Guide to the Infiltrator in Mass Effect: Tech Talents

Guide to the Infiltrator in Mass Effect: Tech Talents
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Pistols And Snipers

The Infiltrator is not the best class for close combat since he has no training in shotguns and assault rifles. When the battles must be settled through close combat, his pistols can help take down weaker enemies, but tougher ones with high defense will be hard to knock down.

The good news is that he also has the sniper rifle, the best long range weapon in the game. Sniper rifles deal more damage than pistols, and can kill enemies with one shot when Assassination is used, where normally enemies would require two or three bullets. Snipers can easily take down Geth snipers and enemies that like to hide far away.



Besides his pistols and sniper rifle for combat, he also comes equipped with some excellent tech that puts enemies at a disadvantage. Sabotage, which can be unlocked from Decryption, can freeze enemy weapons temporarily; when enemies are locked down like this, you protect your squad from harm, so it allows them to break away from cover and attack without hesitation.


Not only can the Infiltrator lock down their weapons, they can also shut down enemy tech and biotics with Damping. You will face enemies who can freeze your weapons, stun you, and push you down to the floor. They are not easy to deal with, so make sure to cast Damping to stop them from using tech and biotics for a short period of time. It works great against Asari Commandos who like to use biotics. Damping can also deal minor damage with its tech proximity mines as well as stun certain enemies for a few seconds. When you add more points to Damping, it will will deal more damage and stun tougher opponents.

Tactical Armor

Since the Infiltrator has Tactical Armor, he can wear medium armor, which means he should have solid defense and shields. Your defense also gets help from Shield Boost, where you can restore back some of the shields you lost during combat. If you’re someone who tends to lose health because you always lose your shields, consider adding points to your Tactical Armor, since you can restore as much as 50% shields per second when you reach Master Shield Boost.


Electronics is an important talent since it brings benefits outside of combat. The better your Electronics is, the better you will be at opening junk scattered in the deserts on planets you visit. They may look like broken down machinery but they contain secrets and items that can’t be found anywhere else. When you open these secured objects, you gain experience as well.

You can also repair your vehicle, the Mako, with Electronics The Mako is not just for travel but for combat too, since it comes equipped with a powerful cannon to destroy giant enemies like Geth Armatures and turrets. These are powerful Geths and machines that can deliver massive damage to your vehicle, so if your Mako is destroyed, then you die in the game. Electronics can be a lifesaver in this situation.


One annoying aspect of enemies is that they also have shields; so for those who excel in Shield Boosts, they can easily recharge their shields quickly, making them tough to kill. The Infiltrator fortunately has Overload to help solve this problem. Overload deals two kinds of damage, one directly to the enemy and the other to his shields. Overload works well at the start of combat, since you can get rid of enemies quick by destroying their shields first, so your team can deal immediate damage to their health.


Mass Effect has plenty of powerful items, many which can’t be bought from merchants. If you enjoy looting, then you should have a good time with the Infiltrator, since his Decryption talent allows him to open the locked crates located at many places you visit.


The Infiltrator can be a good offensive class since he has pistols, snipers, and small bombs. Always make sure to mix your weapons and tech together in combat, like shutting down enemy shields with Overload, and then firing at them with Marksman. He is basically a de-buffer, so when you face Geths and Asaris who like to use tech and biotics, help your squad by shutting their talents down with Damping.

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