Hitman: Blood Money Walkthrough - Curtains Down - Silent Assassin Sniper Run

Hitman: Blood Money Walkthrough - Curtains Down - Silent Assassin Sniper Run
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Curtains Down - Introduction


Honestly, you can just do the whole level as a worker. There’s an easy worker to snag at the start and his uniform can get you through the whole level.

It’s actually a little hard to get a security guard. If you want one of their uniforms, then your best bet is to ambush one of them upstairs while they’re checking the balconies.

I don’t believe it’s possible to get a uniform from one of the VIP guards protecting Delahunt.

Suggested Inventory

Don’t bother bringing a pistol. You’ll get one anyway for taking human shields (if you’re going the stealth way). Snipers can bring a sniper rifle with low velocity ammo to quietly kill both in about a minute. It’s a great way to get some money for Silent Assassin ratings.


Remember that the balconies aren’t that safe. People can and often do see up into them. Don’t assume that you’re hidden unless you’re staying low and not causing much trouble. There are also police patrols nearby that will rush into the balconies if they hear a shot.

Delahunt’s guards are very protective and on edge. Give them a wide berth when possible.

Try to move quickly. It isn’t much fun to just sit around and wait for the next rehearsal. Have some saves to revert to if you time something wrong and don’t want to wait several minutes for the next show.

Curtains Down - Silent Assassin - Sniper

Hitman Blood Money Walkthrough - Sniping From the Balcony

Okay, this is ridiculously quick and easy. I did this on a first runthrough (on a new profile) with the W2000. The only upgrade was some low velocity ammo to keep it quiet.

Walk into the theater and run to the left. The performance of Tosca is still going on, but it won’t last for much longer. It will take awhile for the performance to start again if you miss it, so try to go quickly.

Run upstairs and look to the left. If you’re on schedule, the officer on the left should be walking forward. He’ll check the first door and then go inside to check the balconies for intruders. Pick the lock after he steps inside and walk in as he moves out. Close the door and crack open the rifle case to assemble the rifle. You might want to wait a few seconds to make sure that the officer is far enough away to not hear the shot (although I don’t think he’ll hear low velocity ammo).

Walk a bit to the left and look through the scaffolding. You should be able to see Richard Delahunt in his box seat. Line up a shot on his head and take him out. Walk to the right a bit and the guards shouldn’t spot you. There shouldn’t be a general panic just yet. Look to the stage and shoot the actor on the execution post, Alvaro D’Alvade. Pack the rifle back up into the rifle case, pick up your case and walk (don’t run or that might spike the tension levels) to the exit. Congratulations, this should count for Silent Assassin.

Curtains Down - Creative Kill - Access

Hitman Blood Money Walkthrough - Getting a Worker’s Uniform

Well, if you don’t want to go the cheap route, then you need to do it with a little work. You’ve got a fair bit of time before the next rehearsal, if you miss it, then you can always wait for the next one. It will take a fair bit of time though, so try to move quickly.

Walk up to the reception desk and turn in your ticket to get your jacket. Agent 47 will take the real Luger out of the jacket and hide it. Now, this is where the creative part comes into play. We’re going to swap out a real Luger for the fake one so that the executioner kills him live on stage. We can then take advantage of it, since Delahunt leaves his box to cry over D’Alvade’s body. We can either drop the large chandelier on him or drop the skylights on him. Or both, just for fun and massive collateral damage. It’s somewhat up to you. If you do this right and no one sees you plant the explosives or press the detonator, then you should be able to still get silent assassin (it’s all one big “accident”).

So let’s get started. We’ve got the Luger, but they’re searching everyone going backstage due to Delahunt being there. Walk into the bathrooms on the left quickly and see if you can get there before a walker comes in to go to the bathroom. Sedate him or take him as a human shield and knock him out (you should have a pistol regardless). Steal his clothes and hide his body in the tub. Grab his toolbox and hide the Luger in it. You can now sneak it past the guard.

Curtain’s Down - Creative Kill - Backstage


Curtains Down - Hitman Blood Money Walkthrough - Backstage

ote that this isn’t required. You can walk through the unsecured door on the right (next to a man that’s painting a door). There’s a guard there and you need a worker’s uniform, but they won’t search you. The checkpoint on the left will search you. It seems to be a little quicker, so if you’ve hidden the gun just go to the left.

