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Xbox 360 Halo Cheat Codes - For All 3 Games

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The Halo series gave player the opportunity to ride vehicles in a first person shooter and helped secure the Xbox's position as a major gaming console. When you need that extra push in any of the Halo versions, here are the Halo cheats that you crave.

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    Original Halo Cheats You Need To Know

    Master Chief with a Rocket Launcher Players can unlock a different ending, learn to reload weapons faster, enter a secret cave and display fireworks. You can also make getting through the first Halo game easier by using the codes listed below.

    You can unlock an alternate ending to Halo by defeating the game in legendary mode. The new ending sequence is longer than the ending on other modes, but it's also more fun for those that really enjoy Halo.

    All weapons in the game, with the exception of the shotgun, can be reloaded more quickly with some simple Halo cheats. Pick up the weapon you want to use. Press X and then press B to enter melee mode. Switch back to the original weapon and you'll find yourself reloaded.

    The Halo mission aboard the Pillar of Autumn allows the Master Chief to wield three guns at the same time. How do you do this? Easy, use these great little Halo cheats: Play this mission until you reach a pistol. Pick up any two weapons with the exception of a pistol and go meet the captain at the designated time. Pick up a weapon after meeting the captain and you should be able to use three guns throughout this level.

    You can get through the fifth level of Halo without having to face any Covenant enemies. You must play Halo in cooperative mode to use this cheat. When you reach the first bridge in the fifth level, go down the ramp. Look at the side of the mountain. Run into the mountain until you find a spot to land. You will die doing this. Have your partner slam into the mountain as well. Repeat this procedure until you come to a spot where a squad of marines waits for you with a jeep. Use the jeep to get through the rest of the level.

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    Halo 2 Cheat Codes

    The fight to save humanity from the Covenant continues in Halo 2. In the first game, you could only control the Master Chief, yet in the second title you get to take the controls of Covenant forces. Skulls in Halo 2 make the game easier or more difficult for the player, depending if you know the right Halo cheats to use.

    If you wish to play the game without seeing the Master Chief's weapons, shields, armor or health, have the master chief use a crouch jump to reach the light on the top of the door. Touch the skull that says "blind". The lack of displays may make things more challenging for certain gamers, but most people find this method annoying. Turn off blind mode by saving the game and turning off the Xbox. You can also exit this mode by going to the campaign select mode. Choose the Cairo station mission and skip the cut scenes. Master Chief will enter the game with his heads-up display intact.

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    Throw the Grunts a Birthday Party

    This mode of play is only available on legendary difficulty. Go down to the bottom of the map on the Arbiter level. Find some grunts standing around a skull. Click on the skull. When you kill a enemy with a head shot, the enemy's head explodes the same way it would have if you had used a plasma grenade.

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    Activate Iron Mode in Halo 2

    Players can unlock this mode by reaching the final master chief level in Legendary mode. A skull floats by when you reach the top of the gravity left. Start pressing the X button before the skull comes over his head to grab it. This mode sends players to the last checkpoint in cooperative player mode.

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    Envy Mode

    halo2 screenshot Envy Mode allows UNSC forces to use the arbiter's camouflage ability. The Delta Halo mission contains an area where Covenant forces come out through a building.The Master Chief must clear this area to allow air support to drop weapons. Go to the turret on the left side of the building.Travel past the turret until you see the outline of a door. A rock blocks the exit. Jump up on the rock. Use grenade jumps to reach the top of the building. Grab the envy skull and enjoy the camouflage.

