PC Gamers FEAR 2: Project Origin Combat Essentials Guide

PC Gamers FEAR 2: Project Origin Combat Essentials Guide
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The Heads Up Display

Part of the essential and very useful equipment provided to you in FEAR 2: Project Origin is the heads-up-display (HUD), a special optical visor designed to keep soldiers up to date on assessments of their real time situation. Below we list each display on the HUD and explain the information provided. Click on the picture to the left, and then refer to the text below to find out what each part of the HUD does.

R. The Target Reticle: This display will appear in front of your weapon and is a targeting cursor used to line up your weapon with your target. If the Target Reticle is blue in colour then you’re not currently aiming at an active target and should save your ammo. If the cursor is green in colour then you’re aiming at a team mate, so always make sure to check your targets before opening fire. A red cursor means you’re aiming at a live target and can pull the trigger and ventilate them.

  1. He. Your health bar is the blue bar that displays your health. Keep an eye on this bar during combat, when it turns red this means you’re taking damage, and if it empties, you’ll be dead.

Me. MedKits allow you to heal all damage you have taken. When you’re low on health use one to restore your vitality. You can carry up to three MedKits at a time, so don’t be afraid to use one if you’re hurt.

Ar. The blue meter in the lower left is your armour meter; this meter becomes completely filled when you put on an armour vest found in the game. These armour vests will negate damage done by normal weapons, but powerful weapons like a Napalm thrower, Flame grenade, Nail gun, and Laser will reduce your vitality. Picking up armour vests as you work your way through FEAR 2: Project Origin allows you to refill your armour meter and keep you alive, but you can only wear one armour vest at a time and you have no room to carry more.

AM. Armour Count indicates how many rounds of ammo you have remaining in the clip of the weapon you’re holding in your hands and the current number of rounds for this weapon.

FM. Fire Mode: Many of the weapons used in FEAR 2: Project Origin have more than one fire mode, like single, burst, or full auto. The number displayed indicates the number of bullets the weapon will fire and which fire mode it’s in.

Gr. In the far bottom left of your display you will find the Active Grenade display. The grenade type you have chosen is shown here, and the number of grenades of this type you have available.

RM. After you receive the ability to use reflexes the Reflex Meter will appear next to your Target Reticle. When using reflex this Reflex Meter will empty, at which time you return to normal speed, and the Reflex Meter will begin to fill again.

Quick Tips

  • Keep an eye out for armour vests as you move through the environments in FEAR 2: Project Origin. Your HUD makes is easy to find these items because it puts a blue box around them when it senses them.
  • Keep an eye on your target reticle whenever you’re under fire, a red arrow will appear near your target reticle indicating the direction of the incoming fire, and you can use this to spot hard to see targets in dark environments or chaotic battles.
  • When opening fire, you’ll notice that your target reticle will get bigger, this means that your next shots have a chance of missing whatever it is that you’re firing upon. As such, it’s recommended that you don’t go trigger-happy in combat scenarios.
  • Try not to over-use the Reflex ability. Doing this might result in you not having enough left over –at the time– to assist you in the next combat scenario, which could potentially be more brutal and require extensive use of the Reflex ability.

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