Ancient Wars: Sparta PC Game Review - RTS Ancient Wars: Sparta

Ancient Wars: Sparta PC Game Review - RTS Ancient Wars: Sparta
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Ancient Wars: Sparta is a rehash of the history surrounding ancient Greece and neighboring nations. In this real-time strategy PC game you join the Spartans, Persians, and Egyptians in their epic battle for territorial control. It features a historically accurate time line and allows players to select which affiliation they wish to fight for. Sparta takes you into a different time where honor and glory ruled the world. Gamers must build their nation’s economy, train army, and construct massive battles for total reign.

Gameplay (4 out of 5)

As a RTS Ancient Wars: Sparta has continuous hours of gameplay. You can select the Spartans, the Egyptians, or the Persians campaign. Each nation has their own special features, way of life, and battle tactics.

During the buildup phase you employ workers to collect gold and other necessary resources to help establish your army. The majority of your missions involve constructing fortresses, buying weapons, and creating traps.

The gameplay really gets exciting when you progress into the ship combat; gathering your crew and fleets to attack your enemies. When fighting in large scale battles players can set traps upon hills producing an ambush avalanche crushing opponents to death. The only glitch in the game is the constant need to save. After your unit gets defeated you must save the game immediately or you lose everything and have to start the game from the beginning.

The multiplayer mode allows players to battle AI, fight in an all-against-all assault, or compete with changeable team combos.


Graphics & Sound (4 out of 5)

Enhanced with Ancient Wars Engine (AWE) Sparta’s true to life 3D graphics present a realistic aged land. Special background details such as slithering snakes, ripples in the water, and stomping elephants add immensely to the environment. Quality animations make it easy to distinguish between the armies by their contrasting armor and weapons. The well-drawn maps, buildings, local farming areas, naval ships, and characters create a fascinating visual experience. After a victorious battle players can view a battlefield ravaged by war. The depictive mechanism of falling debris from exploding fortresses contribute to the amazing graphics while serving a specific gameplay purpose in the process. The voice acting is rather articulate not much bass which carries through into the large scale battle scenes. It sounds like three soldiers are fighting instead of 300. The musical score is fabulous and makes up for the low toned voice acting. Unlike other games with monotonous tunes Ancient Wars: Sparta feature catchy gripping scores that help set the mood. .

Overall Rating (4 out of 5)

Ancient Wars: Sparta has a decent storyline and great gameplay. Minus a few minor glitches I found this real-time strategy game to be quite entertaining. Incredible 3D animations visually impress players with a variety of realistic chariots, horses, weapons, and shields to adorn fellow Spartans with. Infused technology which adjusts environments and gameplay according to the natural elements create a challenging game. Overall this is a fun game especially if you’re a history buff. Venture back in time and become a Spartan hero.

Other similar games players might enjoy include Spartan, Great Battles of Rome, and Battle for Troy.

System Requirements:

System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista, 2.4GHz Processor, 512MB RAM, 128MB Video Memory, 4GB HDD