Halo: Reach "Nightfall" Mission Guide and Walkthrough, Part 3: "I'll Just Leave This Here..."

Halo: Reach "Nightfall" Mission Guide and Walkthrough, Part 3: "I'll Just Leave This Here..."
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The final chapter of the Halo: Reach “Nightfall” mission has you investigating a hydroelectric plant in the center of a Covenant dead zone. Investigation quickly turns into a firefight, as you struggle to plant a little surprise for the enemy and then escape with your lives.

“I’ll Just Leave This Here…”

The final chapter of the mission begins at the end of the riverbed you entered in the last part of the second chapter. You’ll round a bend and see a strange Covenant device pulsating near a hydroelectric plant. Jun wants to blow it up, but Kat advises him to instead leave a remote detonation charge hidden inside.

Your first objective is to clear the Covenant forces from the area. If your militia buddies from the pump station are still alive, they’ll back you up as you do so. If you are still packing long-range weaponry, use them now to take out as many bad guys as you can from afar.

Two turrets stationed on the pylon should be your first area of concern. Take out any Covenant that hop on them before they can decimate your allies. A few Elites and some Grunts protect the area, but you should be able to clear them out easily enough.

As you cross the bridge and enter the facility, another squad will pop up and attack you, so be ready. Weapons racks and health packs are littered throughout the facility, so don’t be afraid to head inside if you need health or ammo.

“This is Gonna Take a Minute…”

Halo Reach Phantom

Jun will let you know when the area is clear. It’s going to take a few moment for him to plan the remote charge, and it’s up to you to defend him while he does so.

Several dropships will appear pretty much as soon as he’s finished his message. You can take cover in the base or try and use the Plasma Turrets on the pylon to defend him.

One of the first dropships brings two Hunters that you’ll have to deal with. Snipe their vulnerable orange areas from afar or move in and get behind them to deliver some fatal shots. Grenades work pretty good, as well.

“Keep Pushing Into the Dark Zone”

Halo Reach Elite

Take out the Hunters and the rest of the Covenant in the base, and Jun will radio in his success with planting the charge. Kat then orders you to keep moving into the dark zone, and gives you the security code to a nearby gate which you’ll need to head through.

As the gate opens, a Phantom drops off a Covenant squadron that you’ll need to deal with. As you round the next corner, you’ll find a series of Covenant Shade Turrets set up in defensive positions. Snipe the gunners or sneak around behind them as best you can. Do not run out in the open, as these turrets will make quick work of you.

Grunts, Jackals, and Elites defend the turrets, and you’ll have a bit of a firefight on your hands here. Just keep moving and stay out of the firing arc of the turrets until you’ve taken out their gunners.

Eventually, you’ll make your way past a turret and onto a cliff path overlooking a series of Covenant pylons covering an entire invasion force. Kat orders you back to base, there’s a major attack on the horizon.

Your recon is complete, you’ve completed the Halo: Reach “Nightfall” mission.

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