A Hitman: Blood Money Walkthrough Featuring the First Introductory Mission

A Hitman: Blood Money Walkthrough Featuring the First Introductory Mission
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Hitman: Blood Money Walkthrough - Death of a Showman

This mission is fairly straight forward, particularly because you’ll be guided by the tutorial and the tips on the top of the screen.

The story which accompanies the contract-killing somehow makes it less unscrupulous: you are to assassinate Joseph Clarence (the swing king), proprietor of an amusement park, whose irresponsible nature led to the loss of young lives. You were hired by the father of one of the victims and, in the climactic act of the level, you’ll show Clarence the child’s photo.

Upon approaching the main gate you’ll soon notice the brusqueness of the guards: it seems the swing king has hired the place to the crack king and his lackeys. Watch the first cut-scene and continue reading our “Hitman: Blood Money” walkthrough for a tension-free level completion.

Theatre area

Hitman: Blood Money Walkthrough - Distraction

Enter the main gates, courteously opened by the guard, and turn left, since the way ahead is blocked-off by debris. Press the right mouse-button to check the photo, which should be the last thing the victim sees (as indicated in the description.) You can scroll through inventory items by using the arrow keys. Open the door by pressing E (default key mapping) and enter the gift shop.

Keep the left control-key pressed in order to sneak, then turn right but do not head outside. You’ll see two gentlemen outside which you’ll need to distract in order to enter the door at the far-end. You can do this by throwing a coin outside, aiming at the broken window on your right hand side. Press 7, then G and aim the circle at the window: as the guard become suspicious go outside and head for the theatre doors (press left-shift to run.)

Your First Stealth Kill

Hitman: Blood Money Walkthrough - Climb

Once inside, press 1 to arm yourself with the fibre-wire and go up to the gangster taunting the attorney. Pick up his gun (space), put it away (left mouse button and choosing the gun in inventory.) Press the right mouse-button to kill him and head for the upper section by climbing the trellis. Approach the balcony, press W again to move forward and you’ll jump to the next section of the theatre.

Corpse Disposal

Hitman: Blood Money Walkthrough - Disposal

Pick up the shotgun (Winchester Model 21, 12 gauge) if you don’t feel comfortable with the ‘Glock’ you’ve just picked up and be prepared to take out two guards. In this “Hitman: Blood Money” walkthrough, we won’t include a weapons guide (unlike others), simply listing them along the way.

You can press E to look through the key-hole if you so wish. After the deaths, dispose of the corpses (one in each of the containers) and hide in the closet. Take out the scientist, grab his overalls and key-card and enter the circular area of the map.

Control Room and Factory

Keep walking unperturbed until you’ll come to a room on your left. There is another pistol on top of a crate, which you can pick-up for more ammo. Stash the pistol in the baking-soda tray on the floor (press E, it is your action key) and pick the crate up. Remember that all the actions are listed on the top left-side of your screen.

Walk onwards with the tray; nobody will bother you since they’ll think you are the chemist. Enter the double-door and you’ll gain access to the control room, where a guard stands evidently puzzled. Drop the tray, pick up your gun, then holster it and move toward the guard: strangle him with the fibre-wire by pressing E. Now you can move downstairs.

Lights Out


Tamper with the control panel, so the lighting will go out; there is a drug factory just ahead and there are a few armed guards. You can sneak through it with the lights off, which is recommended, or alternatively kill everyone. Enter the loo area, you’ll find a ‘homie’ relieving himself. Pick up the MP9 on the sink, and press E while standing near him to use him as a human shield. There are three guys in the next room so this comes in handy particularly at higher difficulty settings (this walkthrough of Hitman: Blood Money is focused on mid to expert level.)


Climb the ladder, pick up and unpack the sniper-rifle (a Dragunov, no less) and snipe away (X to use the scope.) You can now head outside: there is a door as you head out of the loft to your left (floor boards are slightly cracked.)

The Office


Use the drainpipe to descend and head to the office doors. Pick up the syringe once inside, sneak upstairs and hide behind the wall. Wait until the guard moves to the balcony, sneak up to him and throw him from the balcony (right mouse-button.) Next poison the girl’s drink, the bottle with the brown drink on the table as you enter the office area. Quickly hide in the closet, this may take some practicing which the higher difficulties don’t allow you very much.

Finally kill off Clarence, as he pleads for his life. Last of all, head outside through the window, pick up the bomb/detonator and move towards the crack dealer’s area. Head inside, place the bomb on the winch, arm yourself with the detonator and blow everyone up. This concludes the first part of our walkthrough of Hitman: Blood Money.