L.A. Noire Walkthrough - The Studio Secretary Murder

L.A. Noire Walkthrough - The Studio Secretary Murder
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The Crime Scene

Just as the captain asks, we really need to start out at the pawn broker’s for a quick investigation. Just drive over to it and walk inside and talk to the owner.

Look at the ring to note that it’s from Hartfield’s. The other just has a quality mark. This isn’t a good sign, but there isn’t anything that we can actually do about it at this moment. Leave and drive over to the Freight Depot to meet up with the responding officer. Follow the cop car to the scene to start the new case.

Start with the tarp. Look at the matches to get a bar, Mensch’s bar. Look at the receipt to get a name, Evelyn Summers. Open the handbag and read the letter inside, and then the Keystone Film Company pass.

Talk to Carruthers and then examine the body. Turn the head to the right to pick up the smell of alcohol. Check her left arm for a missing ring too. Once that’s done, we’ll need to speak to the first of the men that found her.

Start with John Jamison. If you talk to him, you’ll get the lipstick that he used. He’s actually telling the truth about the evidence interference. Doubt his story of the discovery though. Once Galloway’s done with him, you’ll want to talk to the other worker to get the rest of the story.

Use the gamewell in the back to get an address for Levine’s Liquor

Levine’s Liquor

Levine’s Liquor

Talk to the owner and then follow him back to find her makeshift bedroom. Check the bed in back. Pick up the Aristotle book and read the name on the inside, Grosvenor McCaffrey. Look at the bowling pin in back too, for Rawling’s Bowling Alley to show up. You can also look at her nameplate and her award.

Once that’s done, talk to Robbins. He’s one of the few truthful people you’ll meet late in the game. He’s telling the truth about his last contact and relationship with the victim. Doubt what he has to say about McCaffrey though.

That’s all that we need to do for now though. Move on over to Mensch’s Bar.

Mensch’s Bar

McCaffrey at Mensch’s Bar

Walk inside and look around to find McCaffrey. He’s reading a book near the bartender. Just talk to him to start up the new interview. Doubt his claim to having no criminal history. He’ll also lie about his relationship with Evelyn. Use the book with the inscription to get a bit more information about what happened.

After this, you’ll need to return to Central Station.

Go back downstairs to the tech area to meet up with Carruthers, Leary and Pinky. You’ll get an update on the case at large and a little more foreshadowing of what’s to come.

While you’re here, use a phone to get an address for McCaffrey

Rawling’s Bowling Alley

As soon as you go inside and talk to the owner, Tiernan will make a run for it. Chase him out the back and jump into one of the nice cars in back. This will be an average chase for the most part, except you both have much nicer cars. Pull up along the side to shoot out his tires and bring it to a speedy end. He’ll be sent to the station afterwards.

McCaffrey’s Apartment

Before you go to the station, drive over to McCaffrey’s apartment. Find the mailbox and then head up to it.

Find the second half of Evelyn’s torn letter on his desk, and the bloody shirt and tire iron next to it.

Go up the steps and then higher up to find the pigeon coop. Then just chase him down. If you can make it off the roof in time, you should be fine. Just chase him down and gain ground until you tackle him.

The Interrogations

One Very Important Phone Call to Check McCaffrey’s Record

Now all that we need to do is sort out the case and find the true killer. Let’s start with James Tiernan. He’s lying about his relationship with the victim. Use McCaffrey’s report of when he’d last seen Evelyn. Doubt his story about the book too. He’s also lying about his alibi. Use the liquor store receipt to raise a few questions. Doubt his story about access to the murder weapon too.

We’re done with him for the second. Walk over to the other interrogation room and talk to McCaffrey.

Call his alibi a lie based on the torn letter that you found. Also claim that he’s lying about his access to tire irons. Use Tiernan’s accusation as your evidence.

Walk back out to Tiernan. Talk to him about the events prior to the murder. Call it a lie and use McCaffrey’s accusation that you just collected.

Walk back out, but stop to use the phone and ask about McCaffrey’s record in the military (now that he finally brought it up). Talk to McCaffrey again and ask about his military record. Call his story of heroism a lie and use the criminal record you just received on the phone as your evidence.

After that, you basically have all the information that you’ll have. In this case, you’ll need to charge McCaffrey to get a guaranteed five stars. So keep that in mind (I assume most people won’t have a problem with this, considering McCaffrey’s character).

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