How To Play A Hunter In Lord of the Rings Online - Hunter Class Guide – Part One Basics

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The Basics…

All MMO gamers have a special preference when they start out in a new MMO game. For some, they are damage dealing tanks, for others they are Healers or casters, and for others – they are the Hunters. In this part of my Lord of the Rings Online series, I’ll give you an overview of the Hunter class in the game and what you can expect from the rest of my series that will help you level and be the best Hunter around.

When it comes to playing the Hunter class in any MMO game, there are similarities and there are differences. The Hunter class in the Lord of the Rings Online is different than other Hunter classes in other MMO games, such as World of Warcraft, as they don’t have access to pets like others do. But for those who love to hit targets from a range and take them down fast – then the Hunter class in Lord of the Rings Online is for you. The Hunter class in LOTRO is a very smart class and has the use of traps at their disposal to use against enemies to help them get the upper hand. By combining this skill along with their bow, Hunters are one of the deadliest classes in the whole game – if played right.

I have seen the good, and the bad, when it comes to playing this class in game, and I’m here to tell you – it is actually really easy to learn to play the Hunter class so that you rule the zone. As long as you keep in mind that this class is not like other Hunter classes on other MMO/MMORPG games in most ways, then you can learn how to play the class well.

So, to help you, here is what all this series will show you: the basics of a Hunter class in LOTRO, the best ways to make money for your Hunter (and other classes), the best skills, attributes, and talents that Hunters enjoy, how to earn deeds for your Hunter, and, of course, what weapons and armor are the best for you to choose. Pretty much, I’m going to tell you all that you need to know about the class to make you great.

Now, lets start with some of the basics of the Hunter. Just like in other MMO games, the main thing that makes the Hunter class so great is it’s agility. A Hunter’s agility will directly relate to the damage that you do with your weapons and how quickly you can dodge attacks from enemies. (If you are familiar with the Hunter class in World of Warcraft at all, this will be easy for you to understand.) This doesn’t mean that agility is the Hunter’s only good ability though, their stamina will also be a huge plus to you as well. But, in the game there are several different races that can play the Hunter class and each one has different abilities that will affect how you play.

In the next part to this series, we’ll go through all of the different races and how the stats for the Hunter class change according to each race.

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