Strategy Guide for FEAR 2: Project Origin on Xbox 360

Strategy Guide for FEAR 2: Project Origin on Xbox 360
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History & Current Situation

FEAR 2: Project Origin is the kind of horror that freezes the blood and gnaws at your senses, like a rabid-dog picking at an old and worn bone. You’ll question your own senses and expand your horizons of possibility after living through a conspiracy that can turn the world upside down. Evil has been released from its prison beneath Wade Elementary School and come calling in the form of a little girl with a few questions.

The information below has been gathered from intelligence files on Armacham Technology Corporation and to provide you with data on the history and current situation.

The Archam Technology Corporation was founded in 1964, during the height of the cold war, and currently operates in 33 different countries. Part of President Eisenhower’s “military-industrial complex”, ATC has expanded over the years into cryogenics, genetics, cloning, and nuclear technology.

ATC has operated five different projects during this time related to Alma Wade and the unfortunate events in Auburn that F.E.A.R. and Special Forces have collected data on. All of these projects are interrelated in objectives and provided experimental data for the other four projects. The five ATC projects related to Alma Wade are; Icarus, Perseus, Harbinger, Origin, and Paragon.

Special Forces Team

There are seven members of Special Forces team assigned to the Special Forces investigation in Auburn on the activities of the ATC and Alma Wade.

Sergeant Michael Becket - A member of the group of gifted children that went through ATC’s Paragon Project, Becket had excellent results in the program, and would be an ideal candidate for Project Harbinger.

1st Lieutenant Kiera Stokes – Kiera is the only one of the seven member Special Forces team that wasn’t a member of the group of children in Project Paragon.

F.E.A.R 2

1st Sergeant Cedric Griffin – A natural born leader, the team trusts Griffin’s decisions, even the choices made under pressure.

Sergeant Harold Keegan – A potential problem due to his Project Paragon results, Keegan can be unstable, and is often unreliable and can’t be trusted.

Sergeant Redd Jankowski -- Redd scored well in Project Paragon tests for psychic potential, but he has been left off the Project Harbinger recruitment list.

Sergeant Manny Morales – One hell of a soldier and a respected Special Forces member, Morales drives the APC, and keeps on top of the action from his armored vehicle.

Corporal James Fox – James is the oldest and the most respected member of the Special Forces team.

Weapon List

You’ll discover a number of different weapons during your missions to discover the truth behind ATC and Alma Wade. Use the information below to help you decide which weapon is best for each situation you’ll encounter.


  • Seegert ACM46 (9mm) – A reasonably accurate weapon with above average stopping power and an 18 shot clip, but limited effective range.

  • SHD Series-3 Combat Shotgun – Manually operated, pump-action 10-gauge combat shotgun, with an 8 round tubular magazine. This weapon has limited range, penetration, and ammo, so use it in close combat situations only.

  • Vollmer Ultra92 Automatic Shotgun – Use this self-loading, automatic 12-gauge shotgun in close and even medium range combat situations.

  • Andra FD-99 SMG – Lightweight, selective fire submachine gun with a short barrel and folding stock that’s ideal for close combat situations.


  • Patten PK470 AR – Use this weapon at range, it includes a ACOG scope and 30-round magazine, and has superior stopping power.

  • Kohler & Bock IDW-15 – Compact, lightweight, and hard-hitting weapon that fires a large pre-fragmentated round that rips the enemy apart.

  • Raab KM50 Sniper Rifle – A semi-automatic, 50 caliber rifle with a 10x power scope made for taking out the garbage at extreme range.

  • Armacham HV Hammerhead – This weapon fires hardened 14mm depleted uranium spikes that tears apart armored targets with a high rate of fire.

  • Balzer LM10 Flamethrower – This weapon fires bursts of ignited napalm that can take out multiple targets in close combat situations.

  • Andra SR5 Rocket Launcher – Portable missile launcher used against hard and heavily armed groups of opponents at long range.

  • Type-12 Energy Weapon Prototype -- This weapon fires pulses of superheated coherent energy which evaporates the soft tissue of organic targets, but can only fire a limited amount of times before it’s depleted.


  • N6A3 Fragmentation Grenade – Steel-bodied grenade designed to burst into a number of fragments upon detonation and with an effective kill radius of 5 meters.
  • XS Shock Grenade – Designed to temporarily disable organic and electromechanical targets, this grenade releases a localized electromagnetic pulse that disrupts electrical systems and stuns living organisms with a concussive wave.
  • R3 Incendiary Grenade -- This grenade contains a thickened polyphoric compound that ignites upon contact with air and burns at 1,200 degrees Celsius.
  • AT-L4 Proximity Mine – This weapon is triggered to detonate by movement within a preset radius of the mine. Mainly an anti-personnel weapon, use this mine as a defensive tool, and information gathering device.


