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The Most Important Deeds and Traits for Your Hunter in LOTRO

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The fifth part of this Hunter class guide will go through the different deeds and traits that your character can earn throughout your play.

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    During your play in LOTRO, you will earn deeds for quests, killing certain numbers of mobs, and much more. There are over 450 deeds in the game, and you will start earning them even at level 1. While some are just for fun, such as the Deed: Adorable which makes you cuddly to other players, others will add additional hit points, lower threat levels, and hype up your attributes to help and enhance your play.

    Your toon will gain traits, titles, and deeds in the game by doing different activities. Titles really have no effect on your game play. They are really only a way to further customize your toon and add additional names to your character. While some titles are really common and just about anyone can get them, others are not and can be very hard to get.

    When you start out in LOTRO, you will have a special title that will tell where you came from. You will start earning other titles as soon as you start moving, and the more quests, deeds, and professions that you master, the more titles you will receive. You can only have one active title at a time, so you should choose wisely. Here are a few examples of titles that you can have:

    “Yourtoonsname" of Gondor (one of the starting areas)

    “Yourtoonsname", Spider-Foe (this title is received by killing 30+ spiders in the Bree-lands)

    “Yourtoonsname", Pie-Eating Champion (this title is gained after winning a pie eating contest)

    “Yourtoonsname", Master Woodworker (this title is gained after becoming a master woodworker.

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    Traits are another item that you can earn through deeds, quests, and game play in LOTRO. Each toon will have the ability to equip traits that they earn and these traits can help to give you a ton of different abilities or bonuses. As long as you have enough trait slots, you can equip as many traits as you want. With each level, your trait slots will increase in areas like virtue, class, and racial. Here is a small breakdown of what each type of trait does and how you gain them:

    Virtue traits are really common among each of the races and classes. These can be earned by completing goals, quests, and other activities in any specific area. These usually improve your statistics, morale, power, or resistances.

    Class traits are only given to specific classes of players, like hunters. These are usually earned by using your specific class skills or powers enough, meeting certain conditions enough, or performing special quests.

    Racial traits are only given to specific races, and usually offer special abilities that no other race has.

    Legendary traits are those are are really rare and require higher levels to obtain. These are obtained by collecting class-specific books and pages that drop from mobs or by doing special level 45 class quests.

    So, you can earn a ton of different deeds and traits that will further customize your toon and help to enhance your hunter just how you want it to be – no matter what your playing style is!

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