Walk down the steps to get backstage. In order to get further back, you need to step off of the wooden platform (there’s a painter painting a door on the ground here too). Step off and walk down the hallways. You can move up and look for the “E’Tape Stage.” Your goal is to get through the purple curtain. Walk past the makeup area and you should be in the backstage area and good to go for the rest of the setup. Your uniform should still be good here, but don’t test any of the guards.

Curtains Down - Creative Kill - Beautifully Executed

Hitman Blood Money Walkthrough - Swapping the WWI Pistol

You can just kill D’Alvade by strangling him or poisoning him in his dressing room. That’s really boring though and there’s a guard that hangs around his door.

Well, we have a real WWI gun. Let’s use it. The star’s dressing room is guarded, but the executioner’s isn’t. It has a silver star on the door. Step inside, retrieve the gun if you have to and then hide in the closet for a minute or so until the executioner comes into the room. He’ll practice the shot a few times with his fake pistol and then set it down on the counter.

Jump out and pick up the prop gun. Then pull out the WWI pistol and set it down in it’s place. Step out of the room and walk into the double doors that are right outside and slightly down the hallway. It’s a giant metal staircase that leads up to the catwalks and rafters. Walk up and decide what you want to blow up. You can blow up the sky light or the chandelier. The chandelier looks cooler but it’s a little harder to time. The skylight is pretty unimpressive, but it’s easy to pull off.

If you want to place a bomb on the sky light, walk along the left side to the middle point. You should have the option to plant a bomb. Just make sure that the worker up here isn’t around. He should walk out to check the chandelier mounts and scare the pigeons.

If you want to blow up the chandelier, walk back further into the room with all the pigeons. You can just slap the bomb onto the winch when the worker isn’t around.

Now, you actually don’t have much of a view out here and we’ve got a little time to kill. Backtrack out to the lobby and walk upstairs. The guards won’t freak out if they see a worke on the balcony. Just enjoy the show for a moment until D’Alvade gets shot. I suggest that you save in case the accident doesn’t work out the first time. You will still have a few seconds to get into a hiding spot or better position. It will take a moment for his death to sink in. The actors and a few people in front will figure it out fairly quickly though and Delahunt will panic and race out of his box. The guards will be checking the whole area in a panic, so you may need to hide in the niche of a doorway to safely press the detonator.

Delahunt will trip and fall at one point under the chandelier. Blow the explosives as soon as he trips. It should take him out. If not, then you’re actually out of luck and need to reload.

If you rigged the skylights, then wait for him to make it to D’Alvade’s body. Blow the charges as he’s weeping. The beam should hit and kill him. Put away the detonator and walk back to the bathroom. Put your suit back on and walk out the door.

Other Fun Options

Hitman Blood Money Guide - Lots of Pigeons Above the Chandelier

There are a few somewhat fun ways to do this if you want to fool around a bit and be a bit more of an assassin.

You can actually knock out the actor and steal his clothes, then wait on stage and shot D’Alvade yourself. Note that this is apparently possible, but really hard. You need to time it just right. Save and then either listen for the music to climax or watch the guard positions. If you time it right, the effects will be the same as if the real actor did it.

You can also shoot D’Alvade yourself with a sniper rifle from the balcony. If you time the shot up with the executioner’s shot, then it should actually still count as an accident and play out the same way. You can then snipe Delahunt while he’s on stage.

You can use some bombs creatively. It should be possible to throw in a mine or slip past the guards while they chase after Delahunt as he rushes the stage.

You should also be able to put a mine in the toolbox, walk up to the door, throw the toolbox right up against the door and calmly walk away from the very angry guards. Step into the bathroom and hit the detonator. It should be enough to kill him (it worked for me once, if it fails for you, play a little more and get upgraded mines).

This has nothing to do with the assassination side of it, but if you dress up like a cop and walk around the lobby, you should pick up some tourist.

You can wander around holding a nail gun (it’s even marked as a point of interest on the map backstage (it’s close to the guy painting the door on the ground, right as you enter). You can probably have some fun with a nailgun.

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