L.A. Noire 5 Star Guide - A Marriage Made in Heaven

L.A. Noire 5 Star Guide - A Marriage Made in Heaven
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Ray’s Cafe

We’ve got a bit of a night time investigation to do for this one.

Just take the drive out to Ray’s. It shouldn’t be too long of a drive. Just take it slow, or let your partner drive you there. You’ll start out right next to the body, so let’s start with that. Examine the body. You don’t really gain anything by checking his face or his hands. The main thing is his pockets. Check the left pocket for his wallet to ID him and get an address to check. Check the right pocket for his insurance letter. It looks like someone upped his policy without his knowledge. Convenient.

Once again, the evidence at the scene is tagged for the most part. Check the C tag for the blood streak, the B tag for the blood marks and A for the tire marks. That lays the base line for the investigation. The real evidence is off to the side though. Check the trash can in the alley and pull out the bloody knife. Turn it around until you see the name on the blade and enter it into evidence.

Go into the bar to grab a newspaper too. It’s just sitting there on the counter.

Now its time to talk to the witnesses. Start with the girl outside, Shannon Perry. She’s fairly honest, but a bit misguided. She’ll tell the truth about what happened, and what the car looked like, but she’ll withhold information that she overheard in the argument. If you doubt her response, she’ll tell you everything that she heard.

Shannon Perry

Once that’s done, go inside and talk to the Bartender. He’s surprisingly dishonest. Doubt his account of the accident to get more detail, believe his response when you ask what his association is with the victim and then finally doubt his position on the argument. This will open up a new question about the business venture that they were undertaking. Doubt his position on this too to get the whole story.

Look around for a nearby phone, either in the bar or on the street, to call in the license plate check. It will be a little bit before we get a response on that, so it’s good to start now. Once you call it in, go over to the Pattison residence.

Pattison Residence

Mrs. Pattison

There’s nothing you can investigate here. Start off by doubting their account of the hit and run, and then doubt her telling of the argument too (you don’t have any actual evidence of what she said). Once that’s done, you will get a new question. Ask about the partnership and then call them out on the lie. You can use the insurance letter as proof. That’s about all that we can do now though.

Thankfully we’ve got a lead on the driver though, so let’s check that out.

Catching the Driver

Drive over to the Shelton Residence to catch him before he makes a run for it. The chase doesn’t require anything too fancy. You can take him out if you want, but all you have to do is follow him. If you want, you can get alongside of him, and either swing into his back wheels or push him into another car or a pole. If you can’t do that, then don’t worry. He’ll stop at the train station if you’re close enough and try to run inside. If you can hit the marker, you’ll jump out and stop him.

Walk just a little bit away from the station to find a phone after you turn the driver in. You’ll put a call in to the morgue to find out that things aren’t as they seem. Drive over to the Central Morgue to get an update. You don’t have to do anything here, except walk inside. If you’ve done everything that I’ve said so far, you should just get the expected update. It seems like our suspicions were right all along.

Closing the Case

The Foot Chase

Drive back to the Pattison residence to make the arrest.

Unfortunately, things won’t go so well when you get here. It goes into a footchase rather quickly. If you can’t hit him in the street or fire a warning shot (aim the gun at him and then wait until the aiming circle fills, after a few seconds), then you’ll need to shoot him in the head once he stops and grabs a hostage in the dead end alley. Just aim carefully and bring him down.

Regardless of how you stop him, the case will come to a close.

Don’t worry to much about the case note at the end. There isn’t anything that we could have done to “know what he was willing to do to avoid jail.” In order to even go to Ray’s again, you’d have to miss the knife in the trash can on the first runthrough. The case should end the same either way.


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Due to the branching nature of the game, there may be differences between your experience and mine. Feel free to post anything that you notice in the comments section below this article.

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