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    Angry Mode

    Make things more difficult for Master Chief by grabbing the Angry skull from the Covenant Holy City. When you reach the outdoor are of this city, take a right. Head over to the wall and ride the gravity lift until you find a sniper point. Climb on the wall using the dirt mound. Follow the wall until you find the skull marked angry. Grab the skull. The skull causes the enemy rate of fire to double

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    Famine Mode

    A plasma rifle Find the room in the oracle mission that contains nothing bud dead bodies. Look at the windows of the room. Shoot out the window pains. Jump onto the platform with the four tall posts between these windows. Get on top of the posts on the far side and jump up onto the center column. Use the column and jump through the window. Go to the left after landing. Go to the end of the hallway until you find four covenant elites. Defeat the elites and grab the famine skull.The famine skull loads less ammunition into a weapon during the reloading process.

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    Sputnink Mode

    When you enter the Quarantine Zone mission turn around until you see a tunnel. Go through a series of tunnels until you come to a ledge on a small green pit. Walk along the edge of the ledge until you find the Sputnik skull. Grab it to increase the damage you take from explosion and melee attacks.

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    Halo 2's Unnown Skull

    This skull may or may not do anything. When you start the game head over to the sergeant. The sergeant asks you to get on the lift. Wait for the sergeant to say, “Would it help if I said please?” Get on the elevator and ride it to its end. Look around the destination room to find the skull on top of a stack of green crates.

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    Thunderstorm Mode

    You can only obtain this skull when you play the game on legendary difficulty. When you reach the Priority Shift checkpoint in the Cairo station mission, look for a room with mounted plasma turrets. Eliminate any opposition in the room. Climb up on the platform with the turret near the curved window. Look up. If you see two parallel beams above you, you are in the right spot. Climb up the support poles. Jump onto the ledge. Reach the beams by crouch jumping. Walk across the beams until you see another ledge. Jump onto that ledge and grab the skull.This mode causes Covenant forces to appear as their special forces rank.

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    Finish the Fight with Halo 3 Cheat Codes

    Halo 3 premiered on the Xbox 360. It served as an excellent introduction to the Xbox's upgrade. People who play through Halo 3's legendary difficulty can view an alternate ending.

    If you do not wish the Master Chief to look like he always carries weapons, enter this code. Move the analog joystick to the left, press the left button, the right button, the a button, the b button and press down on the d pad. If you press these buttons in combination for three seconds. Characters show their weapon only when they use them.

    To display map coordinates on the screen press down on the left and right analog sticks. Press the Left button and right buttons. Press down then right on the directional pad. Coordinates now appear as part of the heads-up display.

    To toggle the ability of the camera to pan by pressing clicking the left and then the right analog sticks. Press the left button and the right button. Press up and left on the directional pad.

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    More Halo 3 Cheat Codes

    A Banshee A few cheats for Halo 3 are tied to the completion of certain achievements. A player must earn all achievements and find all the skulls to start the game with a Katana. A player can earn recon armor by downloading the mythic map packs and completing all of the vid master challenge achievements.

    Players can get through legendary mode much more easily by turning on the idle second player option. When a player dies, the other character spawns where the previous player died.. Normally, dying would force the player to start back at his last checkpoint.

    You can cause Spartan lasers to charge faster in forge mode. Pick up a laser. Wait for the laser to be nearly fully charged. Turn into the monitor and fly around for a bit. Find a suitable target and press RT to fire the laser.

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    Infinite Spartan Laser

    A player can get a Spartan laser with unlimited ammo in the Halo mission. Play through the mission until you see Sergeant Johsnon. Attack him and watch him fall down. Pick up the Spartan Laser and attack Sergeant Johnson with it. Let him kill you. When you spawn, knock Sergeant Johnson down and pick up his laser

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    Get Ready for Halo Wars

    Halo 3 Art These cheats should help a player get through the first person shooters that make up the Halo series. The real-time strategy game has its own series of cheats, but offers players a chance the opportunity to command the Flood, Covenant and UNSC units that make up the Halo universe. Halo Wars, sadly, unlike the other Xbox titles was not made available for the PC. Xbox 360 emulators can overcome this problem for those who find console controls difficult to use when they need to control many units at the same time. People who do not like the RTS genre may wish to skip Halo Wars entirely.