L.A. Noire Walkthrough - Manifest Destiny

L.A. Noire Walkthrough - Manifest Destiny
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The Club 111 Shooting

Check the body at A to note Bowe’s wounds. There’s nothing more to inspect, so just move on.

Check the suitcase at B for the big clue. Take each of the three button things out, and then put them back in. That will make the secret compartment pop out. Look at the Blue Room ticket and the syringe, then close it up.

Check Biddleson’s body at C. Check his left pocket for morphine to confirm the connection.

Go into the back room and look at all the Valor Cigarettes, and then look at the BAR rifles on the rack. I don’t think there could be more of a clear tie to the robbery. That’s it for evidence, so walk back to the front and talk to the hostess. Doubt her story about the shooting incident, but believe her story about McGoldrick. She doesn’t have a reason to lie about that.

With that, we’ll be finished with Club 111.

The Blue Room

Elsa Lichtman

Right now, our only lead is our old friend at The Blue Room. Drive over to it and go inside to talk to Miss Lichtman. Doubt everything that she says. She’ll be lying about the surplus morphine and her knowledge of the victims, but you don’t have any evidence. Once you’re done, follow her outside and then tail her cab.

Just go about a block or so behind her until you reach her apartment. You’ll automatically go up, make a horrible decision and arrive at teh Mocambo in the morning.

Mocambo Club

Just walk inside and talk to Mickey Cohen at his table. Once again, he’s a liar, but you don’t have the evidence. Doubt his story about his involvement with the Finklestein operation and the Club 111 shooting. You’ll get a little information, and then need to head back to the station for a parallel lead.

The Station

Head back to the station to find out who’s working the robbery. Go into the squad room to find him and then get a look at the manifest.

Point out the stolen BARs, the Valors and the morphine on the list, along with the Thompson guns. Once you finish the discussion, you’ll get the note about the bus shooting. Mark it on your notebook and then hit the siren and get to it.

The Bus Shooting

Stopping the Bus Shooting and Saving Felix Alvaro

With the siren on, you should reach it quickly. Take a quick look at the situation. There’s a gunner on the roof, and he’s got a massive killing field set up in front of him. That means that you really don’t want to attack from the front. Go around back and look for the ladder up to the building. Go up the fire escape, and then take cover by the wall. Wait for him to fire a few shots and duck back behind cover, then pop out and wait for him. Shoot him a few times when he comes back out to end it.

Check his left pocket to get the hit note, then check the BAR by his body. Confirm the serial number as one of the missing guns and then get ready for a very quick interview with an old friend, Felix Alvaro. He’s got a lot to hide, so be very skeptical. Doubt his story about the Coolridge heist, and call him a liar when he says that they have no motive. Use the hit note in the pocketbook as your proof.

Use the gamewell to call in some traces on your old friends.

Jack Kelso

It’s just a short trip to Kelso’s new apartment. You’ll pick him up on the street, so no need to check the numbers. Once you bring him back to the station, talk to him. Doubt his tale of the stolen surplus morphine and the robbery. He’s actually telling the truth about McGoldrick and the BARs though.

Robert’s Diner

The Hitmen at Robert’s Diner

Well, it’s time to move in and try to stop the hits. Robert’s Diner is as good of a place to start as any. Drive up to the diner to see that you’re just a bit too late. This will turn into a chase quite quickly. Chase them down, watch for counter fire and then wait until they’re forced into the dead end by backup. It shouldn’t take long to box them in. You can then just jump out, take cover on the corner and shoot them down.

Look in the first shooter’s left pocket for the time of Sheldon’s meeting. Check the right pocket to see that they turned their copy of the manifest into a hit list. We’ve got a lot of places to check, it looks like.

There’s a newspaper behind him with the story on Stoker’s leak. You’ll definitely want to see this one though.

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

It’s fairly close to the last shooting, so just tag it and go. You’ll be too late for this one too. Once again, chase down the car and take them out. Be very careful at the narrow start. Once you make it to the open road you shouldn’t have any trouble taking them out with either gunfire or a push into a tree.

Hollywood Post Office

This one is also fairly easy to mark and run down. The firefight will have already started when you get there. Move up to the benches

Shootout at the Post Office

and pick off two of the shooters by the doors. Once they’re down, you can charge in with the surviving officers and use the counter for cover to take out the last two.

Examine the man bleeding to death on the floor, and listen to his last words. You can take the card out of his right hand to note their connection to the Polar Bear Ice Company. Follow the blood trail to the other body. Check his right pocket for the address for Sheldon’s meeting.

The Meeting Place

Ambush at the Meeting Place

After the cutscene, run in to trigger the next ambush. Gun down the first three in the open quickly, then hit the one on the roof. Grab one of the thug’s guns and then turn the corner. Kill the guy on the fire escape, then take out both of the guys driving down the alley. The rest should run.

Pop the first guy as he tries to climb the fire escape, then run up to the rooftop where the last 2 want to make their stand. Use a corner for cover and kill the man on top, then the other on the corner.

Once it’s done, you’ll have a new interview to do and a case to wrap up. Drive back to the station.

Sheldon Courtney

Walk into the police station and head for the interview room to talk to Sheldon Courtney and wrap up the case. Naturally, he’s lying about everything. Call out his lie about the 6th marines being targeted by showing him the note about the planned meeting. For the Coolridge robbery, use Beckett’s dying confession to challenge him. It won’t really matter though. It looks like you got outgamed for this one. Watch the cutscene and then get ready for a bit of a demotion.


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