Mass Effect Cheats and Tricks: More Mass Effect Cheat Codes for Your PC

Mass Effect Cheats and Tricks: More Mass Effect Cheat Codes for Your PC
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Mass Effect Cheat Codes and Hints

Initially released for the Xbox 360 platform and then ported to PC, Mass Effect is an intense action RPG that guarantees great play value. Set in the year 2183, the game puts you into the shoes of Commander Shepard, a soldier who sets to explore the endless realms of a galaxy using SSV Normandy. Just like any other RPG, players can select a class from 6 character classes. Each class boasts a unique talent, which when leveled earns extra health. You can check out the in-depth Mass Effect review to know more about this game.

Mass Effect Cheats and Tricks

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There are several tricks and cheats for Mass Effect. Some may help you unlock missions while others will help you repair weapons and vehicles easily. Here are few best non-console Mass Effect cheats and tricks for vehicle & weapon repairs, experience points and hidden missions:

How to Repair Mako Easily:

One of the best ways to repair Mako is to use an Omni-gel. However, there’s an alternative and easier way to repair this vehicle if you hate to waste your precious Omni-gel every time. All you have to do is save the current game and load it immediately. You will have a completely new and refurbished Mako.

Unlocking Hidden Missions:

There are different secret missions in the Hades Gamma Cluster, in the Cacus and Plutus System. The unlockable mission in the Cacus system can be unbolted by acquiring at least 75 percent Paragon. To unlock the Plutus system mission, acquire at least 75 percent Renegade.

Best Weapon Trick:

The HMWA X assault rifle is one the best weapons, but it needs to get upgraded with few more items and materials in order to avoid overheating. Upgrade this assault rifle with these items:

Combat Optics X, Frictionless Materials and Snowblind Rounds X

Earth’s Mirror Image:

This fun Mass Effect Easter Egg can be viewed when you have landed on moon (in-game of course!). Just use the Zoom-in key to have a closer look at Earth. Instead of the actual geographic image of the Earth, you will its mirror image.

Mass Effect Cheat Codes: Additional Console Cheats

There are numerous console-based cheats for Mass Effect. You can find out the best Mass Effect cheat codes, which describes how to enable the console and how to enter the cheat codes. Here are some additional console-based Mass Effect cheats for your gameplay entertainment:

Mass Effect Screenshot 2

Alter the Game Speed: Type SloMo and then type a float value to change the speed for the game. For example SloMo 0.5 will change the game speed slower than normal, whereas SloMo 3.0 will alter the game speed much faster than normal.

Freeze all Non-Player Characters: Type StatisAll to make all NPCs immovable. This is one of those Mass Effect cheats that cannot be toggled to normal. Make sure you save the game first and then apply this cheat code. You can then reload the current game to make it normal. The cheat can be best used to take a screenshot.

Generate a Mako Vehicle: You can generate multiple Mako vehicles by placing the in-game cursor (cross hair) in a location where you want the Mako to spawn and typing SpawnVehicle at the console.

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