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Lord of the Rings Online: Hunter Class Guide – Pt 8 Skills and Abilities for 30+

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The eighth part of this Hunter class guide will go through the different skills and abilities that your Hunter will gain as they near the top level in the game.

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    Skills and Abilities from Level 30-40

    To help in your hand to hand combat skills, at level twenty, you can learn to Dual Wield so you can attack a target at close range with two weapons instead of one. This does more damage and increases your melee output by over double. To add to your tracking skills after you hit level twenty, you will gain many great tracking skills. One is Passage of Foes, which will help you track humanoid creatures, both enemies and friendly targets.

    As for your buffs, well, you will gain some new ones as well that will make you a great asset to a group or just while you are soloing. Desperate Flight is one that you gain at level twenty that will allow you to flee from danger and head to the nearest rally point. This buff does require travel rations, so make sure that you start carrying them after level twenty so you will be able to use this skill if needed. You will also learn Guide to Thorin's Hall at level twenty-six, which is basically a teleport for you and your group to Thorin's Hall.

    Some of the miscellaneous and passive skills that you will learn after level twenty include the ability to make a Bright Campfire. This will give more morale and other benefits higher than just a normal campfire. You will also learn Beneath Notice at level twenty-six, which reduces your Threat by 60% to nearby mobs.

    Once you reach level 30, you gain the ability to use Light Oil on your arrows that will allow you to deal more Light damage over time to a mob. This is another passive skill, such as with Fire Oil, that you will have to learn from the hunter trainer and another oil that you will have to purchase, or learn to make. When you add this to your arrows, you will find that the damage that they deal increases greatly and will help you stop mobs before the reach you.

    At level thirty, your use of multi traps increases from two to three, which allows you a better form of crowd control when you are in a group or soloing multiple mobs. You also gain the tracking skill called Passage of Shadow, which will allow you to track evil things. With your buffs, you gain the Guide to Bree, which allows you to teleport you and your group to West Bree. You also learn Guide to Esteldin, which teleports you and your group to Esteldin.