L.A. Noire Walkthrough - The Silk Stocking Murder

L.A. Noire Walkthrough - The Silk Stocking Murder
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The Crime Scene Trail

Start by examining the body. Turn the head to note the lacerations on her neck. Look at the left hand to find the torn library card. Examine the stomach for the lipstick message, and then examine the right arm for the ring wound. Turn it with the palm out this time though.

Examine the bloody stocking at marker A. Then go to the blood trail at B. Follow the trail to the bloody hat and examine the name on the inside. Follow the blood trail to the trash can and get the shoe inside. Note the designer and then keep following the trail. Go up to the water valve and examine the key on the chain to get a room number. Keep following the trail to find the note. This code will go into evidence for later use.

Keep going along the trail, and note that it goes up the fire escape. Go to the roof and find the empty envelope. Examine it and then move on. The trail goes to a gold plated makeup kit. Examine it, and then follow the trail to the drain pipe. Examine it, and then climb up.

Examine the bloody wedding ring hanging off of the vent next to the blood trail, and then jump up the wall. Examine the bloody paintbrush, and then come to the end of the trail at the handbag. Open it and find the other half of the library card to get her address.

The Boarding House

Interviewing Barbara Lapenti

Drive to the Antonia Residence to find the boarding house. Talk to Barbara in the parlor to break the news, and then head on up to investigate. She’s in room number 5.

Look at the broken window to get a few clues at once, and then look inside her suitcase. Read the letter inside to get an address for the husband too. You can lift up the photograph in the dresser to see that Antonia had a charm bracelet too. We’ll need to watch for it.

Go back downstairs and talk to Barbara Lapenti

She’s telling the truth about the husband, so say so. She’ll lie about not knowing Antonia’s movements though, so doubt that. Ask about the break-in to get stone walled. Use the broken window as evidence to confront her about it. Ask about the marriage, and then confront her about the charm bracelet picture to learn more about the religious necklace that’s also missing. That at least gives us a good place to start. It’s time to go to the bar.

Maldonado Residence

The Fistfight at Angel’s Apartment

You know the drill. Check the mailboxes and then go on in. You’ve got a double fist fight. Just focus on your guy first. Dodge a few hits and then rack up a combo to put him down. Then you can help Galloway with his.

Investigate the apartment. Start in the kitchen and check the box on the floor from the fruit market. If you didn’t get the directions already, you can look at the matches on the counter to learn about the El Dorado bar.

Check the bloodied shirt on the wall too, examine both stains.

Start checking the doors. 302 is the main one, and you’ll get the “husband’s alibis” clue.

El Dorado Bar

The El Dorado Bar

Talk to the bartender, Diego, and then read the letter that he gives you.

When you ask him about the missing jewelry, doubt him. He’s telling the truth about her time and actions though. Go ahead and check the phone to confirm that it’s broken.

Walk out the back door to find a delivery coming in from the fruit market. You’ll automatically note the booze you found in a similar box in Angel’s apartment. You can also examine the crates in back to get the address for the fruit market, if it didn’t get added to your notebook. If you walk over to it, you’ll find that the fruit market is closed. We’ll be back later though.

Now’s a good time to check the gamewell nearby to get an update. It seems that there’s a new letter from the Dahlia killer. For now, there’s nowhere to go but the police station.

The Station

Follow Galloway downstairs to meet Pinky and Finn Brown. Read both the letter and the poem, and the hand them back. There’s nothing else that you can do for the main case now, but you do have a suspect to interrogate.

While you’re here, go to interview room 2 to talk to Angel.

Shockingly, he won’t be that helpful or honest. He’ll lie about his last visit and the divorce. Use “Husband’s alibi” and the divorce papers to call him out for these lies. Doubt his story about the blood stains on the shirt. He’s telling the truth about the jewelry though.

Since that’s in order, the last thing that we need to do is go to the market to check the story out more.

Just Picked Fruit Market

Chasing Down Clem Feeney

The fruit market should now be open. Go inside and talk to the man that we met before, Clem Feeney. For the first interview, you can doubt his story about the necklace and his last contact with the victim. He is telling the truth about her movement on that night though.

After you talk to him, you’ll need to do some quick investigating.

Open the green doors to find the secret booze storage. Check the box on the floor to match it to the one at Angel’s, then check the desk for the bloody scalpel. Look in the dresser for the wooden box with the necklace. You can open it with the code that you found earlier. Just set the dice to the numbers on the slip.

Once you’ve found all of this, he’ll try to run away. Just chase after him and let Galloway shoot out the tires to bring him down. You should have gotten fairly good at this by now. Just stick close and it should be a quick chase. This will wrap up the case.


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Due to the branching nature of the game, it’s possible that you may have had a different story. Please feel free to post any differences that you found in the comments.

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