L.A. Noire Walkthrough - The Quarter Moon Murders

L.A. Noire Walkthrough - The Quarter Moon Murders
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Pershing Square

It’s time to go after the real killer for once. Start by examining the letter, then the book of poems and then the new poem. Phelps will figure the first clue out by himself, so just head to the marked location at Pershing Square.

Climb the fountain to grab the second excerpt from below the cherubs and view Elizabeth Short’s social security card.

If you go over the landmarks, the “overgrown cave” motif is used to describe the artwork in the Hall of Records. It’s just to the north of Central Police Station. Mark it on the map to update your objective, and then drive over to it.

The Overgrown Cave

The Chandelier in the Hall of Records

Go inside to get the video that shows the note lying on top of the chandelier. Talk to the guard at the desk, and then follow Galloway up the steps and around to the maintenance access. You’ll need to climb up, and then tightrope across it. You get two free falls, if you need them. Just move slowly, and focus on balancing. Note that adjustments need to be hard shifts to the left or right. You also shouldn’t lose your balance as much if you go slowly. Once you make it across, examine the watch from the Moller case and the third excerpt of the poem. You’ll need to swing the chandelier to get off of it before it crashes. Just go back and forth at the apex of each swing to get it over to the side so that Phelps can jump.

From the Temples High

The Top of the Library

From the temples high is how they describe the LA Public Library in the note for it, so that’s our next stop. It’s just a bit to the left and down from where we are at the Hall of Records. Just drive over (or launch yourself over a dividing wall like I did) and then climb the drain pipe that Galloway points out. Move up the scaffolds, then climb the ladder. There’s a short board you’ll need to tightrope across again. Just do what you did before. Follow the scaffolds and drain pipes up, along with a few ladders that’ll take you to a long board. Carefully go across it, and drop down the ladder. Go down the scaffolds and you should find a ladder with some stairs that lead to the top of the tower.

Go into the corner to find Antonia’s necklace and the fourth excerpt of the poem.

Trapped in Deep Darkness

The Westlakes Tar Pits Path

This one’s a bit easier. To find people trapped in a deep darkness, it looks like we’re going to the Westlakes Tar Pits. They’re on the far left side of this district. Drive up to automatically put on your waders and try to find a path. It’s just one long snaking path. I took the left one, so just follow the platforms far to the left, then around and to the island. Look in the tar for the wood planks marking the paths and keep going until you reach the island. Then just examine the white shoe and the fifth excerpt. (oh, and Galloway apparently found a boat).

A Sphere Within a Sphere

The Maze at the L.A. County Art Museum

We’ve got a very short drive for this one. We just have to go to the L.A. County Art Museum, with its special “sphere-within-a-sphere” exhibit.

And of course, it’s a maze. Follow the signs to reach the center maze, and then enter it. It looks like the “put a hand on the wall” trick doesn’t work here, since it just kicks you back out at the start. The best I can do is mention that you need to look for the few inroads, and watch for the puddle on the ground. That should mean that you’re close. Also remember that you can angle the camera over the hedges, if you reach a boxed area, to see if the sphere is nearby.

The main landmark seems to be some grass clipping or green paint on the ground. Run past this and down the path to find the entrance to the sphere. Examine the ring to note that it’s from Celine Henry. Look at the sixth excerpt

Thrones, Kings and Failures

We need something with thrones and failures, and that sounds like the Intolerance set. Mark it and drive there. It should just be a bit to the right. It’s where you went in the “The Fallen Idol” case too.

Follow the lit path and then go through the back gate and up the stairs to reach a wobbly platform. You need to keep it balanced for now. Just try to stick to the center, and move to the left and right to keep it steady. Counter the leans with subtle movements until Galloway can get a plank and platform out, then make it lean all the way to the front left to leap off.

Go down the ladder to reach the throne. Look at the ring sitting on the throne and confirm that it’s Evelyn’s, then pick up the seventh and final excerpt.

Now it’s time to escape the rickety set. It’s just a dead straight run, so keep going until you hit the ground. Well, it mentioned a crown of thorns, and the “Christ Crown of Thorns” church is just to the south west of us. Mark it and take the short drive.

A Crown of Thorns

Chasing the Werewolf in the Catacombs

It looks like somebody’s home. Go into the church to trigger a cutscene and look around. You’ll find the real killer inside. Move forward to find that he’s already slipped into the tunnels. Go out the side door to enter the house. Go through to the left side until you find the murder room in back.

Examine the bloody tire iron on the floor, and the two bloody surgical tools on the tray. Look at the statue of Prometheus and then examine the bathtub. Go into the catacombs, and then follow the corners around to chase after Mason. Check each corner by going into cover and peeking around. He’s got a shotgun, so you need to be careful of his blind fire. Keep moving along the path until you hit a gate. Go to the left and follow the circular path around until you reach a ladder.

Climb the ladder and then quickly take cover in the doorway. This is Mason’s last stand. Pop out and put a round in his head while he’s firing to end this all.


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Due to the branching nature of the game, your experience may differ. Please feel free to note any differences you find in the comments.

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