Along your missions in F.E.A.R 2 Project Origin, you’ll come across a large variety of enemies who –simply put– don’t want you to get to wherever you’re going; be it that they’re Replica Forces who have been re-activated by Alma’s presence, or a large black ops team sent in to destroy any evidence that might reveal Armachan’s secret projects. You’re going to need to know what they’re capable of, as well as possible weaknesses.

Replica Forces

Once focus from the ATC Black Ops squads has been lowered, Replica Soldiers will become your next, and most probably toughest, threat. Unlike the ATC, Replica Forces are much more organized, and tougher to take down. Each and every type of Replica has armour, and at the very least an SMG equipped.

During a few combat scenarios, you’ll see the Replica Forces engage on the Black Ops teams. You will quickly see just how superior, and relentless the Replicas are. Unlike the ATC, there aren’t a large variety of Replica troops.


  • Soldier - Like the Black Ops version, Replica Soldiers are the most basic of the group, as well as the most commonly found. Equipped with either an SMG or Assault Rifle, the Soldier has a medium amount of armour, meaning that use of the SMG is recommended if you wish to save up ammunition for your more useful weapons.
  • Heavy Soldier - These Replicas, unlike the regular Soldiers, will always have either an Assault Rifle or Shotgun equipped. As such, it’s highly recommended that you stay back and use the Assault Rifle. It’s also worth noting that the Heavy Soldier has a very high amount of armour protection, so make sure you’re as far back as possible when in combat, take out the Assault Rifle and try to neutralise said armour as quickly as possible.
  • Assassins - These creature-like Replicas are able to walk on walls and go invisible, as well as move unthinkable swift. A shotgun is recommended at all times, as Assassins tend to approach you up-close before revealing itself and launching a vicious attack that disorientates your view, making it even harder spotting the Assassins.
  • Heavy Armour - These Replicas are unlike any other. Equipped with the Hammerhead, these Heavy Armour troops are able to withstand multiple grenades before their health becomes vulnerable, hence the name “Heavy Armour”. There’s no easy way to deal with these. Your best bet would be to either: Stay back, throw multiple grenades, and use your Assault Rifle – provided that you’re aiming for the head. Or, you could throw multiple grenades and run towards it with a Shotgun – use of slow-motion is highly recommended.
  • Sniper - Pretty self-explanatory. These Replicas are only equipped with a Sniper Rifle and have very weak armour that is easily penetrated. However, they are very accurate, and should be approached with caution.


Abominations move similar to that of Replica Assassins in the sense that they too can walk along walls and move very quickly. That, however, is where the similarity ends.


Abominations are actually human beings that were test subjects designed to control the Replica Forces – in the same way that Alma does. However, the project failed, and the subjects that didn’t die from the testing became Abominations. They are horrendous looking humanoids that will attack anything in sight. Despite their fast-paced movements and ability to climb walls, a Shotgun is really all you need to take them out. Abominations are known for popping out of nowhere, most notably behind the player – so check that you’re not being followed by one.

Richard Vanek

Richard Vanek is the Commander of Armacham Technology Corporation Forces. He basically leads the Black Ops team that time after time tries to kill you. Throughout the game, you will encounter him several times. However, each encounter will be with Vanek behind a bullet-proof window of some sort. Also, each encounter with him gets him more angry and distraught as each attempt to send his men to kill you fails.


After several encounters, you’ll finally get the chance to kill him. Becket and Vanek engage in a hand-to-hand struggle over the Commander’s Shotgun in which you must press the displayed buttons as fast as possible. Once you’ve killed him, the whole Black Ops force seemingly collapses –or the mission is terminated– as you’ll never encounter them again.

ATC Black Ops

  • Soldier - These are –quite frankly– the most basic type of ATC Black Ops soldiers that you’ll come across. They’re mostly equipped with the SMG, and are easily taken down with the SMG.

  • Elite - They’re a rare sight, but should be approached with caution. Elites are able to resist more fire power than the Soldiers, but if you’re close enough, a Shotgun should do the trick. If, however, you’re at a distance, an Assault Rifle will be able to rip through their armour with no trouble.

    Black Ops

  • Heavy Soldier - Heavy Soldiers aren’t much different from the Elites, they’re a bit stronger than the Elites and their armour is not black –unlike the Elites. You should be aware that their weapon of choice is the Assault Rifle, so if you’re not careful they can easily break through your armour. It’s recommended that you take them down with the Assault Rifle or Shotgun.

  • Pyro - Pyro’s can be tricky to take down. Not only do is their armour extremely difficult to take down, but their weapon of choice is a Flame thrower meaning that they’ll be able to take you down quickly. If you’re able to, get close-up to the Pyros with a Shotgun and make sure you’re aiming for the head. If not, Assault Rifles and Grenades are your best bet.

  • Light Soldier - Not much needs to be said, or noted, about Light Soldiers. They’re extremely easy to take down, 2-3 shots with a Pistol and they’ll be over and done with.

  • Hazmats - Hazmats carry explosive containers on their back. The quickest way to deal with them, and anyone else around, would be to shoot its containers.