L.A. Noire Guide - A Walk in Elysian Fields

L.A. Noire Guide - A Walk in Elysian Fields
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The Crime Scene

This is another fairly standard start to the case. We’ve got another suspicious fire. That just means that we’ve got a drive ahead of us. Drive over to the marked scene and walk up to the burned ruins of the house.

Once you’re there, follow Carruthers in to spot the bodies, and talk to Lynch and receive his analysis of the fire. Look at the bodies, and then look at the family photograph at B. Biggs will not be able to take it, and he’ll run outside. Follow him out and talk to him to calm him down and open up the rest of the crime scene for your analysis.

When you regain control, go over to C outside and look at the water heater, then find the newspaper on the right side of the yard.

Jump over the wall and talk to the neighbor, Dudley Forman to get the rest of your clues. He’s surprisingly dishonest. You’ll need to doubt his witness report and his story about the planned demolitions. He’s covering up his possible motive for the fire. He will tell the truth about the promotional contest though.

He should note a slightly suspicious person hanging around, so walk to the tree in the front of his yard. It’s right next to the sidewalk. Spot the footprints and the pacing, then look at the cigarette butts. Confirm the brand too. They’re Calderon.

Go back to Dudley and ask him about any suspicious activity that he may have noticed. Doubt his reply to get him to open up a little bit more about the case.

At this point, you should receive Biggs' findings. It seems that the arsonist left an orgami crane in the front. Unfold it to reveal an advertisement for Elysian Fields Developments. Once the neighbor brings out his copy of the flyer, you’ll note that the crane is made out of the same one.

That’s it for the crime scene. Use the gamewell at the block to get an address for the Elysian Fields Office. We’ll need that in a bit. We need to visit their other development for the time being though.

Rancho Escondido

The Fight at Rancho Escondido

When you arrive, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a fistfight. Just join in and pair up. Do a few quick blocks and roll your first opponent. If Herschel or the other officier needs help, then get a few free shots in to speed things up. Once the fight is over, you will be able to examine the fire scene.

Move over to the left side of the house and look at the bricks in the wall. You should be able to spot a loose brick and pull it out. Brush the cement off and you’ll pick up a note that they apparently used a very poor quality mortar.

It’s time to go to the field office.

Elysian Fields Developments

Interviewing Leland Monroe at Elysian Fields Developments

Just drive over to the nice office and talk to the receptionist to get waved through to the second level. Talk to the next secretary outside of his office. You’ll eventually get inside, so just watch the scene. You’ll be able to interview Leland Monroe once you’re inside.

Talk to him about his possible link to the arson. He’s lying, so doubt him. When you ask about the promotional contest, call him out on the lie and use the flyers that you collected. He’s also lying about Rancho Escondido. Use the poor quality mortar as your evidence. Doubt his story about the local land acquisitions to finish up the interview and get the list that you need.

Once you leave, look at the list on the secretary’s desk, and see our old friend on the list. Point to Herbert Chapman’s name to highlight him.

There’s a phone in a side room on the first floor, which you can use to put out an APB on him.

You’ll see a few cutscenes before the morning comes and you get a call.

Catching Chapman

Chasing the Street Car

Go to Chapman’s apartment first. You can look in the trunk of his car and find the mosquito coils, the ammo and the flyers. Note everything and add it to evidence. Things will go a bit rough though, so it’s time for a chase. We’ve got to run down a trolley this time though.

For the start of the chase, just follow the street car. You can tap it a few times. For the most part just hang behind it until Herschel leans out the window to start firing. This is actually the same as any other chase, except at least the car is on a set path. As long as you don’t get in its way, you’ll be fine. Hit it on the back left to damage the siding and expose the wheels, and then just stick close to the left side and let him shoot out one of the wheels to make the train flip around.

Jump out and draw your gun. Herbert will try to go down fighting, so just shoot him a few times to bring it all to an end.


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