistan conflict. We’ll be going into more detail on each of the unlockable weapons and attachments in the next part of our Medal of Honor Multiplayer Guide. As players progress, they can also unlock skins to customize their player models.

While the selection of Unlocks in Medal of Honor is not massive at the moment, EA and DICE will undoubtedly introduce more goodies for players to hanker after in the form of DLC as the months progress.

Medal of Honor Ranks and XP: Leveling Up in MoH

Medal of Honor Ranks and XP Guide - Unlock New Weapons for Your Class

The Level progression system in Medal of Honor is very similar to that seen in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, or indeed many modern online console shooters. For every important action you complete during a Medal of Honor Multiplayer Round, you receive XP - these rewards can be for killing enemies, with bonuses for multiple kills, completing objectives or deploying Score Chain Rewards. At the end of each Round you may receive further XP bonuses dependent on your own and your team’s performance. The XP from each round is cumulative, adding to your overall XP Score, and when you reach certain landmarks, you go up a Rank, at which point a new Weapon Unlock becomes available. The only major difference in Medal of Honor to, say, Modern Warfare 2 in regards to leveling up is that you rank up independently in each of the 3 Classes, and XP earned while playing a particular Class only counts towards your progress in that Class' Ranks. Therefore, it is entirely possible to be a Level 15 Rifleman, with all the available Weapon Unlocks for that Class, yet still be rooted at Level 1 as a Sniper, with only the basic equipment.

The following are the 15 Levels in Medal of Honor Multiplayer, with the corresponding XP requirement:

  • Level 1 (Recruit): 0 XP
  • Level 2 (Regular): 250 XP
  • Level 3 (Expert): 350 XP
  • Level 4 (Veteran): 500 XP
  • Level 5 (Operator): 800 XP
  • Level 6 (Commander): 1100 XP
  • Level 7 (Elite): 1500 XP
  • Level 8 (Tier 1 Recruit): 2000 XP
  • Level 9 (Tier 1 Regular): 2400 XP
  • Level 10 (Tier 1 Expert): 2800 XP
  • Level 11 (Tier 1 Veteran): 3200 XP
  • Level 12 (Tier 1 Operator): 3600 XP
  • Level 13 (Tier 1 Commander): 4000 XP
  • Level 14 (Tier 1 Elite): 4400 XP
  • Level 15 (Tier 1 Warfighter): 4800 XP

Medals and Ribbons

Medal of Honor Ranks and XP Guide - Medals and Ribbons

As you complete certain objectives, kills and other gameplay feats during the course of Medal of Honor Multiplayer, you are awarded Medals and Ribbons which are displayed in your Service Record. Again, anyone who has played Call of Duty or Halo Multiplayer will be familiar with such Medals, which are primarily for bragging rights and don’t affect your overall progress through the game’s Ranks.

Medal of Honor XP Rewards in Multiplayer

Medal of Honor Ranks and XP Guide - Get XP Rewards for Kills

Below is a selection of the Multiplayer XP bonuses you are awarded each time you complete an action during a Round:

  • Kill: +10 XP
  • Kill Assist: +5 XP
  • Headshot: +5 XP
  • Melee Kill: +5 XP
  • Double Kill: +10 XP
  • Triple Kill: +15 XP
  • Revenge Kill: +5 XP
  • Tier 1 Kill (Enemy Level 8 or Above): +5 XP
  • Capture The Flag (Sector Control): +30 XP
  • Capture The Flag Assist (Sector Control): +20 XP
  • Plant A Bomb (Objective Raid): + 15XP
  • Explode A Bomb (Objective Raid): + 30 XP

The use of Score Chain Rewards also give you XP bonuses, the exact XP number being dictated by the number of enemy players killed of teammates alive when you deploy them.

Medal of Honor Score Chain Rewards

Medal of Honor Score Chain Rewards Guide - Score Chains Unlock Bonuses

As your score increases during a single life in a Round of Medal of Honor Multiplayer, you get access to 7 Score Chain Rewards. These are similar to the Killstreak Rewards featured in the recent Call of Duty titles, but unlike Killstreaks, these Score Chain Rewards are not chosen by the player but instead follow a set 7 Tier path. What is interesting is you get a choice between an Offensive Reward or a Defensive bonus, which can also affect fellow teammates, so you need to make the best tactical choice for your team at that point in the Round. These Medal of Honor Score Chain Rewards also provide further XP bonuses.

The following Score Chain example is for Coalition players in MoH Multiplayer Round:

  • Tier 1 (Unlocked at 40 Points): Offensive - Mortar Strike, Defensive - UAV
  • Tier 2 (Unlocked at 100 Points): Offensive - Rocket Strike, Defensive - Match Ammo (Increased Bullet Damage)
  • Tier 3 (Unlocked at 160 Points): Offensive - Guided Missile, Defensive - Flak Jacket (Health Bonus)
  • Tier 4 (Unlocked at 230 Points): Offensive - Artillery, Defensive - Armor Piercing Bullets
  • Tier 5 (Unlocked at 300 Points): Offensive - A10 Thunderbolt Strafing Run, Defensive - Counter UAV
  • Tier 6 (Unlocked at 380 Points): Offensive - Airstrike, Defensive - Sabot Rounds (Improved Match Ammo)
  • Tier 7 (Unlocked at 450 Points): Offensive - Cruise Missile, Defensive - Kevlar Jacket (Improved Flak Jacket)

Once your score passes 450 Points in a single life and you have unlocked Tier 7, a x2 Multiplier is applied to any subsequent Points you score.


Medal of Honor Score Chain Rewards Guide - MoH Character

In both feel and form, Medal of Honor multiplayer does bear a strong resemblance to its DICE predecessor Battlefield: Bad Company 2, albeit with a lot of the tactical flexibility of that game simplified and streamlined. For those looking for a quick and relatively straight-forward fix of online military multiplayer, Medal of Honor may well just be the ticket, especially if EA expands the content that ships with the game with new Modes, maps and weapons to unlock. However, coming just a month after Halo: Reach and with Call of Duty: Black Ops imminent, it’s hard to see this new Medal of Honor taking a huge chunk out of those franchises' multiplayer fanbases.

In the next part of our Medal of Honor Multiplayer Guide, we’ll take a look at the various Multiplayer weapons available to each Class in MoH.

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