Halo: Reach Walkthrough: "Nightfall," Part 2: "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"

Halo: Reach Walkthrough: "Nightfall," Part 2: "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"
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You’ve made it through the sniper-heavy first portion of the “Nightfall” level, and now you’re about to embark on a trek through the hills toward the Covenant dark zone. Jun remains by your side and provides invaluable long-range support as you take on not only Covenant forces, but some of Reach’s indigenous species as well.

“Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”

As the mission picks up at Rally Point Alpha, you’ll hear some strange sounds coming from the canyon ahead. Covenant forces are engaged with a pair of indigenous creatures with a near unpronounceable name. These huge monsters charge at you and swipe with their long arms. Let the Covenant soften them up before you engage, and aim for the head to take them down quickly.

If you carried the Plasma Turret from the previous area, it can also be quite valuable in taking them down. Either way, once they’re dead, keep following the path Jun points out.

Battle at the Pump Station

Halo Reach Sniper Rifle

Follow the rocky trail down into the canyon and you’ll begin to hear the sounds of gunfire in the distance. Jun radios in to Kat that the two of you have found a pump station, and some human forces appear to be engaged in battle with the Covenant.

Kat orders you to support the friendly forces. Use your Sniper Rifle to take down the

Elites and Grunts in the facility if you’ve still got it, otherwise, rush in and engage them with whatever ordinance you’re carrying. Several weapons racks inside the facility can provide you with weapons and ammo, if you need any.

Phantoms arrive with more Covenant, so keep fighting until the base is clear, for the moment. Jun speaks with the local militia, who reveal their reason for staying behind. They’ll also give you access to some stolen military hardware that, as Jun says, you “steal back.”

“Stealing it Back”

Halo Reach Phantom

About the time you finish the conversation about the weapons, another drop ship appears. You can take the heavy ordinance yourself or give it to the human forces, depending on which weapon you prefer to use. Move quickly, though, as the Covenant will shortly be on top of you.

One useful tactic is to give the Rocket Launcher to an NPC, as you will only get four shots with it, but their ammo is unlimited.

Several waves of Covenant are dropped off, featuring Elite, Grunt, and Jackal troops. Keep moving, and take out as many as you can as they jump out of the dropship. Rooftops provide a nice vantage point for this fight.

If the local militia survive the fight, they’ll show you to a local ravine they use for smuggling. If not, then you’ll find it on your own.

Either way, jump down into the riverbed and follow it toward the hydroelectric plant, the setting for the final chapter of the “Nightfall” mission.

You’ve reached Rally Point Bravo of the Halo: Reach “Nightfall” Mission, “I’ll Just Leave This Here…”

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