Game Guide for Hitman Blood Money - Mission 2 - A Vintage Year

Game Guide for Hitman Blood Money - Mission 2 - A Vintage Year
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A Vintage Year

The first mission wasn’t anything more than an in-depth tutorial allowing you, as the player, to get acquainted with the interface, controls and on-screen information. If you find yourself going amiss do peruse our first hitman blood money guide and review the article until you feel you’ve got a grasp on the game’s fundamentals.

A vintage year’ features Fernando Delgado, a notable drug-baron with a convenient cover-up in his apparent love for fine wines. The contract includes taking out his inept son who, as expected, lives off his father’s shady fortune (some of which ends up his nose.) This is quite a simple hit despite the various options the game presents in each of the levels. However, since hitman blood money was conceived as a stealth game this is what we will go with in-keeping with the intended scope.

Hitman Blood Money Walkthrough – Acquiring Your Disguise

If you haven’t yet done so equip your load-out with just standard equipment and a sniper-rifle. You do not need anything else, not even a pistol.

The first thing is attempting to blend-in with the environment; at a glimpse what you have is some party guests, a television crew and plenty of guards. The easiest disguise, without drawing suspicion, is to dress up as one of the guards and you do not even have to enter the premises.

Hitman Blood money - Acquire a disguise

Go all the way around the villa where a patrolman is punctually doing the rounds, wait for him to have his back turned and whack him, fairly near the balustrade where the river flows, with the fibre-wire. Take his uniform by pressing space, grab the body and dump it in the water.

Hitman Blood Money Walkthrough – Manuel Delgado Hit

Hitman Blood money - Manuel’s Room

Go inside the front-gate and you should see the guest-party being escorted to the wine cellar for a tour. If not go in the cellar anyway, but do not linger for too long and try to continue walking or you might raise suspicion. Head downstairs then to a room on your right, as marked on the map. This is where Manuel occasionally partakes in dubious activity; the problem is an ever-present guard nearby casting a weary glance so your immediate aim is to eliminate him.

Hitman Blood money - Pushing the Guard

There is an oak-tub with some wine fermenting nearby and conveniently enough that very guard stops to imbibe its very aromas. Time it so that, as he turns, you can push him into the tub: problem solved, he slipped.

Hitman Blood money - Disposing of the Body

Now wait for Manuel to come round again, strangle him dispassionately with the fibre wire and dispose of the body in a dumpster just around the corner.

Hitman Blood Money Walkthrough – Can You Hear the Drums Fernando?

Next we take out Fernando Delgado.

Hitman Blood money - Sniping Position

Head outside again; go around the left-corner of the villa. You can clearly see balconies if you headed far enough, and it is here that the main Delgado takes an invigorating stroll after incessantly playing the prelude from Bach’s suite No.1. Give it a rest Fernando, honestly.

Take out your sniper rifle and have it readily aimed at the second balcony; should you need to you can test-aim as he comes out the first time you see him. The pot-shot should be easy and you can then escape. Head to the slopes nearby, descend all the way down, and go onwards where a higher-ranked guard stands his post. He will turn towards the water, so sneak and push him in. Now go around and you can make your escape with the plane (the other guard is asleep.)

Lastly hitman blood money rates you, at higher difficulties, depending on various factors such as noise, violence level or casualty control. Completing it as above will not guarantee you a Silent Assassin rating (the highest) since one body will not be disposed of but you will still get a high enough rating (i.e. The Ghost.)