Hitman: Blood Money Walkthrough - The Murder of Crows

Hitman: Blood Money Walkthrough - The Murder of Crows
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Murder of Crows - Introduction

This is an interesting mission, since we’re actually stopping a big assassination plot. It’s also quite limited though. Technically you have a lot of options but the basic motions are going to be the same no matter what.

Note that there is a real time limit. I believe stopping the diamond delivery calls off the scheduled assassination (and usually that will only happen if you really drag your feet). There is a problem when taking out the two actual assassins though. If you kill one and the other realizes it, then they can snap and attack all on their own. Angelina is the big problem, since if Raymond is killed (and she realizes it) she can sometimes make a beeline for the float and stab the Secretary to death. To be safe, she needs to die first. Raymond, at worst, will just take the shot the next time the float comes around.

Weapons aren’t a big deal. Just bring a pistol so that you have the option to take human shields and get free knockouts. I believe there are positions where you could snipe Raymond, Angelina and Mark, but it’s more work than it’s really worth and a little tricky.

Disguises aren’t actually a big deal. You can get bird costumes easily, since the delivery goes into a back alley and one guard likes to take smoke breaks in a secluded area by a dumpster. There’s also a waiter sleeping in the hotel where 47 starts up, but I don’t think that you really need it (I didn’t).

You can also get bar patron clothes and probably ambush a cop in a back alley, but neither of these is really necessary.

Murder of Crows - The Diamond Case

Hitman Blood Money Walkthrough - Mardi Gras - Diamond Case Delivery Guy

As far as I know, you can basically delay the assassination indefinitely by preventing the diamonds from being delivered. Since there’s also a big bonus for carrying the case out of the level, then you probably want to do this anyway.

Start the level and follow the delivery bird in the red suit. Just walk along and wait for him to turn into a back alley. You can either sedate him or pull out a pistol and take him as a human shield and knock him out. Steal his suit quickly and dump him into the dumpster. There is usually a cop set to patrol the alley right after he walks in, so try to do this quickly.

You have a bit of a choice here. If you want, you can just leave the briefcase here. A cop will pick it up and carry it to their secure area in the center and put it next to the weapons box. You should be able to walk into the area in your suit, grab the case and then walk away. They’ll be angry, but you can walk out before they start shooting.

You can also carry the case with you. It should basically bump you up to the authority of a yellow guard suit, as long as you’re carrying it.

Murder of Crows - Killing Mark Purayah II

Hitman Blood Money Walkthrough - Killing Mark Purayah II

This is actually pretty simple. If you have the red suit and the briefcase, you can walk right in and talk to him. Although, it seems like only the front guard and Mark’s personal bodyguard care about whether you have the case or not. I didn’t have much trouble sneaking past the bodyguard and the rest of the guards didn’t care as long as I went through the side entrance.

If you want to hide the briefcase somewhere and not mess with it (or if you left the delivery guy alone) then you can ambush the guard in the yellow suit that takes smoking breaks by the dumpster. Just knock him out quick and dump him into the dumpster.

Once you get inside, you can just walk right in and wait until you see a guard walk out of Mark Purayah’s office. Walk in right as he leaves and just wait a moment. Mark should step up and walk to the window. Sedate or take him as a human shield and knock him out. Then dump him over the rail to kill him in an accident. You can also just poison him and put him into the cooler if you don’t want any attention. Regardless, make sure that you pick up his walkie talkie. Getting his walkie talkie will mark the assassins points on your map.

If you brought the briefcase, then stash it somewhere in a back alley somewhere.

Murder of Crows - Killing Angelina Mason

Hitman Blood Money Walkthrough - Murder of Crows - Killing Angelina Mason

To be clear, you need to kill Angelina Mason first to be safe. She’s also slightly easy to kill, so let’s do it now.

There’s only one option for a natural accident. She walks underneath a hanging piano at one point in a back alley by Mark’s main office. You can climb up a series of platforms to reach the piano. Plant the bomb and just wait for her to walk under it during her patrols.

You can also just follow her and wait for her to walk into a back alley and then fiber wire her or use some poison. I guess you could also sedate or knock her out, then dump the body over a railing to kill her. There’s a pretty good chance that a cop will come by though. I suggest you just kill her quickly and dump the body.

Murder of Crows - Killing Raymond Kulinsky


Hitman Blood Money Walkthrough - Sneaking into the Bar in Murder of Crows

his is actually pretty easy once you find him. Raymond will always be on the top of a club. It’s randomly decided at the start of the level. He should be marked on the map when you pick up a walkie talkie.

To get inside the club through the front door, you have to be wearing the right clothes. Each club basically has the same layout, so these tips should be universal. There should be a waiter or a bar patron out in the back alley. If you time it right, you can knock them out and take the clothes to get inside. There’s also a sleeping waiter in a second floor room. Just sneak inside and steal his uniform. You can also just climb up the vents and platforms to make it to the second level (that’s what I did). Most people don’t even look up there (since they’re drunk or distracted) so you shouldn’t have any trouble. Get inside through the window. No one should really mind once you’re actually inside the club. Get up the steps until you come to the door at the start. Open the door and go inside. Just use poison or fiber wire to kill him.

If you don’t have a costume, then you have to go out a side door or the window. The guard in front will usually freak out and shoot you if he sees you leave the club without the right clothes.

Murder of Crows - Escaping

Once all three are dead, it’s pretty easy to finish up the mission. Grab your suit and the diamond briefcase from wherever you stashed it and then walk away through the marked spot in the guard rails.

Murder of Crows - Other Options

There actually aren’t too many other options for this one.

Angelina and Raymond can lonly be killed in the ways that I mentioned above.

You have a few options for Mark Purayah. You can put a bomb in the briefcase and drop it off on his desk. Then just walk across the street and detonate it. This will cost you the bonus for the diamonds and be fairly messy though.

You can also apparently knock out the delivery guy, put a mine in his briefcase and walk away. The cop that walks through should wake him up. If the scripting works right, he’ll grab the briefcase and sprint to the office and drop the suitcase off normally. You can detonate it that way, if you’re a fan of being far away from any killing (or if you insist on doing a “suit only” run).

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