Halo: Reach "Nightfall" Walkthrough Part 1: "... Too Quiet"

Halo: Reach "Nightfall" Walkthrough Part 1: "... Too Quiet"
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Your third Halo: Reach mission is entitled “Nightfall.” In this operation, you and Jun will sneak your way into a Covenant-held facility under the cover of night. You’ll put your sniping skills to the test in the first part of this stealth mission, and get a chance to utilize active camo for the first time.

“Direct Action is Always Necessary”

Your first mission is to infiltrate the nearby Covenant dark zone and figure out what they’re hiding. You’ll start the mission separated from your partner, as he takes a higher path. As you round the first bend in the path, Jun calls out an Elite standing in your path. You can shoot him if you wish, but this is a perfect opportunity to perform an assassination kill.

Sneak up behind him and press and hold the melee button to perform an elaborate assassination. Once he’s down, you can choose to either engage or bypass the camp full of sleeping Grunts below. If you enter the camp, you’ll have a chance to pick up an Active Camo or Armor Lock ability.

Either way, continue along the path until you reach a bluff overlooking a Covenant-occupied settlement. Jun reports your findings to Kat and she advises you to engage at your own discretion. Jun, of course, decides it’s a good idea.

Line up a shot on a stationary Elite to begin the fight. Once you do, all Hell breaks loose and you’ll find yourself under fire. Keep aiming for the head and take out the Elites and Grunts in the area.

After you’ve taken out the first wave, another arrives via Phantom. More Elites and some Jackals attack, and it’s up to you and Jun to clear them out before you move on.

Once they’re clear, head through the large garage door at the rear of the facility to continue.

Long Distance Relationship

Halo Reach Phantom

The next area has a single cylindrical tower in the middle and is crawling with Covenant. A Grunt mans a Plasma Turret across the way, and you’ll want to snipe him quickly or maneuver around behind him and take the turret for your own use.

A shotgun lies at the base of the central tower if up close and personal is your style, or you can continue to use your Magnum and Sniper Rifle to take out the bad guys from long range.

Once this area is clear, you can head down the mountain path to the South to continue. Picking up the Plasma Turret will slow you down, but it will definitely come in handy if you decide to do so.

Part two of the Halo: Reach “Nightfall” walkthrough covers the “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” chapter, where you’ll encounter a couple of Reach’s native creatures that aren’t friendly to humans or Covenant.

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