L.A. Noire Guide - The Set Up

L.A. Noire Guide - The Set Up
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Chasing Hammond

Approach the locker room to start the cutscene.

Start by looking at Hammond’s locker. Look at the notepad to note the telephone number, then look at the newspaper on the table. Go back out to meet a new friend. It seems like the mob had some money riding on it. We’ll have to deal with that later though. Use the telephone by the exit to trace the telephone number on the notepad. You’ll get an address for the Hotel El Mar. It looks like we at least have a lead.

Drive to the hotel and walk inside. Talk to the man at the desk to pull up the list of names. All of the names are fake, but we’re looking for the one name that’s not like the others. Winston Churchill should be sufficiently British for Hammond’s alias. Pick it out and then go up to room 207.

Look on the dresser. Note the torn movie stub and the chocolates. Then look in the turned over trash can for the Western Union slip. Look in the ashtray by the bed to confirm that he had a woman over. Once that’s done, check the coupon entry in the bottom right to get a new name and address to go off of. Look at the note on the other end table to confirm Albert’s own bets. Seems like we know what those numbers in the locker were for now. There’s nothing else that we can do here, so go back to your car and get ready for a trip.

Take the short drive over to find Candy at the Aleve Motel.

Meeting Candy

Saving Candy Edwards at the Aleve Motel

Once you make it to the Aleve Motel, you can talk to the receptionist, then take the stairs up to Candy’s room. Win the fistfight (you should know how to do this by now), then inspect Carlo’s body. Check the left pocket for his list of bookmakers, and the right to find his switchblade. Check the suitcase, then look at the bus ticket on the dresser and the postcard next to it.

Candy Edwards will wake up once that’s done. It’s time to ask her a few questions. She’s got a lot to hide, so call her out a lot. She’s lying about not knowing where Hammond was. Use the magazine coupon with her name on it as your evidence. She’s lying about knowing the bookmakers. Show her the set of bookmakers' odds that you confiscated. Finally, you don’t have any evidence to prove that she’s planning to leave town, so just doubt her on that.

Tailing Candy

Tailing Candy

Start by picking up the newspaper on the bench. That will let you stay hidden as she walks past. She’ll turn around at the end of the parking lot, so get behind a car and wait for her to reach the side walk. Stick close to the fence in case you need to hide, then run up to the shoe shine stand and let her get a fair distance away from you.

If you stick about a block away, then she shouldn’t ever look back. Wait for her to cross the street and enter the neighborhood. You can then just move from cover to cover and you’ll be fine. Once you hit the dumpster, you’ll get a checkpoint. Then just run from point to point, using corners, cars and cover until you see her go down the alley. Then just follow her around to the bookmaker.

Go inside to learn about the note she took. Then just go to the telephone and shade in the notepad on it to reveal the address of the Examiner Drugstore.

Take the trip over to it and then go inside to find that she was there too. Look at the card to get the cab company, then use the phone to put a trace out on her cab. Mervin will also give you the address for Ray’s. Drive over to Ray’s to catch her as she leaves in the cab.

Tail the cab as usual, until it goes to the bus depot. If you can avoid hitting anything and stay about a block or so behind it, you’ll be fine. Wait for her to enter the depot, and then move inside yourself. Take a seat with the newspaper, and just watch her until she goes into the bathroom. Walk toward the bathroom, and then kick the door in when you hear the shot. It seems like things went in an unexpected turn.

Once you regain control, just look at the ground. Pick up the revolver and pop open the chamber to confirm that one shot was fired. Then open the handbag to get the other half of the ticket and the only lead you have left.

Egyptian Theatre

Killing Carlo in the Egyptian Theatre

Drive over to the old movie theater, and then walk inside. Follow the voices to get inside the main room with Carlo and Albert. Once the scene ends, you’ll find yourself in a bit of an impromptu gunfight. Pop a round into Carlo to make him retreat, then pick off his two men on the ground level. The seats should provide fine cover. Move around and take cover in front, then hit him again when stands up in the balcony. One of the men on the floor may run to the balcony if you don’t get him in time. If so, just hit him from the side.

Take the stairs up, but primarily stick close to Roy. You don’t want to get caught by yourself. If you can make it to the balcony, you should be able to swing around and gun down Carlo on the ground floor, or catch him as he runs between the positions. Once he’s dead, you can just enjoy the cutscene and close out the case.


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