Adepts in Mass Effect - Making The Class Work For You The Best Way Possible

Adepts in Mass Effect - Making The Class Work For You The Best Way Possible
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Light Armor Only

The Adept begins with very weak defense since he can only wear light armor. Basic Armor is his specialty, so light armor is the way to go for the Adept. This means you will have to rely on Shield Boost and Barrier, two talents that improve his energy shields. Shield Boost recharges them while Barrier increases how much you have.

Shield Boost, Barrier, And Unity

The Adept can lose a lot of health when he gets hit by the enemy, so it’s necessary to build some defense on him by adding talent points to Shield Boost and Barrier. If your squad dies often, consider upgrading the Specter Training talent too, since you can unlock Unity, a talent that lets you revive fallen teammates. You should know that none of your teammates have any talents that revive fallen comrades, so Unity is a rare talent to have.

Get The Best Equipment

Besides biotics to improve his defense, make it a goal to collect the best light armor out there. Since you can only use biotics, get a teammate with the tech talent, Electronics, so you can unlock secured crates that may contain good armor; make sure to sell anything you find that’s no longer needed to merchants, so you receive more money and are able to purchase any light armor and upgrades available.

The Charm and Intimidate skills can also help you at the shop. The better your Charm is, the less items will cost; the better your Intimidate skill is, the more vendors will pay for your goods.

Accessories called armor upgrades can be applied onto your light armor; since the Adept has a weak defense, you should wear the best upgrades. They can give the armor you’re wearing some additional bonuses, from health, shields, regeneration, and biotics and tech protection.

Biotics In Combat

Make sure during combat that you use Singularity, Stasis, Warp, Lift, and Throw to give time for your teammates to attack without worrying about enemy fire coming at them all the time. One strategy is to use Singularity to suck the enemies out of cover, then use Warp on them to lower their defense; when a group of de-buffed enemies are close together, your squad will have an easier time killing them off in a short span; it’s better than taking them down individually and wondering where the rest are hiding.

If you upgrade the Adept to Bastion and master the Stasis talent, then enemies are no longer immune to any attack when you cast Stasis.

Pistol Is A Worthy Weapon

The pistol is a solid long range weapon; as long as you focus on improving its Marksman ability. When accuracy and fire rate increases, then the pistol should be a quite reliable, especially against groups of weaker enemies.

Without a close range weapon like the shotgun and assault rifles available for the Adept, it’s best to rely on Throw to get you out of jams when enemies are coming at you. Throw and Lift should leave them vulnerable for a few seconds on the ground so you and your teammates can take care of them quickly, before they revert back to attack mode.

Lift And Throw

Besides going up against the common foe who likes to take cover and then shoot, you will come across those that have their own unique attack strategy. Lift and Throw are quite effective against these particular enemies. You can protect your teammates by casting Throw against Krogans and Asaris who love to rush at your squad.

If you’re annoyed by Geth Hoppers who like to jump around, then give them a taste of Lift to keep them still temporarily. Heavy foes like Geth Armatures and large Rachni also are quite vulnerable to Lift; it’s a better alternative than going toe to toe with them. Both Lift and Throw can be relied on to put a leash on crowds, especially to protect your squad from foes that prefer to put a gun in front of their face.

Bastion and Nemesis Class

The Adept has two available class upgrades later in the game. You can make some significant improvements for his biotics, offense, and defense, depending on which one you choose. The Bastion class is focused on his defense, where you can shorten the recharge time of his biotics; it comes in handy for his Shield Boost and Barrier. Even more helpful is a mastery bonus on Barrier, so the duration and strength of his shields increase by 25%, and will regenerate 40 shields per second.

The Nemesis class is about his offense. The more talent points you add for this class, the longer and stronger your biotics will become. Also available are two mastery bonuses for Lift and Warp. Lift Mastery improves the radius by 4 meters, while Warp Mastery improves the radius by 2 meters and the damage per second by 25%. If you can get both of them, you will do well against a crowd of enemies.

Pair Up With Garrus Or Tali

Since the Adept can only use biotics, it’s best to bring along someone with tech skills to help you unlock the security doors and crates, repair the Mako, and heal his squad. The Adept is not considered a class with firepower, so someone like Garrus is a very good choice. He has Electronics and is excellent in both close and long range combat, thanks to his training skills with the assault rifles and sniper. Tali is another good option, since she is a tech-based user. If you go with her however, it’s best to bring along a soldier-like character like Ashley and Wrex.

Use Biotics For Teamwork

The Adept’s biotics are basically support-based, even if some deal damage like Warp, Lift, and Throw. It’s possible to kill weak enemies with these talents, but stronger Geths, Krogans, Humans, and Asaris are best to eliminate by using teamwork. Besides dealing damage, biotics can reduce enemy defense, lock down their weapons temporarily, and leave them vulnerable for teammates to deal lots of damage.

Opportunities For A Better Defense

The Adept’s defense is quite shoddy because he’s limited to light armor. With no tech talents either, he has no First Aid and Medicine. His Medi-gel is weak, unless you have Garrus, Liara, or Tali excel in First Aid. The good news is this game provides plenty of room to improve the defense in other ways; some will have more significance than others. These are some opportunities to improve your defense, shields, and health: the Bastion class, teammates with First Aid, excellent light armor and upgrades, Shield Boost and Barrier, and Medi-gel. Most of these options are not automatic, so you will have to work at them to get the best experience. For example, even if you have Shield Boost, Barrier, and Medi-gel, unless you make an effort to improve their qualities, they will be weak in the long run.

What Should The Adept Be?

The Adept’s goal should be to master crowd control. At the same time he’s setting up situations for his squad, to protect them from harm and to provide them opportunity to fire their weapons efficiently, his pistols can bring some damage too. The Adept can be quite useful in the game, as long as you do what is necessary to make him effective.

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