Racial Abilities For Hunter Classes in Lord of the Rings Online - Hunter Class Guide – Part Two - Racial Abilities

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A wide range of abilities

When it comes to racial abilities for the Hunter class, agility and stamina are the two main areas that a Hunter will rely on. And, due to this, the Elves in Lord of the Rings Online make some of the best Hunters in the game. Also, when it comes to racial abilities, the Elves gain a great trait at level 20 that will help the Hunter class even more by giving a great boost to the damage that their bow does to enemies.

Now – I am in no way saying that the other classes don’t make good Hunters. I know that they do, I play them. But, overall, the Elves are the better suited for Hunters because of their natural racial abilities as well as the fact that they have a lower hit point rate and lower regeneration rate in combat, so they are more suited for ranged combat instead of your main tank. For those who love to solo, then you may reconsider playing and Elf, for those reasons as well. The Human and the Hobbit Hunters have a much higher hit point rate and can regenerate in combat much faster, and better, than an Elf can. Or, if you really want a stout Hunter, choose a Dwarf, but keep in mind that their ranged combat won’t be as good as the other races.

When you are choosing which race to play as a Hunter, there is no best or worst. Every gamer has their own style of gaming and you should take the time to check out all the different abilities and traits that each race has to offer before you choose.

There are good points and bad points to any race when you are choosing a hunter toon. This does not mean that one is the “best” and another is the “worst”. Each player has their own gaming style and each race fits a different gaming style. You should compare the different traits and abilities of each race before you choose your race for your hunter toon so you get the best possible match for your gaming style.

Most of the new players to LOTRO will choose an Elf of Human for their Hunter without really thinking it though because those are the two that are prevalent in the movies and they assume that in the game, those two will also be the best in this role. In some instances this is true, but for those who love to solo, the Dwarf will stand a better chance of staying alive when they are jumped by multiple mobs. The Hobbit class also has a pretty high hit point rate, so this is also another great one to choose for those who love to solo a game for the most part.

You also want to do your research on the race that you choose for your Hunter toon and see which racial abilities are the lowest so that you can start to build up those attributes when you can. As you level you will be able to add items to yourself that will enhance these lower attributes.

In the next part of this series, we will talk about some ways that you can make money for your Hunter toon in game.

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