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Mass Effect Cheats: Activate the Console and Enter Cheat Codes

by: Simon Hill ; edited by: Eric Stallsworth ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Mass Effect is an epic sci-fi roleplaying game with plenty of shooter action, interesting characters and alien races to contend with. If you are looking for some help with the game then why not edit your game file to enable the console and then try out some of the cheat codes in this article?

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    Mass Effect

    Mass Effect Mass Effect is a sci-fi roleplaying game set in a diverse universe where humans must find their place amid the various alien races. It is an attractive game with an engaging plot, enjoyable action and high production values. Mass Effect was developed by Bioware, and the involved storyline and characters draw on a wealth of popular sci-fi material which is skillfully woven with the squad based shooter action. The game was a big success on the Xbox 360 and the PC version offered a number of improvements including a redesigned HUD. The PC version also allows cheats, so if you are looking for some help in your quest then read on.

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    Console Cheats

    In order to activate the cheats you’ll need to edit one of the game files. Most developers nowadays disable the console before releasing the game but you can usually get around this. With Mass Effect you want to find a file called BIOInput.ini and it should be in Bioware/Mass Effect/Config. Right click on the file and open with notepad and then scroll down until you find the line that says


    Immediately underneath that line you want to add in the line


    Now load the game up and the console can be activated by pressing the tilde key (~). Once you have the console up you can enter the following cheat codes.

    • fly – enables fly mode but the controls are awkward
    • walk – turns fly mode off again
    • ghost – turns on no clipping mode so you won’t collide with anything
    • giveall – gives you all game gear including weapons but not armor
    • giveallarmor – gives you all the armor in the game
    • giveallweapons – gives you all the weapons in the game
    • giveallbioamps – gives you all the bio amps in the game
    • giveallomnitools – gives you all the omni tools in the game
    • givetalentpoints # - instead of # enter a number and gain that amount of talent points
    • givexp # - instead of # enter a number and gain that amount of experience
    • setparagon # - instead of # enter a number and gain that amount of paragon points
    • setrenegade # - instead of # enter a number and gain that amount of renegade points
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    Bonus Talents

    If you enter the following code in the console.

    givebonustalent # - you can get various bonus talents by entering the correct number in place of the #

    • 7 Assault Rifles
    • 14 Shotguns
    • 21 Sniper Rifles
    • 49 Throw
    • 50 Lift
    • 56 Warp
    • 57 Singularity
    • 63 Barrier
    • 64 Stasis
    • 84 Electronics
    • 86 Damping
    • 91 Hacking
    • 93 Decryption
    • 98 First Aid
    • 99 Medicine
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    Weapon Cool Down

    You can switch off weapon cool down by locating the biogame.ini file which should be in the same config folder as the BIOInput.ini. Open the file with notepad and find this line


    change it to read


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