Halo Hints and Tips for Combat Evolved

Halo Hints and Tips for Combat Evolved
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Halo: Combat Evolved was one of the best games of the last decade with its gripping storyline, great soundtrack and exciting gameplay. 2011 is the 10th anniversary of this game which first inspired the Halo game series. In this thrilling FPS (first-person shooter) game you will need to make the most of the Master Chief’s skills, MJOLNIR battle suit and variety of weapons if you are to survive against the Covenant and then later the Flood. So, here are a few Halo hints and tips for the single player game, some of which may also come in handy in multiplayer mode.

Replenish your Shield

One of the best ways to survive in Halo is to replenish the Master Chief’s shield. In Halo the Master Chief has a shield which when depleted will reduce your energy bar. However, when you’re not under fire your shield can be fully recharged to full power. Take note of your shield indicator at the top right of the HUD (Head Up Display), and when this gets very low you should retreat to a safer position behind cover to fully replenish your shield. If you do this often you will more likely last much longer in Halo.

Selecting your Guns

In Halo there is some variety of weapons for the Master Chief to pick up. These include United Nations Space Command weapons such as the MA5B Assault Rifle, S2 AM Sniper Rifle, M90 Shotgun and M6D Pistol. You can also pick up Covenant weapons such as the Plasma rifle and Plasma pistol. As you can only carry two guns at a time you have to be fairly selective as to which of these guns to use.

Your starting weapon in Halo is the M6D Pistol, and it is recommended that you stick with this gun as much as possible throughout Halo. This is because it is one of the few weapons with a scope that can provide further targeting magnification when the right thumb stick is pressed. As such, the M6D Pistol has a longer than average range and with its scope magnification you can take out Covenant troops from greater distances. As it also comes loaded with semi-armor-piercing rounds the M6D Pistol is also a good short range gun.

Another good gun to have at your disposable is the sniper rifle. This is a little rarer than other guns in Halo, but when you can carry a sniper rifle you should do so. The sniper rifle is a great long range rifle with a multiple zoom that you can use to shoot the Covenant troops before they even see you. The sniper rifle is also loaded with fairly deadly armor piercing rounds, so only one accurate shot is required to take out the Grunts and the Jackals.

Use Your Grenades

The Master Chief also carries grenades, and there are two different types of grenade – the M9 Grenade and the Plasma Grenade. You should throw all the grenades that you can carry at the Covenant. The best time to throw grenades is when there are lots of Covenant troops ahead of you that are close together. In addition to this, grenades will also be more effective when they are used in buildings, narrow tunnels or smaller rooms where there is less space for the Covenant troops to dodge the explosion.

Of the two types of grenades that you can throw the Plasma Grenades are the best. The great thing about Plasma Grenades is that they can stick to Covenant troops and even vehicles, which can make them more effective than the M9 alternatives. Given this, you should try to aim your Plasma Grenades directly towards a Covenant troop so that the Plasma Grenade will stick to them.

Another tip worth noting is to search for Plasma Grenades around the Grunts after you have taken them out. A number of Grunts carry grenades which they will leave behind after you have taken them out. As such, search for and pick up their left over Plasma Grenades.

Have a Great Ride!

The M12 armoured car is more effective when you bring marines for the trip

In Halo there are four vehicles that you can ride in. These include the Scorpion tank, M12 armored car, Ghost and Banshee. While you will have to ride on some of these vehicles to progress through the levels, you should stay in them for as long as possible as they can provide the Master Chief with greater armor, speed and superior weapons.

When you find an M12 armored car you should look out for any nearby marines and ride up alongside a marine if you can find one. This is because the M12 can accommodate a passenger to fire its machine gun, and so nearby marines will also jump on board. When marines climb aboard they can provide you with additional cover fire when you are driving and even when you depart the vehicle.

Take out Stationary Guns

On some of Halo’s levels you will also run into stationary guns, otherwise called Shades. As these can be pretty deadly, when you run into them you should take out the Shade as soon as possible. A sniper rifle can be an ideal weapon for this as you will be able to keep your distance, but if you do not have one then grenades can be a good alternative. After you have taken out the Shade’s operator you should make sure that you replace him, as they can also be great weapons for taking out the Covenant troops with.

Taking out the Covenant Troops

There are four Covenant races for the Master Chief to battle it out with. The Grunts are the easiest of prey and there are a lot of them. As such, if possible take out the Grunts before the other races alongside them which will greatly reduce the number of Covenant troops firing at you.

The Jackals

Alongside the Grunts you will find the Jackals who are a slightly tougher proposition. This is because they carry large shields that deflect bullets. However, the Covenant’s Plasma pistols and Plasma rifles can penetrate the Jackals’ shields. As such, they can take out the Jackals much more quickly, but aside from these guns grenades can also be effective.

The Elites, as the name suggests, are the elite troops of the Covenant and the toughest for the Master Chief. They are very strong, so do not even think about melee hand to hand combat with them as you will not likely last long. The Elites also have body energy shielding which recharges when depleted, similar perhaps to the Master Chief’s shield. As such, even if your bullets do hit them if you give them time to recharge their shields the bullets will not have been that effective.

To take Elites out more quickly consider approaching them from behind with a fully loaded MA5B Assault Rifle, and then fire a full round directly at them until you have to reload your gun. If required, quickly reload to finish them off. They will flash when your bullets are hitting them, and will not fire back so long as you ensure that your firing is accurate.

Halo Anniversary game

The Hunters are the most heavily armored of the Covenant troops, but they are also the slowest. As such, the Master Chief can easily outmaneuver them. Thanks to their lack of speed it’s easy to chuck Plasma Grenades directly at them that will stick to them. Do this with a few Plasma Grenades combined with bullets and they will not last long.

With these tips you should be able to survive better against the Covenant troops and make good progress through Halo’s levels. These game tips could also be effective in the remastered version of the original Halo game Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.


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