L.A. Noire Guide - The Red Lipstick Murder

L.A. Noire Guide - The Red Lipstick Murder
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The Crime Scene

You’ll need to drive out along with Galloway to find the crime scene over at the lover’s lane. It’s a bit of a drive, but you should be fine. When you get there, you’ll have a few things to look at.

Start out by looking at the footprints at C. You’ll confirm the shoe size, which is a start at least. Walk over to B to find the handbag. Open the bag at B, and examine the lipstick to confirm that it’s new. So the killer used a different stick for the markings.

Go to A and examine the puzzle. It’s just a globe, so examine it and twist the countries into line. It’s just basic geography. Then pop it open to get the address for the Bamba Club.

Talk to the coroner and then examine the body once you have the clues.

Turn the head to examine the blunt force trauma, then check her left arm (your right side) to see a wound on one of the fingers. Examine her stomach too to see the writing.

The Bamba Club

Walk inside and talk to the bartender. He’ll direct you to the back to find McColl. Just walk back and talk to him in his booth. Go ahead and ask about last night. He’s telling the truth about calling her husband, so start there. You’ll want to doubt his story about the ring and her husband though.

You’ll have an address for Jacob Henry though, so go ahead over to do another investigation.

Jacob Henry

Jacob Henry’s Residence - The Note on the Fridge

There’s a newspaper on the floor as you enter, so look at it. Then walk into the dining room corner to find a shoe. Turn it over to ID it as size 9, ruling out one source for the shoeprints.

Examine the broken window, and the note on the refridgerator. It looks like Jacob really did move on out.

Go into the bedroom to look at the empty ring box on the dresser, and her photo to finish the sweep. Then walk into the backyard to find the noisy neighbor hanging around. Talk to Jennifer Horgan to get an account of the events on that night.

Now, it’s just time to Jacob’s new apartment.

The Apartment

Jacob Henry’s Apartment

Look at the notepad on the counter and use the pencil to shade it in and reveal the death threat. Just drag the pencil across the pad a few times and you should get it. Make sure that it’s entered as a clue though. You may need to shade the edges in for the game to count it.

Go into his bedroom and look in the suitcase to find a pair of shoes, turn them over to reveal that they’re size 11. That’s it for evidence, so go into the main room and talk to Jacob Henry. Ask about Celine’s movements, and then call him out on his lie for the alibis. You can use McColl’s story, to break that lie.

He’s telling the truth about the last time he saw here though, just like Horgan said.

Call him out for his lie on the motive though. Use the death threat that you just found on the notebook to break him.

Go ahead and check on him in lockup too. You won’t get a chance after going after Mendez.

Unfortunately, Galloway decides to push him too far and you now have a tough fight on your hands. He’s fast, so get a lock fast and start dodging. He’ll go down in a few hits, but he’ll chain them up fast if you don’t at least block for a fair portion of them. But if you can jab him a few times, it’ll be easy.

Use the telephone to call in a squad car and check your messages. It seems like we finally have a new lead on the license plate.

Interrogating Jacob Henry

Interrogating Jacob Henry at Central Police Station

In order to do things right, you need to go to Central and interrogate Henry. The supervisor just wants a confession, so we have to at least try.

Start by asking him about his access to the murder weapon. You can call him out on his alibis by using the “husband alibis” card from McColl. You can also call him out on his lie over their marital troubles. Use the evidence from Jennifer Horgan about Jacob giving her a black eye.

He’s telling the truth about the lipstick markings and the missing jewelry.

Since you don’t have a confession, head out and go to Mendez’s apartment.

Mendez Residence

The Mendez Residence

Check the mailbox and the sign on the wall to find his apartment, and then head on up to it. He’s not home, so it’s just an investigation for now.

The evidence is down the long hall in the bedroom. The gun is surprisingly just filler. Look at the shoes on the ground to see that they’re size 8. Check the box for a used lipstick and a bloody socket wrench. Examine both and add them to evidence. That should trigger Alonzo’s early return.

It looks like we have another chase.

Go out the window and chase him across the rooftops. Jump into your car at the bottom and follow him closely. Galloway will try to shoot out his tires, or you can just follow him and take him out. If you’re lucky, he’ll probably wreck against another car. If not, just keep catching up to him and then smack into his back tires to disable him.


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