Fallout: New Vegas - Honest Hearts Walkthrough - The Fallen Idol

Fallout: New Vegas - Honest Hearts Walkthrough - The Fallen Idol
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The Crash Site

For once we have a very short drive to the crime scene. Just go up the hill and swing around to reach the crime scene and the crash site. Walk down the side path to reach the car. There’s nothing that interesting up here, except for the witness. Move over to the car and inspect the torn underwear to get the update about the abuse. You can then read the letter in the purse to find out a bit about Jessica’s home life. Talk to the coroner afterwards, and then examine the shruken head prop until you look at it head on.

This is actually all the evidence that we have, so walk back up and talk to June Ballard.

June Ballard and Jessica Hamilton

June’s waiting by the ambulance. Note that she doesn’t say a single bit of truth, but she’s an actress, and a good liar. Doubt her story of the doping accusation. When you ask about the passenger, lie and mention the torn underwear. She’ll confess a bit more about what happened. Doubt her story of the shrunken head and doubt her relationship with Mark Bishop.

Once that’s done, you’ll get a note to look for Jessica. Jump into your car and head down to investigate, dispatch will confirm that she’s ready. It’s another fairly short drive. She’s just off in the side room from the reception area. Talk to the receptionist and then head inside.

Jessica also lies a fair bit, but she’s not as good at it. When she refuses to say anything about the events before the crash, call her out on the lie and bring up the torn underwear to get more information. When you ask for a family contact, also call it a lie and show her the letter. Doubt her story about her knowledge of Bishop too. The only thing she tells the truth about is the final question on the abuse. She legitimately doesn’t remember much, so just accept it as the truth and she’ll open up with a few more details.

That’s it for now, although you’ll see June Ballard leaving the hospital as you exit. It’s time for a quick tailing mission.

Tailing June

Tailing June at the Diner

Just stay about a block behind her car and wait for her to park at the diner. Watch for her to go inside, and then hop out and wait by the door. When she turns to the phone, slip inside and sit down at the first booth on the left with a newspaper. You’ll be able to listen in on her conversation perfectly.

Get up and get back into the car after she leaves, and then get ready to drive really fast to Bishop’s apartment to answer the domestic disturbance call. Don’t answer any other calls, put the siren on and keep the pedal to the metal and you should be fine. It seems to just look at whether you tried to rush there or not. Walk inside and talk to the receptionist to get the locaton of Bishop’s apartment. Go to the elevator and you’ll automatically take it up. Go inside the apartment to meet up with the thugs. It’s just a fist fight, so lock on to someone and give them a few quick jabs. They actually go down pretty quickly.

You’ll still need to investigate a bit though.

Bishop’s Apartment

Searching Mark Bishop’s Apartment

Start out by looking around inside the first bedroom. There’s a check for $20,000 lying on the floor. Pick it up to note it. There’s honestly not much else that’s very relevant. But they still count as clues. Look at the saddle in the main corridor and note Bishop’s work with props. The next room has a picture of an old movie set on the dresser, and a replica of the set on the counter. Examine both. You’ll also want to look at the picture of Mark Bishop and Marlon Hopgood sitting on the dresser next to Gloria.

If you want, you can also go out onto the balcony to view a far off movie set that we’ll be seeing soon.

Once this is done, you need to talk to Gloria Bishop. Once again, be ready to doubt a lot. Doubt her account of the disturbance to get more information. Her ignorance of Bishop’s location is the only thing that she’ll tell the truth about. After that, you can directly challenge her about the check. Call it a lie and use the check itself as your evidence. She’ll crack and admit to the blackmail going on. Finally, you can doubt her feigned ignorance of the abuse charges. This will get her to admit that Mark probably did it.

You can just use the telephone in the apartment to get the address for Silver Screen Props. That’s our next stop. Take the elevator back out and get into your car. It’s time to go to the prop studio.

Silver Screen Props

The Fake Wall at Silver Screen Props

Silver Screen Props starts with a simple walk into the studio. Bishop isn’t here yet, but Hopgood is. Follow him to the sound stage and then start to take a look around. Examine the mirror to reveal the hidden camera behind it, and then look on the shelf by the bed to find some spilled pills and a bottle. Hold the bottle steady to read the label and confirm that they were drugging girls back here. None of the shrunken heads back here are actually helpful, so just walk back out into the lot between the two buildings.

If you turn to the left, then you’ll find a workstation. You can read a newspaper on the table if you want. You’ll also need to examine the two shruken heads on the table. Turn them to the same position that you held the first to confirm that they’re the same, and then look to the left – It’s a fake wall!

Interviewing Hopgood

Kick it in and walk into the side alley, and then go right into the secret camera room.

Examine the pictures on the wall and general room, then look at the empty film canister on the table

Look at the other film reel on the rack next to it to get Mark’s current location. We’ve got our next stop now.

Now it’s time to just go back and talk to Hopgood. The only truth he tells is that he really doesn’t know where exactly Bishop went. When you ask about his association with Bishop, confront him with the bottle of pills to get more information. That should let you ask about his relationship with June. He’ll lie again, so confront him with the empty film canister. You can then ask about the blackmail. He’ll lie again, so just confront him with Gloria’s accusation of blackmail and you’ll get everything that you can. It seems that our good collar is going to be spoiled though. Nothing we can do about it now though. We’ve got to get to Bishop anyway.

Saving Bishop

Walk out to meet the mobsters outside. They’ll open fire as you leave. You can try to evade if you want. Personally, I suggest jumping out, grabbing a shotgun from your trunk, blasting the two in front and then using the car for cover to take out the other two. It makes this a lot easy and feels a lot cooler. Once the coast is clear, jump back into your car and drive to the Jungle Drums set.

It’ll start off as another chase though. Just chase Mark Bishop down by following him around the set and then up the scaffolding. Just make sure that you can outrun any collapses and don’t jump into any pits. One platform will crumble before you can jump on it, when you reach the top level. Just run along the path to the left to keep up with him. You’ll corner him at the end.

Fighting the Mobsters at the Set

It looks like we now have to fight our way out. Follow him down and then turn and shoot the thug on the level below you. Note that there are some explosive barrels lying around, so feel free to use those to kill people waiting in cover. Jump over and down a level to get closer to the fight. There will be a thug in front of you, so shoot him. He’s really a blessing in disguise. You need something with some range to take out the riflemen on the scaffolds, and this guy had a rifle. Grab the dead thug’s rifle and use it to pick off the riflemen one by one, then follow Bishop along further. You’ll need to pick off a few more men, then drop down the long ladder to meet back up with your partner.

Follow him over to the main yard, and get behind some cover again. If you turn and shoot the red barrels behind the elevated gunner, then you can bring down the pillar and clear the yard all at once. Follow them forward and use cover to take out the thugs again. There should just be a few of them in the open. Once you make it to the open ground, watch your fire, since some cops will be pulling up to support you. Just look to the right and finish off the last 4 to end the mission. Enjoy the cutscene and your new promotion.


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