Hitman: Bloody Money Walkthrough - A New Life

Hitman: Bloody Money Walkthrough - A New Life
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A New Life - Introduction


This is an interesting mission, because ideally we need to retrieve the microfilm without killing his wife. Thankfully we have a few options for this one. This is actually one of the most open missions in the game as far as approaches go. I’ll start with a very safe Silent Assassin run and detail the others as fun options


The number of disguises is almost ridiculous. To start with, you can pick off either of the garbage men and get their uniform to safely walk up to alleys without drawing suspicion.

The caterer can get access to the house itself, although he’s scanned on the way in. Thankfully you can just carry a tray and bring a hidden gun inside it.

The clown also has limited access to the house and pool. The benefit being that you can sedate him and dump him into the box in the back of his car.

The pool boy has access to the pool area and has a few interesting options with Slugger’s wife.

The FBI naturally have access to the whole area. Getting one of their uniforms is vital to an easy mission.

Suggested Inventory

It’s possible to snipe him, but it’s easier to do it up close and personal. I suggest that you just stick to a close kill. Feel free to bring a sniper rifle as a backup plan though.


The FBI surveillance agents in the van will call in more armed men if they suspect foul play. Take them out to prevent any calls for backup (you should probably do this regardless for their uniforms anyway).

The garbage collectors aren’t stupid. If one of them is missing when they meet up at the truck, the other will panic as if he saw a body. So you need to handle both of them if you’re going to take out either.

A New Life - Access

Okay, the easiest way to get in is so effective that it’s almost a cheat for the level. Walk over to the house and approach the catering van. As the caterer walks to the house, watch the guard in the alley. Once his back is turned too (or if he’s gone away for his patrol), inject sedative into the box of donuts.

Pick up the donuts and walk to the van in front of the house. Open the doors to receive a few threats from the FBI agents inside. They should mention that they’re pretty sure you have “their” donuts. Drop the box on the ground outside and just walk away. One agent will grab the donuts and carry them inside the van. Both will eat the donuts and pass out. Step into the van and steal one of their suits (and a gun if you want one). Also go ahead and grab the tape. We shouldn’t end up on camera but there’s no reason to not grab it while we’re here it.

A New Life - Getting the Microfilm Necklace

Hitman Blood Money Walkthrough - A New Life - Getting the Microfilm Necklace

Walk through the house and out the unlocked back door to get to the pool. First, go to the shed and pick the lock when the FBI agent isn’t off to the side. Now shadow the pool cleaner and wait for him to approach the shed. Sedate him and drag the body into the shed when the FBI agent doesn’t have a view of it.

Take his clothes and walk up to the pool. You need to find his wife. If she’s not out here, then just wait a moment and she should come out. Approach her and she’ll mention that she’s up for a little fun. Now just follow her. She’s pretty drunk, so just stick close to her and walk slowly. She’ll wave you past the guard, take you through the kitchen and then lead you up to the bedroom upstairs. She’ll go into the bathroom for a moment to prepare. Now, your instincts might say to take her out here, but just wait. She should come out after a few more seconds and do a little dance before deciding that she’s not in the mood for action. She will then lie down and fall asleep, as if you sedated her. Just grab the necklace with the microfilm. Just walk right out of the house to the pool. The agents will tell you to leave, but you’ll be fine as long as you don’t run.

Killing Vinnie “Slugger” Sinistra

Hitman Blood Money Guide - Killing Vinnie Sinistra

Well, it’s time to finally take out our target. If you’re following this guide exactly, then make sure that you get your FBI uniform back on. You’ll need it for this final hit.

The absolute best time to take him out is when he’s watching TV. Walk to the front of the house once he sits down to watch. Walk outside to the big utility box and make sure that the caterer is on his smoke break and the garbage collector isn’t nearby. Save and then break the box to shut off the TV. He’ll send his personal agent out to go fix the box. Walk inside and fiberwire him in the chair for what I believe is a unique animation. Don’t bother moving the body. You should be able to just walk right out. If the agent comes back, he should just assume that he’s sleeping in his chair for a bit.

Retrieve your suit from the van and walk out of the neighborhood.

Other Options - Getting the Microfilm Necklace

Hitman Blood Money Walkthrough - A New Life - The Clown and the Wife

The Clown

Apparently the clown can also get an invitation from the wife. If you approach her than she should say that she’s in the mood for something funny. You can follow her into the study and she’ll actually want to see the clown act. The only real option is to take her out with a sedative while she’s turned around in the room (unless you sedated the drink in the room beforehand). Its private and secuded, but there are better ways.

The Grill

You can also sabotage the grill. If you pick the lock on the shed door you can retrieve a bottle of lighter fluid from the shed floor. You can then just walk up to the girl to sabotage it, although you should make sure that no one sees you. I believe that it’s a bit like the detonator. Witnesses might not freak out about it, but they will make a note of it and report it after the mission. The next time she messes with the grill, it will light her on fire and she’ll jump into the pool. Her burned body still has the necklace on it. Retrieve it and walk away.

A Glass Shower

She goes swimming in a room with a skylight. You can go into the treehouse and use tranquilizer darts or a normal silenced gun to shoot the skylights and make it rain glass on her. You’ll have to use the map to track her though. It will count as an accident.

Other Options - Killing Vinnie Sinistra


You can just snipe Slugger. You can snipe Slugger from the garage of the vet clinic or the yard of the vet clinic. Drop your suitcase in the yard and do the same trick to the agents in the van to take them out. Once they’re down, you can hit the button on their phone to redial the witness. If Slugger is in the living room, he’ll answer the phone and stand right in the middle of the window for awhile. You can walk away, assemble the rifle and make the shot to take him out. If you’re far enough away from the actual house, and shielded from the neighbor and the jogger, then you should be fine. It’s a risky shot, but fairly fun to make.

His Office

Slugger is given privacy in his office. You can just hide inside and ambush him. Nothing to fancy and I personally don’t like it. Navigating the upstairs is just a pain and not very rewarding.


Slugger should usually pause for a moment at the top of the stairs. When he leaves his office, it shouldn’t be too hard to just give him a push and send him tumbling down for an easy kill. You might need to take out the agent first.

Other Options - Entry and General Fun

If you can sneak past the noisy neighbor, you can pick the lock on the door to the pet clinic and steal some ether and tranquilizer darts.

The ether can be poured on the panties lying on the table in Slugger’s daughter’s room. The patrolling agent sniffs them each time he walks past, so this will count as a free sedation. It’s convenient if you want to kill Slugger up here.

The tranquilizer darts can be used in the air rifle in the treehouse. Officially, it will let you tranquilize the dog that guards the right entrance and the route to the basement. It will also let you tranquilize agents and anyone in the backyard. Note that they can be woken up if someone finds them. I usually try to fight my way out with it at least once.

The manhole and the garbage truck are both bottomless disposal options. Feel free to dump the jogger and neighbor in the manhole and feed both garbage collectors into their own truck. Obviously this isn’t something to do on a Silent Assassin run.

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