Hunter Class Professions in Lord of the Rings Online – Hunter Class Guide – Part Three – Professions

Ready, set, work?

Just like in most of the other MMO/MMORPG games on the market today, there are several professions in LOTRO that you can choose from. LOTRO is different in the fact that you don’t choose single professions, instead, you choose a vocation that is compromised of three different professions. Now, some are better suited to certain classes, as they will provide great items that you would otherwise have to pay for for your toon. Since the professions are all in groups of three, there is one gathering skill in each one and two crafting skills that all work together. Of course, the game creators don’t want you to be able to make everything for yourself – so key elements for items that you want to make you won’t be able to gather and you’ll have to buy them from other players. But, this keeps the economy in the game strong – which is good. You do need to know a bit about the professions before you choose one, so this section will give you a basic run down of the sets of professions and the next section will go through them in more detail.

There are seven professions that you can choose from:

Armorer – which includes prospector (mining), metalsmith (blacksmithing), and tailoring.

Armsman – which includes prospector, weaponsmith, and woodworker.

Explorer – which includes forester (wood gatherer), prospector, and tailor.

Historian – which includes farmer, scholar, and weaponsmith.

Tinker – which includes prospector, jeweller, and cook.

Woodsman – which includes forester, farmer, and woodworker.

Yeoman – which includes farmer, tailor, and cook.

But LOTRO is like other games in that the professions are either crafting or gathering and each one can make you money – especially the gathering professions. Since other professions will need the items that you can gather as well to make their items, you will be able to make more money with gathering than you will with your crafting, at least at first.

As you level your crafting skills higher, you will be able to make items that other players need to craft their items too, and this will make you money for your Hunter toon as well. Of course, it is a bit hard to choose which ones might be right for you and your Hunter, so in the next section of this series, we will go through each different profession set in a bit more detail so that you can easily see which one might be the best for you and make you the most money as a Hunter.

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