L.A. Noire Walkthrough - The Driver's Seat

L.A. Noire Walkthrough - The Driver's Seat
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Checking the Crime Scene

This is a fairly standard case, but it’s your first real investigation. Note that you won’t get any direct help, unless you ask for it from your partner.

Begin by taking the somewhat long drive to the freight depot. You’ll automatically drive to the crime scene once you reach the gate. Walk over to the car and get ready to begin your search. Note that despite what Wilkins says, he’ll stick around for as long as you need and there’s no real rush to interrogate him.

Start by checking the trunk for the receipt. Pick it up and note the odd purchsae of a live pig. Move further up and check the inside of the car for general view, and go ahead and talk to the coroner while you have the chance. Walk up to the A marker and view the wallet. Check the picture and his ID to get an address and see his wife ahead of time. Look at the glasses too, and turn them around to see the name on them – Stenzel.

Walk over to the left for the C marker to find a bloody pipe – Examine the name, Instaheat, on it.

This is actually all the clues that are available. Move on over to Wilkins and talk to him to get more information.

You’ve got 4 questioins for him, but he mostly tells the truth. The only thing he lies about is the contents of the wallets, and just choose to doubt that. The other three are all truth. Finish up the interview and walk back to your car. It’s time to go to Adrian Black’s house.

Adrian Black’s House

Putting the Water Heater Together

Drive to the house and then knock on the door to meet Margaret Black.

You need to look for the clues first, so just take a long walk around. Go into the main bedroom and look at the dresser. Look to the bedroom on the left for Margaret’s picture, then go over to the other bedroom. Examine the glasses case to confirm that the glasses are Adrian’s. Also, look at the picture here. Note that they’re sleeping apart, and you’ll be able to open the back up to find the concealed message from Nicole. Check the train ticket in the closet too.

Look on the nightstand to find the matchbook from Cavanagh’s Bar. Open it up to add them to your notebook. You can use the phone in the hallway to get the address of Cavanagh’s Bar.

Go into the kitchen and look at the receipt and flyer from Instaheat. Flip the flyer over for a diagram and a few notes on the pipe that you found and their parts policy.

The dining room table has a newspaper on it, if you want to collect those.

Go outside and to the side of the house to find the water heater. Put the pipes into place to confirm that the long L pipe on the right side is missing, which is the one you found at the scene.

Once you’ve got all of these clues, you’ll be ready to talk to Margaret. Note that she mostly tells the truth too. She tells the truth about the pig purchase, the glasses (he did leave wearing the new glasses), the location, the bar and her alibis. The only thing she lies about is the picture in his room. Call her on the lie and then use the concealed message on the picture to confront her.

Once you’ve finished your interrogation, you can go to Cavanagh’s Bar. Just drive over and go inside.

A Quick Stop at Cavanagh’s

Interrogating Frank Morgan

Talk to the bartender, then find Frank Morgan in back. There are no clues here, just a short interrogation. Start by asking about the abandoned vehicle. Call him out on the lie, and then use the receipt as the evidence. You’ll then be able to ask where Adrian is. Doubt his answer to get the truth.

If you do this, then you’ll be able to either arrest Frank or let him leave. If you don’t do the interview right, then you’ll just have to tail him back to the apartment. As usual, stay about a block behind and you shouldn’t have any trouble tailing him.

Either way, go to the apartment and look at the mailbox to find Morgan’s address, then go up to find Adrian inside. He’ll try to make a run for it, but the chase isn’t too hard. Just stay behind him until your partner cuts him off with the car. He’ll surrender at that point automatically.


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All information is based on an attempt of a 5-star run. Due to the branching nature of the game, your experience may differ. Please feel free to add your own stories in the comments below.

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