Halo Reach : Fast Credits

Halo Reach : Fast Credits
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The Purpose of Credits in Halo Reach

Everyone who has purchased a Halo game in the past will probably know about Halo Reach, its number 3 on the list of Xbox Live game plays. The game comes with many features and the most recognizable would be the introduction of the Credit System.

Instead of gaining 1-2 xp per game, you get a small to medium sum of Credits which will rank you up. Credits also serve another purpose; you can spend it on cool amour effects and add-ons. The average player gets around 500 credits every match but Bungie has recently introduced a special jackpot reward at the end of matches, you usually win around 300-800 credits but sometimes you can get huge jackpots that can be well over 10,000 Credits! If that isn’t enough they have 4 challenges that change daily and one that changes weekly.

Credits are earned by playing online Matchmaking, Campaign, Custom Games and Firefight. There is no ‘fixed’ limit to the amount of credits you earn per match; it depends solely on three things:

  1. The amount of time you spend in the match.
  2. How well you do in the match.
  3. The amount of medals and commendations you earn in the match.

In short; the better you do in a match, the more credits you get.

Offline Credit Guide

Earning Credits online is much easier than doing it offline but, when you switch to online game play, you lose all the credits you

Unfrigginbelievable medal

earned offline.

  1. Going Idle -
    Going idle is a very easy way to get Credits in Halo Reach because it involves no effort whatsoever. All you need to do is set up a Firefight game where you are invincible and make your character run up against the wall but make sure you don’t fall, you have limited lives. To get maximum credits you’ll need to put the difficulty on Legendary and customize the enemies so they’re all Brutes, Elites and Hunters. The amount of Credits you receive vary from 1-5,000 an hour.
  2. Split Screen on Forge -
    All you need to do is load up a split screen game with the highest score limit you can put (do not make it unlimited) and make sure it’s on Forge so you can spawn as many weapons as you like. It also helps if you set the respawn time to the lowest possible.
    What you need to do is load up Forge World and delete all respawn points, once this is done, go into the big hangar in the map and put two spawn points next to each other. Then spawn power weapons around your area and take turns killing each other until you each have 10 “Unfrigginbelievable” medals. Once you reach that number, end the game and start over.
    You can get 3,000-4,000 Credits in 15 minutes of doing this.

Online Credit Guide


Online game play is the easiest way to earn Credits in Halo Reach because you can upgrade commendations for Firefight and Campaign as well as complete Daily Challenges.

  1. Firefight Invincibility -
    Creating a custom Firefight alone or with friends is a great way to get Credits. Go to Firefight (make sure it’s not a match made game) and; Set the difficulty to Legendary, make your characters invincible, change your starting weapons to power weapons, set the enemies to all the big ones like Brutes, Elites and Hunters, get rid of the time limit, make the bonus round feature big enemies and turn on every single skull (excluding Blind). When all that is done all you need to do is start the game and kill as many enemies as you can! The amount of credits earned from all of that varies from 3000-5000.
  2. Big Team Battle -
    This may not seem like an effective Credit farming method but it is, Big Team Battle is a multiplayer matchmaking playlist that consists of both Slayer and Objective variants. You will get more Credits out of the Objective game types when playing on Big Team Battle mainly because they last a while.
    If you play well enough, you can get 2,000 per match through Big Team Battle.