L.A Noire Walkthrough - The Gas Man

L.A Noire Walkthrough - The Gas Man
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The Steffens' House

This is a fairly standard start, except you have two crime scenes to visit. It’s a good idea to start out at the Steffens' House. Just drive over to the marked house, and walk up to talk to the grieving family. When you talk to them, Don Steffens will hand over the travel ticket, and you’ll get the address for Gulliver’s Travel Agency. You need to do a quick check though.

Start by asking him about the travel competition. He’s telling the truth about that. He’ll lie about his resistance to the suburban development plans though, so doubt him.

The only clue at this crime scene is a burned Instaheat water heater off to the left side of the house. Open it up to see who last serviced it.

Run down the street to use the gamewell to get information on the Suburban Redevelopment Fund too.

Sawyer House Fire

The Blue Valve at the Sawyer House Fire

Go past the line to talk to Carruthers and inspect the bodies. Once you talk to your partner outside and regain your composure, walk a bit to the right of the entrance to find a blue regulator valve. Turn it over to see the label on it. You’ll then get an update from the neighbor, and a clue to a possible suspect. Chase down Herbert Chapman once the fireman points him out. Just stick close and either tackle him or wait for him to ambush you around the corner. You should have a good handle on these.

Once you grab him, check his pockets and look at the cigarette in the matchbox. Put it away after you note it into evidence. For now, there’s nothing else to do at the scenes.

Gulliver’s Travel Agency

This is just a quick rundown of a witness. Walk inside the agency and then talk to John Cunningham inside. Confirm both the Steffens and Sawyer wins in the ledger, then move on to the interview. He’s telling the truth about the suburban redevelopment fund, but he’s lying about the promotion. Doubt him to get the truth.

The Suburban Redevelopment Fund

Let’s run down the lead at Suburban Redevelopment now. Drive over to the address to find that it’s just the field office for the Elysian Housing Development. If you want, you can walk inside to find a note from Leland Monroe, but there isn’t much we can do here.

Station No. 32

Station No. 32 Puzzle - The Chemistry Puzzle

We need to meet up with the Fire Chief at this point, so drive over to the station and walk inside. We need to solve his little demonstration to figure out the method of attack.

Start by putting the regulator in the middle of the three. The balloon needs to be to the right, next to the coil, and the burner needs to be to the left. Once it’s in place, go all the way to the left to turn the lever and trigger the explosion.

We now understand the flaw.

The Instaheat Factory

The Lockers at the Instaheat Factory

We’ve got a good lead at the moment, so it’s time to go to the factory. Drive over to it and walk inside. Look at the display as you walk in to note the new and improved model. You can then talk to the receptionist to be directed to the manager’s office. Go down the hall and into the office.

It’s time to talk to Rasic. You’ll show him the regulator valve at the start and he’ll confirm that it has been tampered with. For the real interview, doubt his defense of the Model 70. For service history, call him out on the lie and show him either of the service records that you’ve retrieved. After that, he’ll hand over the list of installers.

Get up and use the telephone in the side of the room to run a cross reference of the names. You’ll get a few new leads after the names are checked. Talk to Rasic again to get addresses for all three of the leads.

We’re not done here just yet though. Walk back with Rasic to the lockers. Start with Clemens' locker on the left to get an anarchist paper. Follow the line to Ryan’s locker to find a whole bunch of pamphlets inside. You can then check Varley’s at the end to find a mosquito coil. Open the box to see it and add it to evidence

As you leave, you’ll get a new cutscene and a few places to search.

The Worksites

Ryan’s Car Chase

Clemens' Worksite

This is the easy one. Just drive over and then talk to him. Doubt his denial of knowing Varley well, and doubt his employment history with Instaheat. He’s outright lying about Ryan, so use the pamphlet that you found in the locker to confront him.

This is a dead end, so move on to the next.

Varley’s Worksite

We’re going to have to chase him down. You can gain some ground by cutting to the left of the house. If you can, fire a warning shot here. He’ll run straight ahead over open ground, so it should be easy. Just keep the cursor over him until the circle fills. If you can’t get him here, there’s a nice stretch where he runs across the road in a straight line where it should also be easy.

Ryan’s Worksite

This one is a car chase, and it’s through a lot of backyards. Just focus on avoiding the civilians at the start until he makes it to the open road, then just catch up to him and then shoot out his tires. You should be able to flip him, or send him into a parked car or tram.

Closing the Case

Matthew Ryan

I suggest that you start out with Matthew Ryan. Claim that he’s lying about his anarchist tendencies. Use all the anarchist literature that you found as proof. When you ask about the Model 70, claim he’s lying too. Use Rasic’s statement about how easy it was to replace. Doubt his role with the Suburban Redevelopment Fund too. To close things up, ask about the attempted murder charge. This is a weird one. Lie should work, if you use Ryan’s criminal record as your evidence. But apparently doubt can work too, if you’ve already used an intuition point. It worked that way for me, so it’s a little weird.

Once you’re done, leave the room and go talk to Reginald Varley. Call him out on his lie about not working at the Sawyer Residence. Use the service records that you recovered. He’s also lying about his role with the suburban redevelopment fund. Use Ryan’s statement as your evidence. Also claim that he’s lying about sabotaging the Instaheat Model 70. Use the mosquito coils that you found.

You then have a chocie of who to charge. As usual, you want the politcally expedient one, so charge Ryan to guarantee your score.


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