The Engineer Class in Mass Effect: Tech Talents

The Engineer Class in Mass Effect: Tech Talents
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Mass Effect is an epic sci-fi action RPG and it features a wide variety of character classes. This article serves as a guide for getting the best from the tech specialist, the Engineer. Read on to find the main strengths of this class.


Pistols And Combat

The Engineer can only train up in pistol skills, so he won’t be able to use assault rifles, shotguns or sniper rifles. Even with this limitation the pistol can still take down several enemies, as long as you use its powerful ability called Marksman which allows you to fire more quickly and accurately. When you improve these two stats, you can take enemies down faster. The pistols won’t have the same firepower as sniper rifles or shotguns, but if you are a skilled marksman, then the pistols can handle most of the opponents the game tosses at you.

The key to combat for the Engineer is to use his tech talents to set up scenarios that can protect and support his squad, like destroying enemy shields and shutting down enemy fire, creating opportunities where you can attack more aggressively at the same time as escaping from massive hits.

Sabotage, Damping, and Overload

The pistols can become even more dangerous thanks to the Engineer’s wide array of wonderful tech skills which can place enemies in uncomfortable situations. His three primary offensive tech talents are Sabotage, Damping, and Overload. With Sabotage, you can shut down enemy weapons temporarily, so that gives you some breathing room for your squad to freely attack without thinking about cover so much. Sabotage should be favorable for Krogans and Geth Rocket Troopers and Destroyers since they carry a lot of firepower. Overload deals damage against enemy shields and defense. This is a perfect fit to combine with Marksman once the enemy shields are gone.

Not only will you be able to shut down their weapons, but also their tech and biotics with Damping. Asari Commandos use biotics so they can create mass effect fields to leave you vulnerable for attack. If you get tired of being lifted off the ground or having your weapons shut down temporarily, then rely on Damping to help solve this problem.

Tech Proximity Mines

Sabotage, Overload, and Damping also contain tech proximity mines, so whenever they are used, a small bomb will be immediately released as well. Adding points to Decryption will increase the damage of tech proximity mines and it can go as high as 30% more. Another way to increase the damage from small bombs is to improve Sabotage, Overload, and Damping. Don’t treat these mines like pistols and shotguns since they can’t deliver massive damage and they require a cooldown every time you use Sabotage, Damping, and Overload.

First Aid And Medicine

Classes with tech talents are the best healers in the game, as long as they have First Aid. Medicine is also very useful as it reduces the cool down of Medi-gel, the “potions” in the game. But the Engineer’s focus should be more on other talents besides First Aid and Medicine, like Sabotage, Damping, Overload, and Electronics. Your have teammates with First Aid and Medicine so they use them to take care of the health of your squad while you concentrate on being a excellent de-buffer.

Medium Armor

In order to have a good defense, it’s better to grab the best armor you can find or buy, since they significantly upgrade your shields and protection from enemy fire. Finding the best armor shouldn’t be that hard for the Engineer since he has Decryption, the talent that allows him to open secured crates containing some of the best equipments in the game.

Activities Outside Combat

Mass Effect offers many side quests and activities for you to participate in, and the Engineer is perfectly suited for these tasks when he excels in Electronics and Decryption. On most planets you will find scattered junk lying around that actually contains items and other goods that can’t be found anywhere else; the better you are in Electronics, the easier it will be to open most of them. Not all containers can be freely opened, but since the Engineer has Decryption for unlocking them, he won’t have to leave any of them untouched. In the main missions, a regular activity is traveling in the Mako and fighting Geths; your vehicle can take significant damage from enemy fire, but thanks to Electronics, you can quickly repair the Mako back to health.

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