L.A. Noire Walkthrough - The Golden Butterfly

L.A. Noire Walkthrough - The Golden Butterfly
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The Crime Scene

Drive to the scene, as usual, to find the press and your captain already waiting. Once the cutscene plays out, you’ll need to reach the crime scene.

Gonzales is first reporting again, so talk to him to get led to the body.

Look inside the victim’s handbag at marker C to find her nameplate, Deidre Moller. Take the money out too to confirm that it’s not a robbery. Go to marker B to find the shoeprints. Talk to the coroner to get more information about the murder. Then examine the body. Turn the head to the left to get a note about the strangulation mark. Examine the right hand to note another wound with a removed ring. Examine the mark on her left wrist to spot the bruise from her watch being torn off.

The officer will give you the husband’s address at this point, so head out to Moller’s Residence.

Moller Residence

As usual, we’ll take a look around first.

There’s nothing in the daughter’s room, so head into the main bedroom. Look at the boots by the window to confirm that they’re size 8. Then look on the dresser for the jewelry box. Open it up to confirm that she had a watch. Check the ring box for the missing wedding ring too. That’s all we have to check for now.

Go back and break the bad news to Michelle. You’ll have a few questions that you can ask. Doubt her story about her last contact with her mother. She’s telling the truth about the missing jewelry though. Doubt her story about the state of her parents' marriage. Once you wrap that up, her father will come home.

You should immediately talk to him. Hugo will be a bit suspicious, so watch out. When you ask about his foot size, call him out on the lie and show him the workboots. When you ask about his Alibi, call him out and cite the story from his daughter. Doubt his story regarding the missing person report. If you ask about a history of violence between him and his wife, you can call him out on the lie and use the butterfly broach as evidence. The one bit of truth will be his account of his wife’s movements.

Hugo Moller

Hugo MollerHugo Moller

Once you cover these five questions, you’ll be ready to leave.

Once you leave, you can talk to his neighbor. This is really just a stalling mechanism though. After a moment, you’ll turn and then see him back at the incinerator in his yard. Just chase him down. You should make ground quickly. Once you’re close, start hitting the context button to sprint and tackle him. You’ll automatically take him back to the yard. Look at the incinerator and turn over the boot to spot the blood.

That wraps up this section of the investigation.

The High School

The Golden Butterfly

Now it’s time to check out the high school. Just drive on over. You’ll end up in a chase as soon as you get there though. Just follow the suspect across the football field, and then gain ground in the straight areas. You should be able to tackle him. You’ll automatically bring him back to the parking lot.

You’ll search him immediately and get the butterfly brooch. So, things are getting a little bit fuzzy now. There’s nothing to ask him just yet, so take the chance to talk to the janitor. Once you hear his account of Eli Rooney’s movements, you can search the green car. Open the trunk to inspect the bloody rope, tire iron and overalls.

Go ahead back out to your car, and then head on over to the morgue to get the new report.

The Morgue

Checking the Rope at the Morgue

This is a really quick investigation of the corner’s evidence.

Check the samples on the bench to compare the rope types for the marks. The correct one is the one on the bottom.

Look at the shoeprints on the stand too to note that they’re size 8’s. Examine the body too to finish things up.

The Interrogations

The Dual Interrogations in Golden Butterfly

Go back to the police station to interview both men. It doesn’t matter who you start out with, so pick whoever you wish.

Eli Rooney is as good of a place to start as any. You can start out by doubting his story for his place of employment. You can also doubt his story of where he got the stolen jewelry and his shoe size.

Walk back out and talk to Hugo Moller in the other interrogation room.

He’s telling the truth about his reasons for disposing of the evidence. Doubt his story about his access to rope. He’s lying about the tire iron and the victim’s car. Use the tire iron and the bloody overalls as your evidence.

After that, you just have to make a call about who you want to charge with the murder. The politically useful option is to charge Eli, but it’s basically just your choice. Note that if you care about your star rating, you’ll want to pick Eli to guarantee a 5-star rating.


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