FEAR 2: Project Origin Game Guide

FEAR 2: Project Origin Game Guide
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Hints & Tips on Movement in FEAR 2: Project Origin

Jump – All members of the Special Forces in FEAR 2: Project Origin are outstanding athletes that have developed and trained their bodies to be finely tuned machines that can fight all day. You can easily jump gaps and chasms, scale crates, hurdle rails, and even jump through windows when necessary. You just need to face toward the object in question and jump to execute the necessary movements. Just make sure to take a look out a window or to check the width of a jump before attempting it because you can only fall a short distance before you’ll be injured or killed. Find out more in this FEAR 2 Project Origin game guide.

Moving in Dark Environments in FEAR 2: Project Origin

Watch out for the things that go bump in the night

Darkness – There are missions in FEAR 2: Project Origin where a majority of the game time occurs at night and in dark indoor areas where you’re in danger from enemies you can’t see. In these environments you can also miss important features of the environments or useful items that will keep you alive. The designers have provided you with a flashlight to help you move about and see in these dark environments, so you won’t miss important elements. But your flashlight can also provide your enemy with information they can use to ambush you if the enemy sees your light before you see them. Don’t use your flashlight all the time, turn it on for a few seconds and memorize the lay of the environment and then turn it off, before moving. Also, pay close attention to the distance that you flash the light from your flashlight, and travel a distance each time you move through the dark environment within the effective firing range of your weapon. Moving through the environment in this way will limit the visibility of your light and make sure that any enemy that see your light are within effective range and can be eliminated quickly.

Crouch and Cover In FEAR 2: Project Origin

Trying to stay alive

Crouch and Cover - Crouch down to avoid fire, duck beneath objects, and to slip through areas like air ducts and other narrow areas. Make use of the cover provided by walls and crates by crouching behind them to limit the amount of your body exposed to enemy fire. In really intense firefights overturn tables, benches, or whatever moveable object is available and crouch behind it for better cover.

  • Whenever you approach or are near an object that you can use as effective cover the game will provide an on screen prompt telling you that you can overturn the object in question.
  • Your opponents will also overturn objects in the environments to provide themselves with cover from your fire. If you can’t get a lock on an opponent behind cover throw a “cooked” grenade behind their cover.

Sprinting in FEAR 2: Project Origin

Sprint – As a highly trained athlete you are able to sprint quickly across spaces instead of walk, which helps to keep you health in a number of different situations. Use sprint to quickly cover the distance between you and an enemy when you want to get up close and to escape or avoid fatal situations. When you’re sprinting your gun will be lowered and your rate of movement will increase as you move about the screen. You can also unleash a melee attack while sprinting which will result in you executing a sliding kick that will instantly kill a medium sized opponent.


FEAR 2: Project Origin Game Guide

FEAR 2: Project Origin for the PC

FEAR 2: Project Origin a first person shooter

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